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Tear Jerker / Suburban Knights

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  • Ma-Ti's death.
    • Critic's small, whimpery "no"when Ma-Ti dies. Even more heartbreaking because one might expect an hilarious, melodramatic Big "NO!" to break up the sad.
    • Also when he comes back into his house at the end and sees the coffee Ma-Ti fetched him sitting on the counter. The look on his face just breaks your heart.
    • Even moreso during the ending montage where 'everyone was reviewing like usual', cut to Spoony trying to review Final Fantasy XIII... and stops just to scream "MA-TIIIIII!!!!" with the most heart-wrenching face he could muster.
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    • Critic sitting by Ma-Ti's body, his glasses off, his tie gone and looking completely and crushed.
      • He also rips off his tie before running over. Out-of-universe Doug forgot to wear the tie so that was why, but he also said there was an in-verse reason which he didn't divulge. Seeing as how the tie and the glasses were the last two "Critic" identifiers left, maybe it's another way of showing that he (Critic) really hates himself.
      • If you sympathized with the Critic at the end of Kickassia, he was at least still wearing his glasses (albeit broken) and snarking, and you could take comfort in the knowledge that he wasn't fully broken. Here, he's completely vulnerable.
      • It might sound weird, but the fact that he's still sitting in a kinda girly way just makes it worse.
    • Also serving as a heartwarming moment, Critic kissing the Quaker Oats can at the funeral. Fuck how he treated Ma-Ti earlier, boy desperately needed a hug.
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    • At the funeral, Sage has tears in his eyes. Sage—the only person who can scare Ask That Guy—is crying. Sage even said in the commentary that he got into a bad place so he could make the tears real.
      • Also at the funeral, Chick clinging to JewWario like she might fall apart if he lets go of her.
    • Ma-Ti still got the Critic his coffee.
      • Even Lewis and Liz say in their commentary it's like a final stab in the gut.
      • The "from Ma-Ti" written on the coffee cup. It was probably just done to make the scene more clear, but it's still sad in a touching kind of way that Ma-Ti took a minute to leave the Critic a note.
    • Critic lying on his bed alone, having no energy to do anything or even go back to his usual clothes. (Giving more credence to the "It's All My Fault so I don't want to wear my Iconic Outfit" theory up above.)
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    • "Linkara... do you ever think we'll see Ma-Ti again?" God...he sounds so hopeful, almost like a little kid (and coming from such a broken, cynical guy, that's really saying something).
    • In part five, Ma-Ti]sadly leaving for the Critic's coffee (which will come back to bite the Critic later). The depressing music and the way he just opens the door with his head don't help.
  • Even though he gets saved both times, Critic being willing to let Jaffers kill him when he still had ample opportunity to run away (unlike Kickassia where he was trapped against a fridge) just doesn't sit right.
  • And if you thought the theme song and music video would offer lulzy relief, you'd be wrong.
    • The rockiness just fades out into something sadder and slower, mirroring the story.
      • "I don't want to end this way/in our flight of fantasy/stand by my side/it will be okay..."
  • We get more Jerkass Woobie-dom from the Critic in the search for the Necronomicon. While he needs a slap for how he treats Chester, it's made incredibly clear that there's no way he's moving on from Ma-Ti's death.
    • And if you've ever tried to give up something addictive, you'll know (despite his looking around in a haunted house) how Chester is feeling when he's forced to be sober and is telling Critic he's in a world of hell.
  • Malachite is still alive. Bargo left the site and unless they're doing a Suede-type thing, will never come back. It just makes Ma-Ti's sacrifice and Critic's broken denial over it so very pointless.