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10:38:47 AM Oct 13th 2017
A Fanfiction section was recently added, seemingly without discussion. Should it be removed? After all, the former fanfiction page is in the Permanent Red Link Club.
11:50:30 PM Oct 13th 2017
I believe it should be removed. The Horrible Fanfiction subpage was cut for very good reasons.
08:09:00 AM Oct 14th 2017
I removed it for flamebaiting. Posting this kind of content can be very controversial, for the same reasons the Fanfiction subpage was removed.
09:03:05 PM May 13th 2017
Should we expand the conventions folder to also include festivals? I've been keeping an eye on the Fyre Festival disaster and feel it would be a worthy addition to this page, but I don't think creating a new folder would be the right option when a similar one already exists.
06:34:08 AM May 14th 2017
It's already in the music section.
11:38:39 AM Apr 23rd 2017
Would the Juicero count as horrible?
03:16:26 PM Aug 3rd 2015
edited by AlanPalgut
Any idea of other vehicles besides aircraft? I had several ideas on trains:
  • The Decapod (2-10-0), at least when it was first produced in the 1880's. Unless The World Is Not Ready, it belongs here.
  • The AA20-1, the sole non-articulated locomotive with seven driving axles (its Whyte notation — or wheel configuration — is 4-14-4) and built by the Soviet Union. An attempt to Follow the Leader on locomotives with more than eight driving wheels (particularly the 4-12-2 design of the Union Pacific's 9000-series), the main differences were 1) having another driving axle and trailing axle and 2) being at the Russian gauge of 5' as opposed to the standard 4'8 1/2". A poor wheelbase, with the axles too close together, doomed the locomotive to failure.
  • The Kitson-Still steam/diesel hybrid, proof that hybrids with steam are really bad. A few trials on the LNER was all it had before it was withdrawn and eventually scrapped.
  • The 6-2-0 wheel arrangement, putting the weight on the three leading axles rather than on the driving axle. In Great Britain, only one locomotive of this wheel arrangement, the Liverpool of 1848, was built; and in the United States it fared no better, as many were rebuilt in the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. Very few locomotives have more than four driving wheels, and no more would have six until the Pennsylvania Railroad introduced its S1 class in the late 30's.
01:14:59 AM Mar 10th 2015
Does YouTube Poop belong here?

Saying that there's some YTP videos that are not up to standard is like saying certain types of feces taste worst than the usual. I won't hide the fact that I hate that fandom which is why I'm leaving this decision to someone who can maintain an unbiased point of view.
01:32:48 AM Mar 10th 2015
Some of them might. All of them, not likely.
09:30:30 PM Dec 20th 2014
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Does anyone think we should start a sports section? I think it should be dedicated to terrible, short-lived leagues, teams with notorious seasons, or players that stood out for being especially awful (in ability and/or ethics). Two examples I can think of right off the bat:

  • Ali Dia's tenure in Southampton. Dia's a non-league forward who conned his way into joining the squad by having a friend impersonate George Weah and lie about his past experience playing for club and country. This got him a one-month contract, leading to an appearance as a substitute for the Saints in an English Premier League match against Leeds United. Dia was, in Matt Le Tissier's words, "like Bambi slipping on ice" and was thoroughly dominated by the Leeds players, ultimately causing him to be substituted off the pitch. He disappeared back to non-league football after that match and is forever mocked by Saints fans for being a liar. Here is a Guardian article and a few interesting videos on the matter.
  • Derby County in the 2007-2008 Premier League season. Awful managers, squads filled with players out of their depths, and poor ownership led the Rams to 29 losses and only 11 points throughout the entire season. To this day, they are still statistically the worst team to have ever played in Premier League.
01:33:58 AM Dec 21st 2014
We did have Horrible.Sports, but it was put in the Permanent Red Link Club because it was completely extraneous.
09:20:54 AM Dec 21st 2014
Ah. Okay, then I guess those additions won't be added to this subsection. Thanks for the heads-up, Septimus.
05:31:19 PM Nov 23rd 2014
Does anybody else think some of those restaurant examples should be removed? Amy's Baking Company is probably fine (although it does seem to be getting an ironic fandom thanks to its appearance on Kitchen Nightmares), but I don't see anything about Nello that would qualify it as this trope. One negative review does not make a restaurant So Bad, It's Horrible, especially since the restaurant's user reviews on sites like Yelp.com seem to indicate that the food falls more under So Okay, It's Average. And, as for the ridiculous prices, I think using that as an argument violates the condition of "merely being offensive" not being enough. Same for the Captain John's example (plus, if the restaurant used to be good, then I would think that if anything it belongs under something like Fallen Creator).

