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Super Weight in your stories:

The Wordnomnom
Wrote/RP'd as part of a collaborative RP/Chat/Fiction thing once. Power Creep set in fast so 2 was the low end. I ran characters at 1, three, and four 1/2 ish. At least five characters in the setting where gods (including my high one) and several where gods in all but name. Enjoyable to have God-Mode Sue powers and have that seem reasonable. Those of us who were the oldest members of the project also ran villains. Two rank six and a rank 5. The 5 managed to be a greater personal threat by being compelling enough to cause a civil war amongst the P Cs/protagonists.

2 for the protagonist of the stuff im working on now. A transhuman.
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 52 Fergard Stratoavis, Fri, 6th Apr '12 11:22:27 AM from Honnouji Academy Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Huh, now that Super Weight has been changed, I suppose I can post it here.

Phew, there you go.

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Total posts: 52
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