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Ride: Action Park

"There's nothing in the world like Action Park!"
"The action never stops... at Action Park!"

Action Park (running from 1978 from 1996) was an especially infamous Theme Park, located in Vernon, New Jersey. On paper, it seemed like a normal theme park, with an alpine slide, a ski area, and two themed areas: Motorworld (based around vehicles) and Waterworld (a water park). Sounds good, right?

Well, the execution is where things went horribly wrong.

The rides were poorly designed and poorly maintained, leaving people seriously injured — or sometimes deadnote  — and most of the employees were undertrained teenagers who didn't care about safety rules and often encouraged dangerous antics. The park advertised on Spanish-language radio stations in New York, yet most of its employees couldn't speak a word of Spanish and all of the signs and such were in English. Though it was a popular summertime destination for New Yorkers and New Jerseyans in the 1980s, legal and financial troubles caused the park to shut down after the 1996 season. It was later reopened as Mountain Creek Waterpark in 1998, its old rides having been either torn down or heavily renovated (with much better protection for the riders, obviously).

We could say more, but the Wikipedia article elaborates on it in much more depth, as well as this Weird NJ article. Just know that they once attempted to build a looping water slide, and that it was actually open to the public for a brief period.

In April 2014, Mountain Creek's owners announced that they were officially opening for the summer season as Action Park, complete with a new looping slide. Tropers beware...

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