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Nightmare Fuel: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  • Humanity dies in a flash of light as the Conception begins. And you can only watch.
  • When the Young Boy transforms you into a demon against your will by dropping a wriggling leech-like creature into your eye, which then burrows straight into your brain. And this is all done from a first-person perspective. Watch it here.
    • Even before that, the idea of the Conception itself. And that flash of light, followed by the Magatsuhi flowing out from buildings you see before Tokyo wraps itself up into a ball? That's humanity being wiped out in the blink of an eye without a fighting chance!
  • The lyrics to the normal boss theme. They sound like gibberish... but then you listen closer.
    We'll sacrifice the Son of Heaven!
    Man's greatest glimpse of fire red!
    Oh how they're lost in their prayers for our greatest god!
    Let me sleep, please! I am a man, half human!
    I am tired as heart and person weaken!
    On the name of God! I will not crack!
    Can you hear them?
    God! I will not crack!
    Can you hear them?!?
    • Even the demons are begging God for help in this setting. Something has gone seriously wrong.
  • The Manikins, while more or less friendly and personable individuals, usually twitch-spasm every other second.
    • Good lord, Gozu's priestess. The first time you enter Gozu-Tennoh's chamber, you're confronted with THIS. note 
  • Sakahagi, who happens to wear a bandolier made of Manikin faces that he killed and skinned himself, and also goes through those twitchy palpitations that most Manikins do.
  • Yuko possessed by Aradia. While Aradia's words give her the impression of a cryptic but supportive personality, Yuko's body twitches like a Manikin in overdrive and teleports like mad. It's more or less the picture of insanity, especially since Yuko's face is hidden from view by a near-formless "mask".
  • Isamu after his awakening in the Amala Network. Not only does he have the same "disembodied empty faces" motif that Sakahagi has, Isamu's extra faces are not clothing. They're growing out of his body.
    • Also when the second phase of your fight against Noah has a giant, creepy version of Isamu's head sticking out of a giant fetus's body.
  • Chiaki after gaining Gozu-Tennoh's power. Actually a bit less creepy than Isamu in body, but her right arm being some roiling, seemingly boneless-at-times thing would be enough to give anyone nightmares... of course, her crushing a Manikin's face and tossing him away like a rag doll add a lot to it too.
  • Before the Nightmare System fires and after escaping the Mantra HQ, go back up to the arena where you fought Thor. You'll see a pair of Pretas and a Manikin, who explains that whoever loses to the guards are eaten alive by the Pretas.
  • Chiaki when invading Mifunashiro. When you get to her, she's surrounded by dozens of Manikin corpses. Then, she cracks a Manikin's skull. One-handed. This music is what plays during the scene.
  • Kabukicho Prison. One side's sunny and the only notable thing are the many empty rooms. The another side is chock-full of Manikins being tortured and drained of their Life Energy. Brutally. Routinely. Normally.
  • Learning the identity of the Merchant and the Killer in the Fourth Kalpa, and a lot of very hard truths about the Manikins' origins.
  • The Diet Building. The place looks ominous enough already... and then the bizarre architecture and the illusions start kicking in...
  • The Labyrinth of Amala's doorways open with a disgusting, organic sound. See the implications?
  • The Reveal as to the true identity and fate of Hijiri. He's actually Aleph from Shin Megami Tensei II, in a particularly cruel form of "Groundhog Day" Loop. Live juuuust enough to see the world die, suffer in the Vortex World, die, be reborn in another world as the Conception begins. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad infinitum. And the worst part? He has no way of affecting the outcome of any one of them. Ever.
  • Thinking too much about the Conception, God, Lucifer, Humanity and the demons' natures can lead to some pretty horrific conclusions. God keeps hitting the Reset Button over and over and over until he gets a world without free will; no one left to oppose Him. Lucifer wants to end the whole of Creation to fight the final battle with the Demi-Fiend leading , and Humanity's the one in the middle...
  • If you die, you're next seen in Heaven, under a massive spiral of angels. If you've played the previous two games, you can guess why this is bad.
  • Kabukicho Prison. Just...Kabukicho Prison. It's an abandoned building filled with empty rooms, some of which have voices from nowhere. And then the Mirage flips the building, turns everything white, except for the streaks of blood on the ceiling, and the giant shutters. Behind most of those shutters are jail cells/torture chambers filled with Manikins.
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