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YMMV: Girls und Panzer

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Many fans theorize that Saki from Rabbit Team might possibly be autistic, given how she seems generally detached from whatever is going on and never really speaks to anybody. Other fans jokingly theorize that Saki might be suffering from a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. note 
      • There's an internet joke about her being a ghost whisperer and chatting with Wittmann.
    • On some fan comics, the translations of which can be found in Danbooru, Erika is characterized as being in (unrequited) love with Maho and acting like a Jerkass toward Miho out of jealousy. One issue of Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu had a nod to this in the (non-canon) omake page.
    • Maho's hidden support towards Miho being less of a noble sacrifice on her part and more of a raging "imouto complex" is a popular interpretation. Some of these comics indicate Miho's departure has been hard on her, even seemingly taking a toll on her sanity (such as one in which Maho consults a Miho hand puppet during a tank team meeting).
    • Is Nishizumi Shiho's planned disowning of Miho a cruel act, but one that sets her free to be her own person while also preserving the Nishizumi style? Or is she a cold, ruthless bitch who doesn't deserve to be a mother? Not that these are not mutually exclusive As of the end of the first season, Shiho has not told Miho about her disowning, despite having planned to do so as far back as the semifinals, merely giving a small smile and a Slow Clap while alone after her victory, which in and of itself can be interpreted many different ways.
    • A Yonkoma webcomic shows Anteater team in their immobilized tank, watching the fierce battle upmountain and saying over the radio that they feel happy because they have at least protected Miho; but as soon as they cut the radio, it shows Nekonyaa being emotionally devastated by her swift defeat robbing her the one chance to fight alongside her Ōarai companions.
    • Sodoko is sometimes portayed as a Tsundere toward Mako.
    • Kuromorimine. Is it a school full of tankers who see it as their calling in life to crush "weak" teams and value victory over fun? Or are they arguably no worse than most in that attitude, with Erika a Token Evil Teammate of sorts? The fact that Maho, their commander, is ultimately motivated by sisterly love, can be interpreted as her hiding her true nature to fit in, or proof that most Kuromorimine tankers are decent people at heart. They seem nice enough whenever we meet them in Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, but the manga canon has been trampled by the show a couple of times already, so...
  • Awesome Ego: Katyusha. She may have a Napoleon complex, but she certainly knows how to lead like him.
  • Awesome Music: All of the anime's renditions of popular national marching songs such as the British Grenadier March, the American Battle Hymn of the Republic and Army Goes Rolling Along are very well received. However, its version of the Russian song Katyusha is by far the most popular, as it is actually sung with lyrics...sadly, it's been removed from the Sentai release due to licensing issues, which is making fans rage. Its replacement is part of Korobeiniki, best known as that song from Tetris.
    • The "Snow War" OVA has Erwin and Yukari sing "Yuki no Shingun" together, and the soundtrack CD has it performed by Ankou Team. Both are examples of Lyrical Dissonance, since whilst the song is upbeat and happy, the lyrics are bleak.
    If we do not die with the glory of battle
    Duty that calls us from our comfortable lives
    Slowly does it strangle our necks,
    For they do not wish to let us back alive.
    • Episode 10 gives us Kuromorimine's theme, Erika it. Is. Glorious.
    • Episode 11's rendition of Panzerlied.
  • Cargo Ship: Yukari all but cuddled the Pz38(t) when they found it in the woods. This best exemplified in her part during the shared character song of Team Anglerfish. The other teammates explain their personal aspiration in Tankery, but she only gushes about how wonderful the tanks are, concluding with:
    "Panzer is Life, Life is Panzer."