Not so sure about the TGI Friday's example, since the arguments/complaints certainly seem to qualify it, but given that Friday's is a chain...
05:24:49 AM Jun 20th 2016
edited by supergod
I'm cutting it. While it seems a borderline case, even the negative Yelp reviews have people claim the main problem is the prices.

TGI Fridays should never qualify. It's popular.

Honestly, unless we're talking about health violations that are never fixed or the worst staff or management ever as the main issue, tastes in food and restaurants are way too subjective, and they can't really have "objective" criteria in the same way a film, book or song can.
07:29:53 AM Nov 19th 2014
Anyone interested in adding the Potato Express? The infomercial is deceiving and the product will leave potatoes raw in the middle after their suggested four minute cooking time. With a busted insulation system, the fabric getting disgustingly wet after a single use, and failure to cook potatoes in the advertised time I think it qualifies.

Here's Mike J's thoughts on it if you need more info.
08:08:13 AM Jun 23rd 2014
We should add Jesus Is Savior.Com to websites. Badly thought out arguments, plain lies and bad design abounds.
07:42:21 AM Sep 1st 2014
I agree.
09:19:43 AM Sep 1st 2014
Seems like a case for inclusion. We'll need a somewhat detailed writeup, of course.
10:43:33 PM Jun 21st 2014
Here's hydrixes attempt to recreate a Web Video section:

