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GoldenSandslash2013-03-09 20:11:04

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About This Liveblog

About Me

Hi guys, GoldenSandslash here with my first ever Liveblog.

You probably haven't heard of me, as I'm not really that famous, but here's the rundown: I'm a member of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan site called Obsession Is Magic, essentially a small-scale version of Equestria Daily, except we post some non-pony stuff and just move into general nerdy stuff, with an emphasis on ponies.

I tried to make an Atop The Fourth Wall Expy show for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) comics, but it became very clear shortly into the series that video making just wasn't what I was meant to do. However, I have really enjoyed writing stuff, and with a lot of free time on my hands due to no more video making, I decided to try out Liveblogging.

I have kept tabs on a couple Liveblogs before, so I generally know how they are done. That said, this is my first attempt at one myself, so I'm bound to mess a couple things up. For instance, I noticed right away that there is no subject type for "Western Animation." I just put this as "Blogger's Choice." If I'm wrong, I'll fix it as soon as someone mentions it in the comments. Remember to be nice to us noobs! :P

(Note: I am not new to TV Tropes at all, as you can tell by the sheer number of tropes that I am linking here. Just new to liveblogging is all.)

About Dan Vs.

For those who are unaware, Dan Vs is a television show that airs on The Hub. Originally envisioned as a Live-Action TV series, it became Western Animation in the end.

What makes this show stand out from all of the others is the fact that it manages to avert Animation Age Ghetto. The show is just as much for kids as adults, and while other shows on The Hub have managed to attract adult fans, this was really just a Periphery Demographic more than anything. Dan Vs honestly seems to appeal primarily to adults, sounding even like something that you'd find on Adult Swim.

The basic premise is this: Dan, the Villain Protagonist gets annoyed by a minor inconvenience Once per Episode. Then, he will plan out long, elaborate ways of getting Revenge on whatever it is that annoyed him. The title of the series has the "Vs" in it, in a way that the Episode Finishes the Title. For instance, the first episode, is titled "New Mexico". This being the case, the full title should be read as "Dan Vs. New Mexico."

The third season just finished today. I personally have only seen the first two seasons, however, due to my limited access to cable channels.

This Liveblog

What I aim to do with this Liveblog is rewatch this series, and point out everything that I notice - both the good and the bad, in a well-written manner. I think that by using this space to collect my thoughts, I can better deconstruct some of the show's elements.

There will be one episode on each page of the blog, unless a major element needs to be deconstructed and it's so massive that it needs a page of its own, such as a character or a location, for instance.

Now, as mentioned previously, I have very limited access to cable television, and so I will be watching these episodes on DVD. This is why I will only be liveblogging Season 1. There simply is no DVD for Season 2 or 3 yet. If they do choose to release either one, I might consider liveblogging those, but for now, just the first season. And before anyone suggests that I watch illegal YouTube uploads or other similar methods: The answer is no.

Also note that the DVD has the episodes Out of Order. I will be liveblogging them in the order according to their original television air date, as I feel that this is the best way to enjoy them.

The order that I will be using is:

Now, given that I will be watching this on DVD, it makes it substantially easier, as I can knock out multiple episodes in a row, so I should be able to get through this reasonably quickly.

Oh, and as I post this, I see a preview button. Hey, TV Tropes! If you can code something like that, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T YOU DO THAT FOR YOUR YKTTW PAGES!?

So, without further ado, let's get started.


Gotcha, didn't I? No. This is a Dan Vs Liveblog, so we have to do this right. *begins Angry Fist-Shake*



Mar 11th 2013 at 12:21:27 AM
Interesting show it is as i have just watched it one show but it was really entertaining one.