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Headscratchers: Girls und Panzer

  • Where do they get funding for all this stuff? Somebody is compensating the towns for all the stuff the tanks break, not to mention fuel, arms and replacement parts for the tanks.
    • A world which can afford to build all of those Academy Warships is obviously far richer than our world.
      • Implying, among other things, that the Japanese economy was much better managed in the universe of Girls und Panzer than in ours, and/or that certain catastrophic economic events, such as the OPEC oil embargo of 1973-4, the energy shock of 1979, the early-1990's recession, and the crash of 2008, either never happened or were much less severe in their effects.
    • It's been mentioned in the show that damages caused by the tank battles are compensated by the League. As for the maintaining the tanks, the costs are probably figured into the school budget.
      • The owner of an Őarai (the city, not the school) shop overrun by a Matilda positively Squees at the oportunity to remodel it with the insurance money, prompting the fellow shop owner sitting next to him to pray for HIS shop also to be demolished
      Shop owner 1: "My shop! (beat) Now I can have it renovated!"
      Shop owner 2: "It's a good omen."
      Shop owner 3: "Fingers crossed they'll also crash into mine!"
    • I have a weird feeling it's because the writer of the series wasn't really aware how costly all this stuff (tanks, ships, ammunition, etc.) is and this overestimated the Japanese insurance system (quite a robust one in real life, I admit) and their ability to get funds seemingly without a hassle. Not surprising considering it's fairly accurate to say that Japan doesn't really have real army now, so their spendings on all matters military are fairly low and thus can mislead people who don't do the prerequisite research by reaching into foreign (for the Japanese) sources. Thus, "they get enough money by fishing for it in that plot hole because Writers Cannot Do Math" is the answer.
      • Japan's military budget is the 5th largest in the world, slightly ahead of France.note  If the writers really don't understand military expenditure, it definitely isn't because Japan is too pacifist to understand how much tanks cost. More likely they have the money because this is a setting where the government pumps enough cash into the education system to afford city-sized aircraft carriers just for high schools. Buying a dozen decommissioned WW2 tanks for their national sport isn't exactly reaching.
  • The Volleyball Team finds their tank in a cave in the side of a cliff. They managed to get there by climbing down with ropes. But how did the tank get there?
    • It most likely fell in mid battle, a better question is how did they get it out?!
    • Forget all of that. How the hell did they get the mountains that the cave was in on the ship in the first place?!?
      • Shipyards. Optional with the multizone bridge air conditioning.
  • Why is the Student Council so un-serious about the game before the Pravda fight when they knew the school was closing if they don't win from the start? They know a little bit about tank tactics from the start, yet they still paint their tank Gold. And they let Momo be the gunner even as she keeps missing.
    • It was pointed in the discussion pages (not repeated here because it's not a trope) that Anzu's style of management is much of the "let them do as they want, as long as it more or less suits what you want them to do, but take matters in your hands if they don't" variety. (Look at the whole of episode 1 for an example). With that in mind, it's not weird that she objected not against the weird colour schemes back when it was all training, fun and games (but look at how the Bling of War went away right before the very first important game). Also, in the Saunders battle it was of marginal relevance if Momo did or did not hit the Shermans' frontal armour with that 37mm peashooter; but when against Pravda it WAS vital to make good use of the gun, she was ready to take matter into her own hands.
  • This might be addressed in the last two episodes, but Miho and Maho's mother came with Maho to Miho's match against Pravda "for the express purpose of casting (Miho) out of this family", but when Oorai's trapped in the building, she decides to leave, thinking it's a waste of time to continue watching, and after Miho's victory, leaves without apparently talking to her. Why didn't she even talk to Miho during this time, if it seemed as though she had made up her mind about disowning her?
    • It's been pretty much established that Miho's mother is a massive Jerk Ass. Whether she has a heart of gold hidden in there somewhere is another matter entirely.
      • I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for her to stop being a Jerkass. She's just a mustache twirling away from being a Card-Carrying Villain...
      • This is anime. People have been forgiven for worse.
      • Finally revealed... not; the extent of her good will is a private (NOT in front of her daughters) claping and a smirk. Enough for her not crossing the Moral Event Horizon into utter Jerkass of Jerkasses, but well short of any metallurgical qualities. An unsurprising (for a first season ending) lack of resolution.
