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YMMV: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  • Anticlimax Boss: Kagutsuchi. If you Buff and Debuff to maximum, he's mostly a joke, especially compared to the rather brutal battle that precedes him.
    • Sakahagi. Sure, you fight him right after taking down Girimekhala (the first boss to reflect physical attacks) and given no chance to heal, but he only knows second-tier elemental spells and can be easily taken out in one turn by this point in the game.
      • What makes that battle an even bigger joke is that you keep all the buffs you have against the preceding demon and Sakahagi doesn't have a lot of MP. Use Mana or Life Drain on him and he becomes even more worthless. Also doubles as Too Dumb to Live considering the guy could have just run away and make his schemes another day.
      • He does pose a mild threat in that he can easily finish you off if you're weak enough from the preceding boss fight. Especially if there's any elemental weaknesses in your party. But if you survive his first attack, you're more than likely going to be fine.
  • Breather Boss: Thor the second time. Sure, he'll start using Dragon Eye when he hits half health, but really, you should be able to drop him from his full 8000 to 5000 fast, and then finish him in one turn.
    • Mara, even though he heals himself to full health on every turn. His strongest attack is Hades Blast, which isn't that bad even though it can Mute you. You're also forced to fight him during a full Kagutsuchi, thus enabling Bright Might. Bring a few demons that have it, and he'll be dead before he gets a turn.
      • Taunt + Tetrakarn = Dead Mara.
    • To a much greater extent, Mithra is often considered by players to be the easiest boss of the game( not particularly saying much). The majority of his turns are wasted on Expel or Death spells, which are inaccurate and easily blocked by that point, meaning that even after using Dragon Eye, he'll end up not doing much. He is also quite frail for such a late-game boss, as he can be killed within less than 4 turns with little trouble. The only thing that can (not necessarily) mess you up in this battle is that you can't be immune to Death AND Expel at the same time at this point of the game (though your demons certainly can).
    • Black Rider is one of the easier Fiends due to not having any way to deal with buffs and debuffs and having no other gimmick like Daisoujou and Trumpeter other than being a Flunky Boss.
  • Crazy Awesome: What demon, after giving the world's most epic evil laugh, shoots lasers out of his eyes that causes a powerful, Almighty-type, multi-target attack with a chance of instant Expel-type death? Metatron. That's who!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "World Map -Last Area-", and pretty much the whole soundtrack.
    • This is one of the many normal battle themes. It's also the theme that plays when you fight the Demi-Fiend as a Bonus Boss in Digital Devil Saga. This is the Kotowari (Reason) boss theme, playing only against three bosses when they decide to get serious.
      • Or hell, even the pre-boss music. "The next thing you see is going to beat the shit out of you. Prepare for that."
      • Heck, in this game, all the pre-boss musics bathes in pure awesome; we have the theme that plays before a Fiend battle.It says: "You'll be fighting something horrifying. Brace yourself". On the same vein, this is the epic song that plays just before the True Final Boss. One of the most Oh Crap inducing songs you'll find.
      • Boss Battle - The lyrics help convey the intensity of a difficult battle, and the hollow, disembodied, distorted sound with which they're recited serves to underscore the notion that if the beings singing this ever were humans from the world we know, they're something (or somewhere) horribly different now.
      • Isamu's theme song fits incredibly well in the scenes it plays in.
    • Metatron's Theme. There is no other song in the universe perfect enough to portray the feeling that you're practically giving God the finger at this point, and have inflicted his wrath. Bonus points for including a remix of the Shin Megami Tensei Law Theme.
    • Tokyo Conception. Soft piano, for Yuko's lines... and then the booming organ and the dark riffs pitch in, and the world dies.
    • Fierce Battle, similar in vein to the Boss Battle music with dramatic lyrics. Do you aid Lucifer, do you?!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Everyone's a dickmunch in Nocturne. God, your former friends, the villains, the 'nice' reporter who decides he's going to be evil more-or-less out of nowhere, EVERYONE. Suddenly the True Demon Ending's not lookin' so bad, is it?
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Lucifer and the "True Demon" Demi-Fiend get this a lot. The fact that their agenda involves killing off all life, save lucifer and his "army", seems to be glossed over at best. People forget all too often Chaos is can be as horrible as Law, and Lucifer is its heart and soul.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Matador, with a bit of overlap with Colbert Bump. Prior to the game's Maniax update, Matador was simply a fiend that looks like a skeleton dressed as a matador that is ready for a bullfight. Cue his jarring Wake-Up Call Boss battle and now Matador has become a symbol for the franchise of "Never, EVER think buffs/debuffs are pointless. Always invest in them. They will save your ass from being pounded flat."
  • Fan Nickname: The Main Character is called Naoki Kashima in the radio plays based on the game.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Hikawa's got an amazing pajama-esque suit and M-shaped widow's peak.
  • Goddamned Boss: If you come prepared and don't have Focus, Pierce, and Freikugel, Noah. Aurora causes the fight to drag on longer than it has to. If you're unprepared or don't know the pattern of his weaknesses, he delves into That One Boss territory.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Shikome's scream whenever it attacks.
    • Daisoujou's scream whenever it uses Meditation.
