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One last swing.

  • The scene when the Sandman is "born" is incredibly awesome and, surprisingly enough, even a little moving.
  • The first fight between Harry and Peter really is among the series' best. Peter's attacked out of costume, forced to use his powers in public, and caught completely by surprise. Every trick he pulls is useless, Harry just keeps coming. Peter only escapes through a lucky move.
  • The revelation of the black suit. Peter, freshly enveloped by the symbiote, asks where he is, and then the camera zooms out from the lens of the suit and reveals with a blaring of horns that is both triumphant and foreboding, perfectly recreating the moment from Spider-Man: The Animated Series where the suit was likewise revealed with Peter hanging from a building upside down.
  • Symbiote Spidey's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Sandman was also very satisfying in its own right, especially the part where he grinds his face into a moving train. Conversely, bear in mind Sandman is fighting the Black Spider-Man, being able to get a few strong hits in pretty awesome.
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  • Admit it: Willem Dafoe's One-Scene Wonder sent a shiver up your spine.
  • The second fight between Peter and Harry goes to Peter, newly empowered by the black suit, and it is immensely satisfying, given all "Little Goblin Jr." had put him through. Gobby gets a few shots in, but the tide quickly turns in Peter's favor. He tosses that smug bastard, through a window, bitch-slaps him, hurls him headfirst into a railing, clotheslines him with an out-of-control glider that sends him crashing into the back wall, takes him down with one punch, and after Harry tries to kill him for the umpteenth time, Peter sends the bomb he just chucked right back in his face.
  • While he was at times pure Narm, the scenes where symbiote-influenced Peter exposes Eddie's fraud and then tells Jameson in no uncertain terms that Jameson won't be ripping him off and will have to pay the actual value of his photos and even bargaining in a permanent staff position is undeniably awesome.
    Peter: You want forgiveness? Get religion.
    • Jameson has a brief moment when he is unlike his usual Large Ham self, but in fact genuinely enraged at Eddie giving him the fake photos. When told he has to print a retraction, he proclaims he has never had to print a retraction in 20 years, which is a testament to his integrity as a newsman despite his sensationalist tendencies.
      Jameson: Pack your things. Get out of my building.
      Eddie: I was just—
      Jameson: You're fired!
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    • And he not only goes ahead with the retraction — he puts it on the frontpage with a giant "Sorry Spidey!" headline, unlike another version of himself, who hid it on page 42 in 4 point font.
  • Gwen's first reaction when she realized that Peter (under the symbiote's influence) took her to the dance to make Mary Jane jealous? Apologizing to MJ. She may have seemed like a carefree flirt up until now, but this shows that she's got class.
    • The dance itself. Yes, it's the silliest part of the entire movie. Yes, it's the most infamous part of Emo-Peter's screen time. And yes, it leads to some serious Mood Whiplash shortly after. But damn if it isn't Narm Charm at its finest; even if it is utterly ridiculous, Peter's got some moves. He starts by rocking out on the piano before MJ could even get a word in, slipping past everybody before they even noticed, before absolutely killing it on the dance floor, swinging on chandeliers while drinking from a chalice, and sliding on a chair in the middle. He then has a brief slow dance with Gwen before taking a bow and looking straight up at MJ, with his look saying "this could have been you." Like the scene or not, Tobey's at least got style.
  • The quality of the movie depends according to who you ask, but you have to love the fight at the end (Spider-Man and New Goblin vs. Venom and Sandman).
    • Mary Jane throwing a cement brick at Venom; chiefly awesome because she FINALLY gets to take a shot at her kidnapper and stop being a Neutral Female Damsel Scrappy, becoming more of a Heroic Bystander / Action Survivor instead. She also doesn't just wait on Spidey to save her this time around and actually jumps from the cab into the webbing when it's about to fall and dodges out of the way when any debris, including a freaking garbage truck, is about to hit her. And then manages to catch a web and hang from it for a good long while.
    • Harry melting Sandman's arm into a huge slab of glass, which he then shatters.
    • Pretty much all of the final battle, though it started with Spider-Man finally back for real. From Spider-Man and Venom's aerial battle, Harry's smashing Venom through a wall and blowing up Sandman's giant sand-face, and Peter's "Eureka!" Moment followed by him using sound to hurt the symbiote, the entire battle was just generally awesome.
    • Also comes a very dark and morbidly awesome moment: Venom killing Harry. This version of Venom may have not been in the movie that long and is quite a divisive incarnation as well, but he managed to deal a blow to his nemesis harsher than any other incarnation of the character has.
    • Also, the WAY Peter uses sound to beat the symbiote. He doesn't just hit two pipes together; he flips all over the battlefield and creates a sound cage MADE of pipes, all while outmaneuvering Venom and just plain beating him back with sound waves.
      • After Spidey finishes destroying him with the sound cage, seeing Venom flail around powerlessly as his symbiote completely destabilizes is overwhelmingly satisfying, especially after the above moment of Harry's murder.
  • A metabone: Gwen Stacy lives throughout this movie, unharmed. Considering every other continuity has Gwen being the prime candidate of Spider-Man characters to be Stuffed into the Fridge, it is refreshing.
    • On that matter, Spider Man's rescue of Gwen, vertically clearing through debris.


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