    • In the manga, Kikuyo informs Miho that she will be disowned if she loses against Pravda. In that case, Miho winning means her mother won't have to follow through.
  • Why is Maho still in high school at age 19?
    • She may have turned 19 during the school year (entered 1st grade at the age of 7) or possibly suspended one year of her studies due to some tankery related business.
    • It's possible that her birthday falls in such a time that she's old for her grade; my brother ended up entering school later than he would because his birthday is in November, meaning that he became old enough for kindergarten just after the cutoff period for enrollment. (Let me know if I'm wrong; I'm unsure whether Maho's birthday is revealed, or where she's said to be 19, although it seems to be indicated that she's a year ahead of Miho)
    • From what I remember Maho's school is refered to as a college...
      • That seems to be an issue with translation and an odd choice of terms for the school; remember that it's also Miho's former school. Saunders is also called "Saunders College High."
      • Translators might be British or learned English in Britain; "College" is a rare-but-not-unusual term for a high school in the UK, especially specialized "Sixth Form Colleges" in England, for students in their final year.
  • Darjeeling says that St. Gloriana won't use "dirty tactics" unlike Pravda and Saunders. While Pravda most likely counts, at least if you consider firing on Miho's tank while she was rescuing the tank that had fallen in the water, Kay, as we see in the following two episodes, values fun and fair play to the point where she scolds Alice for her intercepting radio transmissions (not just because it backfired), and pursues Oarai with fewer tanks to make things more fair. Did Darjeeling somehow find out about the radio interceptions, or what is she referring to?
    • Perhaps the previous Saunders captain had a reputation for underhandedness that hadn't vanished yet? Alternately, perhaps she knows that Kay wouldn't, but others in Saunders might do so without her knowing, which is exactly what happened.
      • In the Japanese, Darjeeling actually said gehin no tatakai-kata. This is literally "low-class way of fighting" and is a bit different from "dirty tactics" per se. It might mean nothing more than the fact she matched numbers from the start while Saunders and Pravda both used their numerical superiority. Certainly Orange Pekoe and Darjeeling discussed Saunders' using their numbers in a disparaging manner.
  • What were Maho and Erika doing close enough to Miho's group to overhear them talking about Mako's grandmother being hospitalized? In most cases, this might be dismissed as a coincidence, but given that Maho secretly cares for Miho and the area was remote, one has to wonder why she was so close to them.
  • How do they power the school carriers? Those things require a lot more energy than a Nimitz class supercarrier due to their comparative size. Now you can freak out at the prospect of a crew of children operating a fleet of nuclear reactors on each ship.
    • 3rd OVA shows us. It's a combination of multiple factors, and the Nimitz only uses nuclear reactors not because of their power, but because of how little uranium is needed to keep the thing working, the nuclear reactor can be replaced with pretty much any other fuel engine, they just need more fuel.
      • Nuclear of science fiction handwave-reactors are the ONLY possible power source nothing else would have the density to move such a monster even ten feet before refueling (which would take roughly five years and require several super tankers).
    • The ships are simply fuelled with plotholium. Because really, it's already clear that the author has no knowledge about things military and related—including knowing how difficult it is to move ships of this size—even before we take a look at the carriers in the series. I recommend MST3K Mantra.
  • Why do, according to the tournament participation roster, none of the girls like the tank that they're using the most? Miho, Yukari and possibly Erwin seem to be the only ones with familiarity with tanks, and as for the others, it would seem most likely that the tanks they or the others were using would grow on them- even the Type 89 is useful for some things, and Noriko at least initially had no idea how unfavorably it compared to the others.
    • It's very likely that many of the answers were given prior to the tournament proper and, given how few of the Ooarai girls actually had backgrounds in tanking, were more based on aesthetics rather than actual performance. Hana for example, chose the Carro Veloce because it apparently looked cute.
    • More than a few of the tanks listed aren't eligible for tankery tournaments, due to being post WWII designs. Also, plenty of people drive cars that aren't their favorite either, due to any number of reasons.
    • Also, at this point Ooarai is extremely short on funds and are basically stuck with what they have.
  • How was Arisa able to bring and set up a radio balloon without Kei knowing?