  • Counterpart Comparison: The main character is estranged from her big sister who is a lot better than hernote , doesn't like the craft that her family is legendary at, has to be convinced by her friend(s) to start taking the craft seriously, they then get into a national tournament, their first tourney match is against a school that is significantly better-funded and has more practitioners than them... yeah, Saki on tanks alright.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Erika, Maho's Jerkass lieutenant, has picked up a fan following as powerful as the other Ensemble Darkhorses listed below, despite often mocking Miho, looking down on other schools, complaining about Maho's decision to Pet the Dog by letting Mako take her helicopter to visit her grandmother in the hospital, and even shooting a nasty glare at the teammate who walked over to thank and encourage Miho for saving her, which, combined with her attitude as Miho refuses to abandon Rabbit Team even as Kuromorimine closes in, indicates that she strongly prioritizes victory even over the safety of her troops.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Due to the Cast of Snowflakes nature of every team, it's very easy to gain favorites. Some of the following are the more obvious ones:
    • Yukari seems to be the most popular of Miho's crew due to her sheer enthusiasm for tanks. Character polls regularly place her in the lead by a large margin.
    • Hippo Team's Erwin Rommel Expy is a popular choice.
    • Anzu, Ōarai's Student Council President.
    • Oona Aya of Rabbit Team (the Meganekko).
    • Another member of Rabbit Team, Saki Maruyama. Despite having exactly one line in episode 12, Japanese fandom has latched on to her. As of this writing, she's the only member of the cast with an official Twitter icon/avatar available on the Girls und Panzer's website giveout page [1].
    • Darjeeling, Captain of St Glorianna, has been popular in the fanart community. Saunders' Kay has a following too.
    • Surprisingly enough, Kuromorimine's Erika has picked up a following as well.
    • The Katyusha/Nonna duo from Pravda has a fair amount of popularity, partly due to their unique dynamic, and partly because of the popularity of the Pravda team singing Katyusha.
    • There's a small but vocal fandom for Anzio's Commander Anchovy, mainly due to her hair (drill twin tails), but also to a lesser extent because of the Hidden Depths she shows after the match (she can't stand to lose but it's because she sees winning as a commander's responsibility); they were pleased to hear of a planed OVA that will give her more screen time.
    • There's a considerable amount of fanart for Alice's tank crew, notwithstanding their limited screen time. (Not so surprising, really, given their amusing reactions to Alice's rambling).
    • The commander of the Jadgpanther whose tracks Anzu destroys - twice - picked quite a following in just a few days.
    • Ōarai's official reporter, Ou Taiganote , has also her own following despite only appearing in a few seconds of episode 10 and some promotional material.
  • Face of the Band:
    • Erwin (the aforementioned Rommel Expy) for Team Hippo. To the point many fans don't know she's the tank's commander in battle, but not the club's leader out of battle (that's Caesar).
    • Sodoko of the Discipline Committee is a complicated example What is clear, however, is that Sodoko's the most frequently shown of the three, and the member of the committee Mako has encountered the most often.
  • Fanon: The supplementary material stating that men were forbidden from entering Tankery has been interpreted by many fans to mean that men were forbidden to pilot tanks at all, even in war. This has led to lengthy debates about how to reconcile it with the fact that male tankers are depicted in canon and historically male tank commanders (with unequivocally male names) are explicitly mentioned.
    • The argument is augmented by the historical information included in every booklet that accompanies the Blu-Ray releases, which seem to openly contradict each other about World War 2 (sometimes in the same booklet). In general there seems to be two separate schools of thought among the writers of the booklets: that the war happened, and had a lasting influence post-facto, or it didn't, and it's just a sports competition that got too heated.
    • This has also led to a Fandom Specific Plot in which, under various circumstances, boys start getting involved in tankery, sometimes flying World War II-era fighter planes (and unfortunately, often being Gary Stus). There's some double-irony in this, as it shows a hilarious lack of research from information found in said Blu-Ray booklets, which specify the major reason for the declining popularity of Sensha-do: attack helicopters. Not vintage planes, helicopters.
    • Another bit of fanon that occasionally pops up in fan fiction is that Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe (as well as Assam, sometimes) are sisters.
    • Another common piece of fanon is that Shiho Nishizumi is not only head of the Nishizumi school, but also headmistress of Kuromorimine, the school where her elder daughter commands, and where her younger daughter used to attend, despite this not being said at any point.