    Web Videos 
  • All Beiber Haters Suck’s video called "larmankiller sucks and Justin Bieber rules" might possibly be the worst case of trying to be a Moral Guardian on the internet . Aside from the fact that he makes spelling errors constantly, he also outright insults the Justin Bieber fanbase's own intelligence (by saying that he does not even know who Walt Disney is). He also makes insults during other fanbases during the mean time (such as saying that Mickey Mouse has always been for preschoolers), does use some extreme Fridge Logic (such as when he said that larkmankiller brainwashed a former belieber named omegadeltazero2 with powder) and comes off as extremely hypocrite (he criticizes larkmankiller for not showing his face, but the creator of the video (All Justin Beiber Haters Suck) only showed text during the entire video). With all that in mind, it should not suprize that it is one of the rare youtube video's with 0 likes.
  • "all justin bieber haters suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". This is a video in which the creator (bieberluvr1234) adresses the haters of Justin Bieber and says that they should stop hating on Justin Bieber. Aside from having no actual arguments provided (the only thing she said was that his music was good {which she showed my letting the audience show a music video of him within the awful video quality she had} and that he looks beautiful, which is very subjective to begin with), she also outright insults the haters of Jusin Bieber(especially the female ones) (for being lesbian, fat and ugly). At times she even goes completely out of character.
  • Dafawfuliser’s top 11 wario master in disguise bosses just has to be on here because it is so boring to watch. He talks so slowly and points out even the most obvious of obvious. It could have been a decent list because of its decent choices and reasoning, but all of the above problems just make it painful to watch or listen to.
  • Darksydephil is already a controversial Let's Player, but he set himself a new low with his 2013 Christmas special, a Grinch parody which serves as nothing more than a ego-stroking middle finger directed at his Hatedom. The video is filled with horrible rhyming, juvenile insults, and acting and costuming that makes even Chris Bores look moderately professional. Phil's detractors are depicted as basement-dwelling Trolls who are jealous of Phil's Internet "fame" (using the word very lightly) and make "shitting on him the goal of their lives" by flagging all his videos and making long montages of him failing. This is followed by an awful song and dance number that not only has atrocious singing and lyrics with even more terrible rhymes (ie. he rhymes 'trolling' with 'wife'), but outright threatens his detractors ("If I could choose between being filthy rich or going back in time to prevent your birth, fill up the Delorian~!"). Phil then goes full-on Gary Stu when he reads encouraging Christmas fan mail, complete with a sappy rendition of "Silent Night" and a disclaimer stating that their totally real letters he received. He then states that gaming is about having fun and not popularity, and that "you'll just be a dick" if you hate on (his) playthroughs. This is completely undermined by not only the fact that Phil spends several other videos whining about low views and non-existent game bugs, but by the fact that he just made a mean-spirited 9-minute video trashing his haters. Hypocrite, much?
  • The TUH! This is about a little kid that rants about Toy Story and is considered to be one of the worst rants ever. No arguments are in sight for this one (although he tries), all he does is starting to formulate what he is trying to say (although failing miserably, as you could guess by the title of this video). After it he plays with a fart soundboard, with still nothing interesting to come out of his mouth. It should come as no suprise that after him saying to himself that what he did was rude that he said without reason that Toy Story needs to die.
  • The Pissed Off Angry Gamer has made three video's. All of them so awful that they deserve to be mentioned here.
    • His review of the Xbox360 (which he calls the shitbox 360). The intro is already 1 minutes and 30 seconds long, but it just gets worse, up to degrees that few people can comprehend what he is saying. The line at the end could have saved it, but it is completely undermined by the fact that the game and the consoles he reviewed were not even that bad to begin with.
    • His review of the Nintendo Gamecube (which he calls the nintendo shitcube). Not only is the video quality very "very" awful, but so is the video itself. He needs an overly long time to form his phrases, destroys his console at the end of the video without you even being able to understand why and does inexplicable Critical Research Failure (such as saying that nobody will defend the nintendo shitcube).
    • His review of Contra 4 is however easily his worst. He shows you only briefly the game and tells you that he hates this game just because it does not have a Multiple Lives cheat code and that you have limited lives. Than he proceeds to eat the cartridge in a very terribly photoshopped manner. Thankfully he falls from his chair at the end of the video.
  • The first season of Crtl + Alt + Del: The Animated series. While season 2 has a few half-decent episodes (only from 1 to 3) and moments in its own right (which were few and far between after the third episode), the episodes of the first season are just awful beyond belief. The animation could already have been done with microsoft paint and powerpoint, but most episodes also it suffers from the main character (Ethan) being the kind of jerk the ‘Your mom hates Dead Space’ commercials were designed for and the other characters having no comedic value whatsoever. Any kind of actually decent plot even suffers from the fact that most episodes only air for 5 minutes (there are only 2 exceptions, episode 6 & 7 which shows Ethan at his very worst and episodes 10, 11 and 12 whose plot is blatantly ripping off ‘’Star Wars’’ . The other episodes (those not involving Ethan) are just as bad, with episode 5 being random takes and unfunny pot shots and episode 9 showing some of the very worst visual humor ever.
  • Pimpinmast3r DX is considered to be one of the worst ranters and one of the worst countdown artists ever made. His output clearly shows why.
  • While smackaderp is a decent youtube channel, you will have to find hard to see anyone who defends his top 10 most overrated games. The whole countdown is nothing more than a mixture of obtuse Fridge Logic, stuff that he said just because someone else said it and spots on list with them having no information whatsoever. Combine this with painful visuals and you have a recipe that fits this trope well.
  • Sponge Bob Shiting Plz has made some really bad video’s.
  • superflipper76 is considered to be a great countdown artist. Even so he made some very awful ones early in his career and Top Ten Worst Video Game Endings is considered tob e the pinnacle of that. It shows some pretty decent endings, but he keeps just arguing like a devil advocate that those endings are somehow bad. Even Super Flipper 76 later on said that it was the perfect example of how not to make a countdown.
  • veryinvalid's review of Mega Man 9 entitled "Mega Man 9 sucks fucking balls" is considered to be one of the worst video game reviews of the internet. Already the "intro" of the video (which features him twisting around with his balls, a random shot of his hair and him Flipping the Bird in slow motion shows that you are going to see something horrible, but it just gets worse from there. Later on in his video he keeps talking about high school (and ignores his review completely), makes very offensive remarks (such as him saying that he outright does not care how many soldiers died in Iraq). He also died on purpose multiple times and blames the game for all of his mistakes. Worst of all, he says that he is a huge megaman fan at the beginning of the video, but not only does he make errors against the Canon of the series, he also later on states that he outright hates the series. It all ties up so well that at the end of the video he gives the middle finger towards youtube and everyone who watched his video.
08:18:12 PM Apr 19th 2014
I'd argue that the entry on Haribo jelly beans should be at least rethought—the issue isn't strictly related to their product; artificial sweeteners generally cause explosive diarrhea when consumed excessively, and near every brand of sugar-free jelly beans has a warning about it.
11:58:00 AM Apr 17th 2014
Does my entry really insults Sweden's culture:
  • Surströmming is considered one of the most disgusting foods of all time and is especially infamous for its horrible smell. Surströmming is a fermented rotting fish in a can produced in Sweden that sits in an absolutely disgusting smelling juice. The smell is so bad, that most people throw up just by smelling it. It's so bad, that Ashens refuses to taste it let alone open a can of it.
03:59:23 PM May 9th 2014
Not to me...
03:42:45 PM Mar 12th 2014
Would these two blogs qualify as So Bad, It's Horrible?

