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Crazyrabbits: Removed this example:

"Digital Piracy
  • This troper went to a bad movie party where the host played a pirated copy of District 9 (or Destrekt Nin as the DVD menu read) while it was still in theaters. The thing wasn't a professionally done film scan, it was one of those crappy sit in the theater with a camcorder deals where you get to see the people in front of you get up and walk in front of the screen. The sound (when there was sound) was horribly distorted, out of sync, and littered with people talking, slurping drinks, and cell phones. At one point the guy filming it got up and left, tilting the camera to the side for a fifteen minute view of the fat guy in the seat next to him. The image kept switching from color to black and white, About 3/4 of the way through, the low battery indicator came on, and it turned to blue right at the part where they break into MNU. Needless to say it was the worst movie we saw that night, and not in a good way. "

A) It doesn't meet the criteria of the page.

B) Every new release (when it arrives in theatres) is filmed and released as a camcorder copy. All of these "CAM releases" are either improperly framed, have weak sound or poor picture quality. There is no example of a film just released in theatres that is pirated as a professionally done film scan.

C) You can't quantify the "horribleness" of a pirated film copy in the same way you would judge a bad television show or movie. Bad pirated copies are made every day.

D) Licence To Whine. You watched it all the way through, then came to complain about something you know very little about on the wiki.

HeartBurn Kid: Re: Cut Listing of this page: I agree with this, but let's move the theater example to another page first. That is a media example, and no reason to get rid of it. While we're at it, can we kill the Software page?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: If that theater example wasn't already moved, it's gone. The Cut Master moved fast.