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  • Sango destroying her legendry weapon to save Miroku. Finally she got to do something to pay him back for the big sacrifices he's made for her. Sadly this awesome moment from the manga was severely truncated in the Final Act.
    • Also, digging herself out of her own grave. She took like 4 hits that each should have been individually fatal, but still fought back to the keep going.
  • Inuyasha gets his first one when he first uses the Tessaiga and cuts Sesshomaru's arm off.
    • Maybe I'm not so worthless then, AM I?! He wounds Sesshomaru in a way that the older brother never thought possible, and then told him that both of them were nothing compared to their father, with Inu-daddy having granted the sword to Inuyasha, meaning that Sesshomaru was never meant to have it.
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    • The first time Inuyasha transforms from human to half-demon. A surprisingly heroic application of glowing red eyes.
    • The first time Inuyasha turns into a full demon-like form when wounded by Goshinki: he starts off by slicing his arm so fast he didn't have time to react, even if he heard his thoughts. He then proceeds to send the Smug Snake demon into a breakdown when the latter realizes that he can only think of murdering him before clawing him so hard he explodes a good portion of his spine out of his body, leaving a pile of flesh and bones behind.
    • Inuyasha vs Ryukotsusei. He defeated a giant dragon (who even his father hadn't been able to defeat) by cutting it up with the newly mastered Backlash Wave! You got to respect that
    • Anytime Inuyasha and Sesshomaru get within a mile of each other, at least one of them is going to get a CMoA, but when they are also near Mouryoumaru, they practically chain them together, such as human Inuyasha taking advantage of Sesshomaru's pride-based Beam Spam outburst against a youki-absorbing Mouryoumaru by preventing his allies from saving him before sunrise so that the otherwise lethal absorbing of his returning youki would just overload the little bastard instead.
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    • Inuyasha using the Adamant Blade on Naraku, who is then cut by Sesshomaru who calls him too arrogant, which forces him to retreat. Especially awesome since unlike previously when Naraku would be just shocked, Naraku's genuine anguish is very satisfying after being built up as a nigh-invincible force and the atrocities he commits from the Mt. Hakurei arc to the Underworld arc.
    • And from the final battle, Inuyasha cutting a hole through TIME AND SPACE to fight inside the Shikon No Tama after it had transported itself and Kagome back to Kagome's time and then doing it AGAIN when he's got a moment's respite from days of fighting the evil half of the Shikon no Tama's spirit to go to the pocket dimension that Kagome was located in and keep her from falling all the way into the despair of solitude.
    • In one episode, the entire group minus Inuyasha were cocooned alive, and being transformed into youkai moths. While the transformations are happening, they're experiencing their worst nightmares: Miroku being sucked alive into his Wind Tunnel, Sango reliving the moment where she was prepared to murder her little brother, Shippou having to face a small army of lizard youkai and the Thunder Brothers who murdered his father, and Kagome seeing Naraku attack her while she's at school in the present. Inuyasha continues to scream at his friends, mostly berating them for letting this happen to them, and his voice penetrates their nightmares, resulting in: Miroku remembering Inuyasha threatening to cut his hand off if he risked himself with the Wind Tunnel again, Sango's memory of Inuyasha stopping her from killing her brother, Shippou being encouraged by Inuyasha and finishing off all his foes, and Kagome watching a human Inuyasha appear and transform into his half-demon form to face Naraku. The entire sequence doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Kagome Higurashi shooting Naraku with a single arrow, pissed off at him for exploiting Sango's for her brother into stealing Inuyasha's Tessaiga for him, then manipulating her brother Kohaku into almost killing Sango... which is enough to have her use said arrow to purify the heavily poisoned air in her surroundings and blast half of Naraku's body off.
    Naraku: You are... Kikyo's... reincarnation...?
    • from the Dub
    Kagome: (to Naraku) Naraku, you are totally despicable. Now, DIE!
    Kagome: (to Naraku, same scene) I won't let you go, even if you BEG for forgiveness!
  • Kagome risking her life to save an angry ghost girl from hell.
  • To say nothing of Sesshomaru. In "The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru", he picks up the Tessaiga (which, being a demon, causes him incredible pain) and throws a Wind Scar at an oncoming demon, one-shotting it. The other regulars were floored.
    • He does it again in the third movie while fighting Inuyasha, who is possessed by an enormously powerful evil Empathic Weapon - only the first of a series of Awesome Moments for Sesshomaru throughout the film, one of which involves blocking that evil Empathic Weapon by punching it away with his bare fist.
    • Sesshomaru's crowning moment, however, has got to be his storming of Hell to get Rin, his Morality Pet, back, in one of the greatest Papa Wolf moments in the entire manga: When Rin is taken to the underworld by a hellhound, Sesshomaru follows and kills it. When he finds out she's already dead, he then proceeds to kick the King of Hell's ass to get her back. When this doesn't work, he actually shows the closest thing to human emotion he's ever done in the series, purifies the souls of the dead as an afterthought, then rips a hole back into normal reality. After all of this, his mother (a youkai queen) resurrects Rin since Sesshomaru, of all people, is clearly unhappy about her death. He goes from Aloof Big Brother to a combination of John Creasy, Jesus, and Spawn in a Awesome and Heartwarming unparalleled in the other 500+ chapters of the manga. DO. NOT. MESS. WITH. RIN.