  • Freud Was Right: A world where riding around and waging war in large, hard, projectile-spewing machines is the domain of women and young girls. Females coveting symbols of male sexual organs, wishing to possess a penis, etc, etc. Paging Dr. Freud! You'll have a field day with this one!
  • Friendly Fandoms: Naturally, there's a lot of crossovers with World of Tanks, and Flames Of War players are at least vaguely aware of it.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • When you consider that Mako had an argument with her mother before her parents died in an accident, her being in a hurry to get to her grandmother in the hospital can be seen as being motivated by fear of something like that happening again. It's also worse when you consider that her grandmother is her only remaining family.
    • Miho's initial decision to surrender to Pravda to prevent a simultaneous bombardment that could result in people being seriously injured becomes a Tear Jerker when you realize that in the manga, it's revealed that she knew that if she'd done that, she would be disinherited.
  • Heartwarming In Hindsight:
    • Miho is clearly pleased to see the Panzer IV as the first tank retrieved for the Ōarai Tankery team. In the Little Army manga, she and her friends played with the same type of tank.
    • The few frames of the Anteater girls inside their immobilized tank that allow us to see Nekonyaa's eyes, showing that she's happy and relaxed, have the effect of going against the tear jerking Alternate Character Interpretation of her being emotionally devastated by her swift defeat. It seems that she thinks that Taking the Bullet for the flag tank in the Final Battle is a good enough showing for a total newbie.
    • In Episode 5, while training after school with the others besides Miho, Hana says to Miho "We'll show your sister" the validity of Miho's approach to tankery. In Episode 11 while saving Rabbit team with Black Forest closing in, expresses a desire to win to prove that there's nothing wrong with Miho's approach to tankery. In Little Army, it turns out that Maho wants Miho to find her own way of tankery.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Fans of this series and World of Tanks have made mods for the game based on the tanks of the series. Now there is a cross promotion for World of Tanks and Girls und Panzer as it launched in Japan.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Nonna might be based on her voice actress Sumire Uesaka, who majors in Russian studies and was interested in Soviet warfare in World War II well before playing this role (proof pic - note the 2011 date). The character also seems to look somewhat like the voice actress, and both are relatively tall (Sumire's 160 cm is tallish for a Japanese young women).
  • Les Yay:
    • Yukari seems to be interested in Miho for more than just her tank skills. She's far too happy about getting to hear that she correctly guessed Miho's measurements and obviously jealous when Kay hugs Miho. In Episode 10, where Miho says she "loves" all her friends, Yukari's response is "Nishizumi-dono confessed to me!" In Chapter 10 of the manga, Yukari, in response to seeing Miho with "a beauty in traditional Japanese clothes" (Kikuyo, Miho's maid and Parental Substitute), is to follow them into the restaurant and eavesdrop on their conversation. While Yukari's worried about Miho, it's not hard to see her as checking out her possible competition, or possibly being attracted to Kikuyo.
    • In this vein, some watchers find Darjeeling's interest in Miho more than a little suspect as well.
    • Sodoko offering Mako exactly what she wanted (a clean tardiness record) when the Maus knocked out her tank in the Final Battle and delivering on her promise after the team's victory are, for someone like her, the closest you can get to a mid-of-battlefield declaration and an proposal, respectively. Mako blushing and bodily hugging her with a huge smile on her face certainly assists this notion.
    • Hana is often portrayed as the most lesbian member of Team Anglerfish, such as in this comic in which Saori has to convince Maho that Yukari's Valentine's Day chocolate for Miho is friend chocolate. This is due to the fact that, in the art for her Character Song CD, Hana is shown to be holding a lily, the symbol of yuri in Japanese media.
    • Then there's the dynamic between Turtle team's Yuzu and Momo (Anzu's subordinates in the Student Council). The fact that the former almost always calls her "Momo-chan" (much to the latter's chagrin, of course) doesn't help dispel that notion.
