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Nightmare Fuel / Far Cry 2

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"Hey, you okay? You don't look so good. You're tired. Long flight. Let's get you inside, okay? Out of the cab..."Note 
Due to it's Darker and Edgier nature, Far Cry 2 manages to capture some very disturbing moments throughout the entire game.

  • Some of The Jackal's tapes can be quite unnerving, though. Take a good listen...

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  • Also, The Jackal himself may count as this, specially the first time you meet while you're lying in bed, suffering from malaria:
    The Jackal: "What your old clients don't seem to understand is that they can't kill me. Do you understand what I'm saying? Nobody kills me, NOBODY!" (Cue shoving a Machete near the player's head and then pulling a gun out) I'm the one who decides who lives and who dies!
  • Speaking of malaria, suffering from the said disease as your screen starts flashing yellow (pictured above) and a deep, brooding noise playing in the background is pretty unsettling. Consider yourself lucky if you have any medication to treat the symptoms.
  • The healing animations at critical health. Good lord... and all of it is in first person. A few that stands out include:
    • Pulling a rebar out of your ribs.
    • Removing a bullet wound on your arm with just your finger only to come out of the other side, with metal pliers or ripping it with your own teeth and then spitting it.
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    • Pulling a nail between your fingers.
    • Cauterizing an open wound with a bunch of matchsticks.
    • Bending your elbow to push a bullet out of your arm.
    • Pulling a tooth out.
    • Ripping a twig out of your thigh.
    • Relocating disjointed fingers, an arm or a foot.
  • You become this to your very own enemies, specially at Reputation 5. Ever since the day you landed in Africa, you've proven yourself to be an unstoppable killing machine, rampaging across the UAC under the orders of whoever pays the highest. By the end of the game, you've been at least a week in Africa and every single day, you've killed many, many soldiers, some who were simply too terrified to even fight you. You become recognized as The Devil himself and one of the rumors spread about you is that you eat your victims for fun. Hell, it can be assumed you become more infamous than The Jackal himself!
    • By the end of the game, your Player Character starts showing signs of total psychopathy if you read the journal and pay attention to his actions. He's completely willing to betray two of his bosses just for the sake of pure fun, regardless of how much they paid him! And the fact that he slowly becomes guillible enough to listen to The Jackal and follow his philosophy may mean that, by the end of the game, your character just absolutely freaking snapped from all the fighting and the malaria.


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