    • A bit of a stretch, but Kei is not exactly a Type A personality. Saunders clearly travels with a lot of stuff, so another couple of crates and a few girls disappearing to set up that particular gear might not register on her radar when she's looking forward to the fun that is a tankery match.
  • Why don't the Tankery teams have standardized rosters? The different lineups are extremely jarring. Tankery is a sport, and thus should be won by skill alone. Allowing teams to have tanks in greater numbers and/or quality is just plain unfair.
    • Rule of Drama. It just won't be as exciting if everybody was evenly matched. Plus, regular sports today are inherently "unfair", since some of teams will have more talented or skilled players than others. The sad fact is that in the real world the richest teams can hire the best players, while in GuP the richest teams can buy the best tanks.
      • Except you can't regulate skill. However, you can regulate equipment. For example, in NASCAR, the cars are all exactly the same. As such, the drivers must rely on their skills to win. Another example is the fact that recumbent bicycles were banned from mainstream cycling because they gave their user an unfair advantage. Why is this not the case for Tankery?
    • Part of it might be that tanks are fairly expensive, so a standard roster could exclude poorer schools from the competition completely. As it stands, there are restrictions on what tanks a team can use and the tournament at least imposes a numerical restriction.
    • It was mentioned by some characters that there is an ammunition limit per match. Perhaps each team receives, for example, 200 rounds per match. The team that brings 20 tanks gets on average 10 rounds per tank, while the team that brings only 10 tanks gets 20 rounds per tank. A pretty good equalizer considering the amount of ammunition fired to achieve a single hit.
    • Because standardized rosters are boring. Imagine how much fun it'll be if everyone has to use only Shermans. However, you might note that it is really only KMM that's completely over the top. Saunders could probably afford at least a few Pershings but all we actually see in show are Shermans. St. Glorianna uses Matildas and Churchills. Even Pravda (which supposedly has something to do with KMM re-equipping with heavier equipment) has a set of T-34/76s to go along with its IS-2 and -85s. I'll say that in addition to finances, everyone (except for KMM) does get what Tankery is supposed to be all about, so they exercise self-restraint in equipment.
      • Certainly you might notice that for a school that dominated for 10 years, insiders are not necessarily awed by it. Perhaps they decided if KMM wants to win that way, then we let them win, send them perfunctory congratulations and then politely ignore them.
      • Finally, you would also note that in the end, KMM wound up paying the karma - after long years of dominating the field with its equipment, its skills had deteoriated to the extent in essence it not only lost to a bunch of total beginners, but made themselves look like complete rookies next to veterans doing it. If Oarai didn't do it this year, another team might get the honor in a year or two. Maybe the organizers decided to let natural selection run its course rather than impose fun-robbing restrictions.
    • Well, consider this: we've only seen two types of tank battle: Total Annihilation (the Gloriana battle) and Flag (all the others). In the Total Annihilation battle, the two teams did have equal numbers of tanks, presumably because having excessive numbers would be too much of an advantage, but in Flag they don't. The League could simply take the view that having low numbers is simply a circumstance that requires a different set of tactics than having large numbers, and that's something the tankists should adapt to, as IRL tank commanders have had to throughout history. I mean, the KMM game is a good example. Oarai uses what are basically the equivalent of tank guerilla tactics to outsmart their adversary, relying on mobility rather than firepower against a technically superior and larger force who have difficulty co-ordinating due to their size. To respond to the poster above; I wouldn't say KMM look like amateurs - aside from Erika's charge, they don't display any marked incompetence - but what they do look like is a large, unwieldy force that is ultimately stopped by its difficulty in responding to small, spearing attacks from a more mobile and co-ordinated adversary. Notice how KMM needs a "sub-commander" (Miho, replaced by Erika), whilst Oarai don't bother. What happened in the KMM fight was the same thing that Oarai did in the Saunders and Pravda fights: against a superior force, they hid, used their mobility, and lured the enemy flag-tank into an ambush. Historically speaking, a lack of numbers is not necessarily a disadvantage.
