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The 2012 Film

  • A pre-powers Peter standing up to a bullying Flash, even though he knows it means getting his ass kicked. Gwen gets one too by getting him to stop with little more than a disapproving word and a look. "I'm still not taking the picture."
  • The NYPD Emergency Service Unit opening fire on the Lizard in a coordinated mass effort rarely seen in such films. It didn't take, but still...
  • The subway fight, where Peter ends up beating up about five guys by accident, apologizing all the way through.
  • Uncle Ben staring down the robber before going for his gun.
  • After spending most of his hero career basically chasing down anyone who looks like Uncle Ben's killer and just beating the crap out of them, he finally does something that's for the sake of someone else when he saves a bunch of cars from flying over the edge of a bridge. After saving a child and seeing the kid's father holding him, it's like Uncle Ben's words about responsibility click. And to cement the awesome, when asked who he is, he says (for the first time anyone says it in the film) "Spider-Man."
  • While looking for the Lizard in the sewers, Peter shoots his webs in several directions and ties them together so that he'll be notified when something touches the strings. In other words, he's making a spiderweb.
  • Spidey vs the Lizard. Doesn't matter which fight. Every time they fight, Spidey fights like his comic counterpart, mixing his different abilities to great effect. Bonus points for their third encounter and Peter not stopping his talking.
  • During the fight at the school, the Lizard throws Peter through a wall, then creates an explosive out of nearby scientific equipment and throws it in after Peter. It shows the Lizard isn't just some mindless beast.
  • During the fight in the school, Peter is getting his ass handed to him, until he decides to stop fighting like a man - and starts fighting like a spider. He then webs the Lizard thoroughly, even crawling around his body like an actual spider, until the damn thing is cocooned and strung up.
  • Peter going to Capt. Stacey when he finds out that Connors is the Lizard. And the fact that he put it together at all; usually in comic books or movies characters really have to have the obvious spelled out for them, so props to Peter for figuring it out and jump to the reasonable response.
    • Captain Stacy, despite being unable to take Peter's frankly ludicrous story at face value without a shred of evidence, does order one of his men to check into Curt Connors. Nicely plays into one of the film's themes, exploring Police Are Useless and Cops Need the Vigilante.
  • Gwen refusing to leave Oscorp before the antidote has finished production.
  • Gwen improvising a flamethrower to ward off the Lizard as well as using a flame to set off the smoke detector and fog up the room. She never loses her head, even when facing a foe that she knows she can't kill. Like the train passengers and Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2, this is a moment for both the civilian and the villain at once. The Lizard's reaction to the flamethrower is to pretty much shrug it off and embrace the flames, showing that not even being set on fire can stop him.
  • The crane scene. To explain it, Spider-Man is wounded from a gunshot and has nothing to swing on to get to Oscorp. Watching him from a television, the father of the boy Spidey saved earlier in the film decides to return the favor. He gets in touch with other crane operators to line their crane towers along the road, giving Spidey some swinging points for him to get to his destination quickly. Seeing this gives Peter his second wind as a helicopter dramatically shines a spotlight over him. Spraying some webbing over his wound, Spider-Man dashes towards the first crane, only for his web to miss and he falls, only to be picked up by the boy's father with a crane of his own.
  • "Poor Peter Parker. No mother, no father, no uncle; you're all alone." (shotgun cock) "He's not alone!"
  • ESU subduing Spider-man and handcuffing him.
  • Peter's escape from the ESU team with his hands behind his back while he is hiding his face with his cuffed hands.

The tie-in video game

  • Any of Spidey's fights with a giant S-Bot:
    • The S-01; literally swinging circles around him.
    • the S-02; a city-wide battle with a gigantic burrowing snake robot.
    • The S-03; Spidey and Lizard fighting side-by-side.
  • Gwen repairing a broken down Hunter enough to aid Spidey in a fight against a swarm of the mutated people with the usage of Frickin' Laser Beams! That's right, Peter and Gwen actually fight side-by-side!
    • Heck, just before that, one of the mutants tries climbing up on the Hunter to get at Gwen...and she punches it so hard it falls down!
  • Any of the Hunters, with Spider-Man actually chasing them!
  • The Lizard's Badass Boast while fighting Alistair.
    I'll... I'll kill you, Alistair.
    Your toy doesn't scare me.
  • Simply the fact that Beenox had the balls to write the Lizard as a hero. It certainly would have been surprising to a lot of people to see the Lizard freak saving them, when a few months before, he was threatening the very same city.