http://yourstuffsucksbigtime.blogspot.com http://yourcartoonsucks.blogspot.com

The author establishes himself as a prick (he's like Caustic Critics such as the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic, except totally unlikeable and completely unfunny), and the blogs are larded with some rather questionable choices (Toy Story?!? WTF?!?) to pick on.
09:37:34 PM Jan 6th 2014
Is this really necessary to have here? It (and the folder it is contained within) seems like nothing more than a retread of the Real Life section of Crappy Carnival. Did we not relocate Horrible/Cars to the real life section of The Alleged Car for this same exact reason?
  • Lapland New Forest, which opened briefly in the United Kingdom in December 2008. Visitors to their website were promised a spectacular Christmas experience, only to find a bare field with a handful of overpriced rides and concessions, a broken ice rink, and entertainers in unconvincing snowman and elf outfits - all after paying theme park prices for tickets. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in numerous credit card chargebacks and a fraud conviction for the park's owners, not to mention Santa and his helpers being beaten up by angry guests. The director is also becoming an example of Never My Fault, blaming the park's failure on crowd manipulation and slanderous media. The Other Wiki even states that the attractions largely consisted of a single billboard depicting the nativity, lights dangling from trees, mistreated animals in chains, a broken ice rink, empty garden sheds (previously described as log cabins by the website) and a very poorly decorated Santa's grotto.
04:16:32 PM Mar 24th 2014
Deleted it.
10:47:31 AM Nov 4th 2013
edited by
Question — can conventions be put under the "other" heading for the So Bad It's Horrible trope? Or is that just begging for a flame war? I notice restaurants got removed from the Horrible page, so I wasn't sure if adding Las Pegasus Unicon 2013 would be acceptable or not...
02:24:01 AM Feb 24th 2013
edited by ABLb0y
Anyone else think we should put the Westboro Baptist Church under organistations? Y'know, that group of nutters who picket people's funerals waving around signs saying things like 'Thank god for 9/11' and 'Fags die, god laughs.'
10:54:37 PM Apr 30th 2013
Sorry for the late reply, but no. No real-life organizations, especially groups like WBC. It's just a flame war waiting to happen. I don't agree with their politics or methods, but any real-life anything getting declared SBIH should not happen.
05:31:53 PM Jan 24th 2013
edited by SamMax
For Apps, should we remove the apps that are games? As it is, I see a Super Mario 3D Land Mockbuster game on both here and the Video Games page.
02:05:09 AM Dec 31st 2012
Cutting this and putting it here for now. Judging by YouTube videos, it's not that bad.
08:06:00 PM Dec 31st 2012
Whoops, I should put it to the theater page instead.

Still, most peoples on Youtube complain about how childish even was compare to the show itself. Their rear legs looks broken, only Twilight Sparkle, Applejack and Rainbow Dash appear. And the voices. It have more than 2,000 dislike out of 1,000 likes. Even those who like are those who find it So Bad, It's Good. .... I guess only Newborn Uglies deserve to be So Bad, It's Horrible.
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