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Marie de France was a poet who lived in England during the late 12th century. Virtually nothing is known of her life, but one written description of her work and popularity from her own era still exists. She is considered by scholars to be the first woman known to write francophone verse.


The "Lais of Marie de France" are a collection of twelve narrative poems, primarily concerned with the theme of love and courtliness, and as such the heroes are usually knights or aristocratic ladies.
  1. "Guigemar"
  2. "Equitan"
  3. "Le Fresne" ("The Ash Tree")
  4. "Bisclavret" ("The Werewolf")
  5. "Lanval"
  6. "Les Deux Amants" ("The Two Lovers")
  7. "Yonec"
  8. "Laüstic" ("The Nightingale")
  9. "Milun"
  10. "Chaitivel" ("The Unhappy One")
  11. "Chevrefoil" ("The Honeysuckle")
  12. "Eliduc"

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