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See here for the whole trilogy.

That reporter with the English accent, Jennifer Dugan... the child of Peggy Carter and Dum-Dum Dugan.

The movie is an allegory to the book of Job
Peter's life is better than how the last few films had depicted it, but then his friend tries to kill him, his actions and Harry's made MJ break up with him, the Sandman appears and gives Peter an obsession with revenge, and then the symbiote (Satan) comes in and temps him into his dark side, further screwing up his life. By the end, Peter's love life is in shambles and God knows whether MJ would forgive him or not , his best friend is dead, and his and Spider-Man's reputation is most likely back to what it was before. The 4th film would probably have more bad things happen to him, until he manages to rebuild it, with the film's theme being An Aesop of moving on.

The facility that created the experimental sand was intended to be owned by either Oscorp or Quest Aerospace.
At least the Contrived Coincidence aspect would make sense.

If Mr. Aziz and Mr. Ditkovich had been in the 3rd film,
Peter would have done every thing in their power to harm them both under the control of Venom, and possibly kill them both. But it would backfire, and they would know that Peter is Spiderman. Both Mr. Aziz and Mr. Ditkovich would have found Peter after freeing himself from Venom and had him locked up in a mental hospital, or worse killed him.

  • Mr. Ditkovitch was in the 3rd film. Peter snaps at him to "fix the damn door" when asked to pay the rent, to which he then apologized to Mr. Ditkovitch who forgives him in return.

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