  • Les Yay: Fun fact, having a female demon use Seduce (high chance of recruiting male demons when used by a female demon) or wooing (high chance of recruiting female demons when used by a male demon) can work on other female demons, while a male demon using either on another male disgusts the target and results in a guaranteed fail.
    • It doesn't work so much as it doesn't not work. A female demon's chances of recruiting another female demon using Seduce are exactly the same as if trying to negotiate normally. One would imagine that female demons are a bit more comfortable about being hit on by someone of the same sex than male demons.
  • Memetic Badass: If Matador challenges to a duel, get your buffs ready because he is dead serious.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Magnificent Bastard: Lucifer. He grants you the power of the Magatama as part of a combat test trial. It really doesn't matter what you do with it - literally anything you do with it ends with a net gain for him. You go and make sure any of the three main Reasons wins, you prove the product is workable. You leave the Vortex World as-is, you spit on the Great Will's face. You restore the world as was, you spit on the Great Will's face and he gets a warrior that in due time will fight again against Him. You accept the offer to reach him in the Labyrinth's lowest level, he gets a worthy successor and new general...
  • Narm: Listen to Daisoujou when he uses a physical attack. White Rider using God's Bow is also pretty Narmy.
    • Whenever Trumpeter speaks.
    • Every time Black Rider uses a spell. Heeeeee!
  • Scrappy Mechanic: White Rider's spawn point is in front of every major Terminal after reaching Asakusa and completing the Second Kalpa. Pray that you'll be able to escape or beat him in one go...
    • Beast Eye/Dragon Eye, or any other move that grants the opponent free press turns. Mostly because it's one of the few things in the game that is blatant that The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, with them using a move that is unavailable to the player, that costs only 1 MP, and sometimes even abusing it to outright win. And worse, depending on the enemy and the moves they use, it can be impossible to counter with demons that can nullify attacks.
  • So Cool It's Awesome: The game is just that awesome... even if you could actually become the Antichrist.
  • That One Attack: Beast Eye and Dragon Eye. After consuming the turn, the enemy gains two or four half Press Turns, respectively. This leads to the enemies (generally bosses, too) proceeding to attack you up to five times in a row. Daisoujou and Hell Biker also have Startle and Hell Throttle, respectively, that are the same but give three Turns.
    • Matador's Red Capote will automatically max out his hit/evasion rate and is one of the main reasons he's the game's Wake-Up Call Boss.
    • Trumpeter's Holy Melody and Evil Melody. The latter fully heals whoever has the lowest percentage of HP, while the former would kill him. While when he uses it is predictable, it's also unavoidable. In addition, the Trumpeter can use Holy Melody on himself, but can't use Evil Melody. Interestingly enough, the same applies when Trumpeter learns it in your party...and Evil Melody only costs 1 MP...
  • That One Boss: Matador, who gets the honor of being pictured in the Atlus That One Boss page. With the right strategy, he's not too difficult, but he's the first boss in the game that you won't be able to beat without fusing a party specifically to counter him.
    • Mot. He can use Beast Eye, but plenty of other bosses can, too. Unlike them, however, Mot isn't designed to do anything specific with Beast Eye - it's just a regular move to him, unlike most other times you run into it or Dragon Eye. Mot can also combine spamming Beast Eye with Makakaja and Megidolaon, meaning he can wipe out your team without you getting a single move.
  • That One Level: That fucking cursed hallway in the Second Kalpa. Your HP gets cut in half every 5 or so steps, there are level 60+ demons that always seem to get through Repel and the only way to get out is to retrace your steps all the way back to the beginning.
    • Actually the Cursed Hallway is optional, Mandatory later on to get a key but you do get a solid 250,000 macca as a reward for reaching the end before the key event, and the exits are very close to the walls. If anything, that is a solid area to level grind if you know which demons inhabit the hallway.
    • The lower levels of the Third Kalpa definitely count, too. You have to run around and flip switches while being shot at by Dante. Get caught by him, and he knocks your party around and sends you back to the beginning. In the second part, not only are the switches in mazes of invisible walls, Dante resets them after he catches you.
      • The top level's not easy, either; it's a gigantic maze filled with one-way doors, and some of them teleport you if a certain stat isn't high enough. The only way to be sure that you won't get thrown all over the map is to have all your stats at 25 or higher, which would require absurd amounts of grinding at this point.
  • That One Sidequest: The Labyrinth of Amala in its entirety. The mandatory parts put you through the wringer constantly and remind you it's particularly hard to assemble a powerful team capable of resisting continuous assaults (many back attacks, particularly) at the beginning. The optional Grave Run is also particularly tough, even with the endgame stats. Granted, the rewards are also proportional: reaching the end of the Fifth Kalpa before the Tower of Kagutsuchi nets you the sixth ending and Pierce, and the Grave Run gives you an extra Press Turn when you reach the First Kalpa's first Burial Chamber in a New Game+.
    • Also, in the Fifth Kalpa, one can find the soul selling an obscenely overpowered Girimekhala (which also carries Pierce).
    • Puzzle Boy if you want to obtain all the Magatama in the game.
  • What an Idiot: Ongyo-ki. As long as you keep hitting the real one, he'll do very little besides buff himself. He even does this after the effects are maxed out.

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