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As a moments subpage, this page is Spoilers Off:

  • When Jason gets shot by Vaas, he wakes up in a mass grave. Once he finds his way out from under the heap of bodies an onlooking villager flees in terror yelling "HE'S COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!"
  • Vaas' speech. "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
  • On that note, Michael Mando's entire performance as Vaas Montenegro is a CMOA for video game actors.
  • You couldn't help but feel intimidated when Vaas said this.
    Vaas: (Grant mumbles) I'm sorry, what did you say? What did you say? Do you want me to slice you open like I did to your friend? SHUT THE FUCK UP! Okay? I'm the one with the fucking dick! Look at me, look me in the fucking eye. HEY! YOU FUCK! Look me in the eye. You're my bitch. I rule this fucking kingdom. Shut the fuck up... or you will die.
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  • Jason himself gets one after Vaas tries to drown him by tying him to a cinderblock and kicking it off a cliff into an underground lake. Instead of panicking or breaking down like you'd expect him to being subjected to such a horrifying fate by his brother's killer he instead chooses to scream "Fuck you!" at him as if to say "This isn't over!"
  • Jason's Rousing Speech to the Rakyat.
    Jason: Across this island, Vaas and his pirates enslave the bodies and minds of the Rakyat. Our guns do not stop until Vaas falls to our feet! We are the warriors of the Rakyat, AND I WILL LEAD YOU TO GLORY!!!
  • Jason killing Vaas by using some clever knifework, dropping it from one hand to the other.
    • Hell, the whole damn fight. It is one of the trippiest and unconventional boss fights ever.
      • What makes it even more satisfying is that the bastard had been tormenting you for a great deal of the game and you finally get a chance to shut him up permanently. Jamming that knife over and over again into his chest and making him pay for all the pain he put you through is very cathartic.
  • Jason versus Hoyt. Especially notable because Hoyt just cut off Jason's finger. Jason realistically should have been in far too much pain to fight, but he still manages to kill the bastard.
    • Even better? It goes into a trippy disco-floor arena like the previous two knife fights, which begs the question where the other two armed soldiers that were just there went. You find out once the fight is over. Jason killed them. And about six other ones that must have come in later. There are bodies all over the room. This implies that Jason was hallucinating Hoyt to be a boss fight and making him out to be a more competent fighter than he actually was in reality, his mind couldn't comprehend the idea of a bunch of mooks being more difficult than their boss. This is essentially Jason's subconscious saying, "You know what? Killing is just becoming way too easy now."
  • Ever since Apocalypse Now famously played Ride of the Valkyries during a helicopter battle, players have wanted the same level of flare and spectacle in a video game during an aerial battle. Thanks to Far Cry 3, there is an answer. In the last level, Riley, with no prior experience aside from a plane license, pilots a helicopter to escort himself and his brother Jason out of the clutches of Hoyt's men who want them dead for killing Hoyt. Jason provides covering fire with a machine gun and absolutely devastates an entire army of men, armored trucks, and other helicopters, all the while he encourages his brother with his first experience piloting a helicopter. When all is said and done, both brothers feel like they are on top of the world and congratulate each other for a job well done.
  • The Good Ending: Throughout the game Jason has shown that he can be as bad as the worst of the inhabitants of the island. But when given the choice to murder his loved ones, Jason instead frees them and leaves with them. While many others have given themselves to the temptations of the island, he says he is better than that. The island broke the Rakyat, it broke Citra and it broke Vaas, but it couldn't break Jason.
    Jason: This violence is over. I'm done. No more blood.
  • Burning Hoyt's crop of marijuana and slaughtering anyone who gets in your way with a flamethrower is pretty awesome. Then this kicks in and you got CMOA.
  • Managing to take out an entire outpost undetected for the first time is guaranteed to make you feel like a badass
  • The gunslinger takedown. Just look.
  • The cover art for the Lost Expeditions Edition.
  • The moment when you can just sit back and let a bear or other dangerous beast take out an outpost for you.
  • It's implied in the database entry for the Magnum .44 that Vaas caused the death of Kim Jong Il.
  • Adjusting for "bullet" drop with your bow and hitting a guy from 300 yards away with an arrow. It's pretty hard to pull off but when you do you are going to feel like a total badass. It's at moments like that in which Far Cry 3 begins to feel like, "Rambo: The Video Game."
  • The three characters involved in the torture scene near the end of the game each get their own. While disturbing and one hell of a Player Punch, Jason not hesitating to start hitting Riley and screaming questions at him in order to keep his cover from being blown is impressive when you think of how much willpower it must have taken to do so. Sam gets his moment when he realizes who Riley is and immediately tampers with the camera to give the brothers a little time to talk. Riley gets the third when he says he's willing to get beaten by Jason in order to maintain the illusion. The whole scene is pretty horrifying, but just the fact that all of the characters were able to think that quickly even during that tense situation is impressive.
  • The AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) is this. Not only does it produce an extremely awesome sound when fired, but it's also THE most devastating sniper in the game. If killing any animal in a single shot doesn't sound badass enough, this sniper also destroys most vehicles in 2 shots! Did I mention hitting anyone with it will send them flying? And while other sniper rifles allow you to kill two opponents with one shot if one is standing behind the other (de facto shooting through the first to hit the second), the AMR allows you to kill two opponents when they're standing next to each other, courtesy of the rifle's explosive rounds. They have to be standing really close to each other for it to work, admittedly, but you're definitely going to fall in love with the AMR at this point if you didn't already. Plus, it's able to give you a One-Hit Kill on heavies if you shoot them anywhere on the body.
  • There's at least one pirate outpost that you'll find guarded by a squad of patrolling foot-soldiers with about 6 to 7 guard dogs at their beck and call. Taking the place seems Nintendo Hard at first, since the guard dogs are almost impossible to beat when they swarm you all at once, and it's impossible to sneak up on them for silent takedowns. But there's a simple trick to pulling it off. What is it, you ask? Just drive a Jeep straight through the outpost and plow through anything that moves. Even better, you can actually get bonus points for stealth if you crash your Jeep into the alarm box to shut it off.
  • The moment pictured up-top. When you finally get to kill that asshole Buck. It can feel extremely satifying, espically after you finally find Keith, and it's all but implied, Buck had repeatedly raped him. And it's not played as Double Standard, we see Keith is deeply tramatized. So the fact you get to finally put end to Buck is above satifying.


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