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  • It's difficult to pull off, but if you do well at being stealthy in Far Cry 2, enemies will begin royally freaking out to the point of vastly over-estimating the number of guys they are dealing with. It is extremely satisfying to hear a panicked mook scream "I-I dunno, there must be six or seven out there!"
    • You don't even need to be extremly stealthy to provoke such reactions. Kill two guards without being seen and you'll hear "Okay, we must find the guy that killed our men. - How many are they? - I don't know." Or a guard saying that he won't go search for you because he doesn't want to die.
  • Going to Reputation 0, basically a nobody, a schmuck with a gun, to Reputation 5, which amounts you to a One-Man Army. With high enough reputation just passing by cease-fire zones is enough to make the normally standoffish mooks treat you with some respect and healthy amounts of fear.
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  • The awesome sound design in this game makes every gunfight feel intense, combined with the soundtrack, combined with the enemy chatter progressively getting more panicked as they fail to take you down, really make you feel like Africa's biggest badass. Some checkpoints and areas tend to have so many enemies shooting at you at once that all you can hear is a cacophony of gunfire, explosions and yelling as you run for cover and it is crazy.
  • The end of the first Act, where you either save your Buddies from being executed or save a bunch of civillians from being executed in Pala. As you make your last stand, you eventually fall and awaken in the back of a truck to be tossed in a fire pit, only for a bump to knock you off. You get back onto your feet, eventually pass out and get saved by the Big Bad himself. And to top it all off? Right after you're ready to get back to fighting, your first task is to kill the man who betrayed you. Extra awesome? Do it with a mortar.
    • Let's not forget how more intense the game gets during Act 2. Not only the difficulty grows harder due to the fact you're back to haunt the UAC (enemies start mounting freaking grenade launchers onto their trucks), the stakes are put higher as now the APR and the UFLL are on the verge of an all out war against each other. Every move you make at this point feels like it counts.

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