    • Even boy-chasing Saori gets a line where she says "girls have their own good points about them, too. Let's try to get popular!" In context, Yukari, Hana and Saori are all discussing their personal interests, and Saori's dream is to be "popular" with the guys.
    • Counting The Real Anzio Battle OVA, we have Hippo Team's Caesar and Anzio Academy's Carpaccio (which also briefly counts as Foe Yay of sorts). The former's crewmates in the StuG III teasing her with her Embarrassing Nickname, and later on eavesdropping on their post-match talk (thus implying a Shipper on Deck status) certainly didn't help.
      • Nor did this bit from Motto Love Love Sakusen, which rather portrayed it as mutual between each other, and with a similar art style from Rose of Versailles
    • In Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, Pekoe and Darjeeling have this big time, having a sort of weird not-quite-platonic, not-quite-romantic affection for each other, Like when they visit an onsen:
    Darjeeling: Maybe I should charge you if you look that much?
    Pekoe: Do you take debit cards.
    Darjeeling (*kissing Pekoe's card): There we go. Contract complete - limited for today?
    Pekoe: Darjeeling-sama...
    (*the two remember to their horror that Assam is in there with them)
    • There's some implied one-sided Les Yay from Erika toward Maho. A common Alternative Character Interpretation is that Erika is hostile to Miho because she's jealous of Maho's closeness to her. Maho is the only person Erika respects, and Erika desperately tries to get in to help Maho in her final duel with Miho. There's also Chapter 15 of the manga, when Erika angrily tells Miho about what effect her departure had on Black Forest, particularly how Maho was faced with the task of restoring the team's morale, and Yukari has this to say of Erika after she departs.
    Yukari: That girl must really love Miss Nishizumi's older sister...
  • Magnificent Bastard: Maho. She is the only one to consistently guess what the rivals (including Miho) are planning, and always has contingency plans ready for them. She's utterly determined to both her open (upholding the Nishizumi-style's honor) and hidden (allowing Miho to be free from having to do the same) goals. She might not be a walking show of charismatic joy, but she does command the admiration/respect of almost all other tankers. And she leads from the front, in a WWII tank. She is a Gender Bender and an Sudden Name Change away from becoming an Expy of the original Trope Namer...
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Maho is regularly characterized as being creepily obsessed with Miho, such as wearing a kimono with Miho's face on it, stealing Miho's underwear and wearing them on her head, and hoping Miho gets disowned so that they can marry. Note this pretty much mirrors a popular fan interpretation about Miyanaga Teru as well. This is given a nod in an official (if non-canon) joke comic showing Ōarai's reporter Ou Taiga interviewing the team about how their panties never become visible even in strong winds, and then about which "victory panties" they are wearing; long tale short, Miho says hers are missing... and then the last few panels imply Maho is wearing them (mercifully not on her head).
    • In a similar vein, Nonna is sometimes depicted the same way with Katyusha. Believe it not it's confirmed (or at the very least implied very,very strongly) in the second episode recap, which indicates Nonna keeps a diary on Katyusha.
    • Anzu is depicted in some fan art as constantly stalking Jagdpanther-Chan... even at her home.
    • Then there's Darjeeling's dynamic with her subordinate Orange Pekoe. Sort of confirmed in Chapter 7 of the Motto Love Love Sakusen spin-off manga, where she and Nonna have Imagine Spots of Pekoe and Katyusha wearing the Anglerfish Dance outfit. Chapter 12 confirms something is going on between them, though Pekoe seems to like it as much as Darjeeling.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Panzer vor means panzer vor!" from the Gag Sub.
    • Kay's loud "WHY?!?!" has become a forum image macro.
    • "I touch the fluffy hair."
    • The GuP universe consists of an endless chain of carriers on top of even larger carriers, like the Discworld being set on a giant turtle.
    • Tsuchiya's excited "Dorifto, dorifto!" has been combined with the original Multi-Track Drifting image [2]
    • "Cancer isn't funny."note 
    • "Keep calm and UTE! UTE! UTE!!".