    • Combined with Heartwarming Moment, there's Sesshomaru throwing away Tenseiga out of grief for having failed to save Rin and then taking it back and using it to purify Hell out of pity for the souls trapped there, not to mention his final real battle with Inuyasha, where he deliberately shatters his Tenseiga on Tessaiga in order to stop Naraku from manipulating it to kill Inuyasha and give up the Meidou ability to his little brother's sword out of recognition of his worthiness to wield their father's legendary blade.
    • And let's not forget Sesshomaru's first fight with Magatsushi, wherein he amps up his regeneration out of sheer rage at receiving Inuyasha's pity, and then pulls out a super-sword of his own — as well as getting his arm back — due to Character Development. Witness.
    • Sesshomaru's Big Damn Heroes moment where he effortlessly killed Mukotsu by slicing him in half.
  • Sango gets a great one in Episode 59, singlehandedly fighting off a swarm of demons to protect two young girls. The rest of the group arrives eventually to clean up the rest, but Sango took out a good chunk of them before that. A nice little reminder that she's one of the biggest badasses in the show.
  • Miroku, traveling with Sango who has been severely weakened, uses his Wind Tunnel to continuously suck up poisonous bugs to protect her. This causes him ridiculous pain and was probably going to kill him, but just goes to show he was willing to die to save the girl he loved.
  • Or how about Miroku doing this same thing near the end of the series? Trying to make a Heroic Sacrifice by almost sucking in Naraku's heart with his Wind Tunnel, despite the poisonous insects and massive amounts of miasma. Mostly driven by the desire to eliminate Naraku before he could kill Kohaku by taking his jewel shard, so that Sango would not go through the pain of losing her little brother again, Miroku toughs it out even while bleeding from the mouth, nose, and eyes, and would have killed Naraku had Inuyasha not forcibly closed the Wind Tunnel. Naraku even says that Inuyasha just gave up their best chance of killing him. Its also one of the few times where we see Inuyasha actually concerned about Miroku.
  • In fact, every time Miroku opens the Wind Tunnel when a poison threat is clearly around is bound to be this. Special mention to this moment shortly before Kikyo's final demise:
    Naraku: Fool! The only thing you're sucking in is Miasma.
    Miroku: That's all.... I NEED!
    (Cue pwnage by a now unhindered Inuyasha.)
  • Naraku eating Moryoumaru out from the inside out.
    • Allowing Tekkei to eat him, only to kill her by bursting the inside of her forehead.
  • Kagura's intro, where she completely destroys an entire army of wolf demons in just a few strokes of her fan, and not only that, proceeds to make one walk over to Koga and deliver news while dead and then when everyone gets there, uses the army to put on a puppet-show to fool Koga into thinking Inuyasha killed them.
  • And Kanna, who despite being a little girl, can easily deflect almost everyone elses' attacks, and suck out your soul. She deflects the legendary Wind Scar easily and leaves Inuyasha unconscious in her intro.
    • Then Kagome gets one when Kanna fails to get all of Kagome's soul because Kanna's mirror filled up. Then a little later Kagome fires a sacred arrow into Kann's mirror, overloading it, and forcing Kanna to dump all of the captured souls to keep her mirror from breaking.
  • Kikyo convincing Saint Hakushin to let go of his anger and take down the barrier he had around Mount Hakurei. With only kind words and a Cooldown Hug as her "weapons".
  • Even Kohaku earns one by willingly stepping into Naraku's clutches, in order to jam one of Kagome's arrows, supercharged with Kikyo's light into the shell covering the Shikon no Tama to give the Inu-tachi an opening to attempt to kill him.
    • In episode 20 of Final Act, Kohaku finally decides to confront Naraku.
  • What? Nothing for poor Jinenji?. He started out as a Cowardly Lion Woobie who couldn't stand the insults the other villagers. Then, in order to protect Kagome from a bug like demon he beheaded that thing by crushing its neck. He then proceeds to obliterate said head with a Megaton Punch. Borders with Heartwarming Moment later when he approaches the scared villagers (who planned to kill him) and offers them herbs to heal their wounds.
  • Anything having to do with the Band of Seven, really. Considering they're only human (and whatever Kyokotsu is) makes their army-wiping strength and cunning all the more impressive. That, and the fact Inuyasha and pals were even able to keep up with them should be a testament to how strong the group has become.
    • There's also the fact that Koga went up to the rest of the Band of Seven by himself. It takes massive balls to go up to five of the most dangerous humans in the story - people that even gave the main hero group some trouble - alone.
    • Probably one of their most awesome moment also belong to Ginkotsu, which he has plenty despite being one of its weaker members, was his final but greatest awesome moment in which he took on Koga by himself and pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save his best friend Renkotsu. That, in my opinion, was his final and greatest awesome moment.
  • Ryukotsusei's couple of moments before his death when he really shows what marks the difference between a Daiyoukai and a Youkai: Inu Yasha slashes at the massive chip on his chest where he was pierced by the Inutaisho's claw, the least protected spot? Tessaiga bounces off. Eventually manages to pierce the point and plunge a good half of the sword into his heart? Frowns and states he's going to kill him now. A full-powered Wind Scar (which would have killed even Sesshomaru if it weren't for Tenseiga) in his face? Barely scratched. Finally, as a testament of just how strong he was, while the standard Bakuryuuha creates at most one or two tornado-like blasts of wind, when fueled by Ryukotsusei's aura it forms a whole storm of rending tornadoes.