    • Damn you, Teenage Mutant Hetzer Turtles!note 
    • The In-Universe reference to two infamous memes from World of Tanks:
      • Miho and Anzu basically all but invoke Hetzers Gonna Hetz in episode 10.
      • In a similar vein, Hippo team are clearly living "the StuG life".
    • "This, too, is Sensha-do." note 
    • The image of Leopon's Tiger(P) pulling off a You Shall Not Pass has become an image macronote .
  • Moe: All the girls from Oarai qualify, but Rabbit Team represents the strongest concentration in the show.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • While Maho was not necessarily an unpopular character to begin with, some viewers had a negative first impression of her, but changed their mind after her Pet the Dog moments, and when Little Army reveals that her greatest desire and the reason why she serves as Nishizumi heiress is for Miho to be able to live her own way.
    • The Student Council was initially viewed in a negative light for forcing Miho to take tankery, but are more favorably seen after Episode 8, in which it turns out that they're trying to save the school from closure.
    • The entirety of Anzio thanks to OVA 7. While many saw them as less than interesting compared to the others, the OVA made Anchovy more likable in her reaction to her defeat.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Some fanfics portray Maho in a significantly more negative light, as well as more openly hostile to Miho, although it is in large part due to the authors not reading Little Army and not knowing that she does what she does for Miho's sake.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Some fans dislike Emi from the Little Army manga, finding her to be too much of a Jerkass for her friends to deal with, and her friends admit in-universe that she can be hard to put up with at times.
    • Shiho is largely disliked because of how she treats Miho, and her lack of any Evil Is Cool factors.
  • Spiritual Licensee: People have called it the Animated Adaptation of World of Tanks. Indeed, one of the Ōarai tank crews met playing "an online tank game". Remind you of something? And now they're cross-promoting in Japan.
  • Squee: An immediate reaction in the Russian-speaking fandom after hearing the "Katyusha" song in episode 8.
  • Squick: Likely trying to reference the Empathy Doll Shot, the series shows a large number of bandaged teddy bears in Miho's room. Word of God states that they're just a popular merchandise series in the G&P world,note  but fans all over the world thought they were another symptom of PTSD shown by Miho. In fact, the information about them given here comes from the director's twitter, when he got tired of fans asking if they were an indication of Miho's PSTD.
    • It should be noted that early in episode 1, while Miho is on her way to school she passes by a Circle K Sunkus with advertisement for this line of teddy bears on its windows.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme march played during action sequences is not quite the theme to Hogan's Heroes, but bears a striking resemblance (although the first compasses bring to mind Elmer Bernstein's The Great Escape theme).
  • Vanilla Protagonist: The themed schools and their colorful captains and subordinates seem to be very much appreciated by the fandom, sometimes over the deliberately bland Oarai. Similarly, the other teams, particularly Hippo (and, within Hippo, mainly Erwin), sometimes get more attention in fanworks than the protagonists.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Blending aside, take a good long look at the detail of each tank.
  • The Woobie
    • Miho and especially during the Pravda match. Having finally come to enjoy tankery after her family's strict expectations driving her out, she prepares to surrender to avoid risking her friends coming to harm (and in the manga, knowing that she will be disinherited if she does), yet hears that the school's existence depends on her winning that match and the next one. She has been through a lot in the past and bears quite a bit of responsibility in the present, neither of which is very easy for her.
    • Stoic Woobie: Mako and Maho have been through quite a bit, with the former losing her parents after an argument with her mother, and fearing her grandmother might also die as a result of her deteriorating health, and the latter sacrificing much to allow her sister to live freely, only to hear that Miho might get disowned anyway, yet they hardly ever show it.
  • Woolseyism: In one of the Russian fansubs, Oryou's "death haiku" from Episode 6 is replaced with "Four silent corpses on the hillside will add to fair morning view", a quote from Soviet Tankmen's Song, much to the viewers' amusement.

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