      • KMM did a very bad job of utilizing their assets. They gave up initiative pretty badly by simply bunching up their tanks into a single formation (with better than 2-1 numbers in addition to a mass and armor advantage they could have easily split into two groups to better respond to Oarai and limit their ability to maneuver. On the hill, KMM deployed its forces too close together in a single line and really, failing to watch for the Hetzer and being completely unable to deal with it. And finally, they deployed the Maus completely unsupported (The Panzer III doesn't count since all it did was hide behind the thing) in a city, where the tank's sheer size inhibited its movements and effectiveness and Oarai was able to evade it and come up with a plan to deal with it. If it had had even a couple of tanks actually working with it to block off Oarai's ability to retreat it would have been a much shorter match. They'd obviously trained for high individual skill in gunnery and driving, but their tactical ability was the weakest of any of the schools.
  • If they're always speaking Japanese why do subs in several languages put words in German?
    • Because one particular circle's translator is an idiot.
      • Or a tank fetishist. Though that does not rule out idiocy.
  • We know Hana's mother is outraged to learn that she's taking tankery (the large box on top of the form) as an elective. But how would she react if Hana instead chose Incense (bottom row, on the left) to be with Miho, when Flower Arrangement- the art the Isuzu family practices- is offered as one of the electives at Oarai (second row, on the left)?
    • She'd probably be equally pissed-off - I got the impression that her hatred of Tankery was more to do with the fact that her daughter was doing it and not flower arranging - but Hana didn't pick Tankery just because she wanted to do it. She picked it because Miho was doing it, just as she picked Incense because Miho was doing that. She didn't care what her mum thought, she just wanted to be with her friend.
  • Miho was considered the disgrace of her family for essentially abandoning competition to save lives when she was still in Kuromorimine. Considering the tankery competition seems to frown upon taking lives, wouldn't neglecting the lives of rival teammates make the school seem immoral for essentially leaving members of the rival team to die just for the sake of a competition?
    • Maybe people in the series expect those who would die to magically not die "because it's just a sport". Considering how lacking the author's knowledge appears to be in many areas (military, finance, sports, at the very least those three) I would not rule out the option that their knowledge of medicine and/or human mortality is also lacking. Though honestly, the whole "tankery is a sport" thing baffles me; it's much easier to disable tanks by killing the crew than it is by damaging the tank beyond usability.
    • To you, perhaps. There is a distinction between actually taking lives (you might notice they are allowed to get quite close, though) and putting the rescue of them second. In the show's zeigeist, the latter is clearly an acceptable attitude. The zeitgeist in an anime does not have to be the same as ours.
  • Why does Saori (who is seen usually wearing contacts) only wear glasses at dinnertime (as seen in episodes 2 and 10)?
    • Fanservice? Or it might be because she is using eye drops which require her to stop wearing contacts for a few minutes, and she uses them before dinnertime because it's a convenient time to switch to glasses.
    • Vanity? At most other times we see her, she's either at school or in public, whilst when she has dinner in Miho's flat, she's just alone with her friends.
  • Speaking of Saori, exactly what is so repulsive about her? Doylist answers aside (if she had a boyfriend, it could interfere with the plot), you'd think that a cute, cheery girl who's good at cooking and actively interested in having a boyfriend would have had one at some point. If I lived in this alternate universe that they occupy, were roughly her age, and I knew she was interested in me, then provided that I didn't already have one, I like to think I'd at least give her a chance. Maybe she comes on too strong or something... (Note: I haven't read the manga or light novels yet, and I won't expect to be able to read even the first volume for a few months, and I haven't seen the light novels available at all where I purchase such things.)
    • One has to wonder where exactly she would find a boyfriend, if Oarai is all-girls and, by all indication, it's the only school for the ship.
      • Oarai makes regular stops at ports if I remember correctly, maybe she's hoping to pick one up while on a shopping trip. It's also possible that at least a few young men would be staffing some of the ship's shops.
    • Look at how much she chokes up when she meets Shinzaburou after the match with St Gloriana. She talks big when it comes to guys but the second she meets one she's incoherent. Her problem is almost certainly that she's actually really nervous around guys and tries to cover it up with tough talk.
  • In the encounter with Erika and Maho in the tank cafe, why does Hana call Erika, who is the same age as her, "ma'am"?
    • Erika's natural imperiousness?
    • Hana's just trying to be civil and stay reserved, and overcompensated on the politeness.
  • Not a serious headscratcher, but it is something that's bugging me as I search, what's the name of the school's cub reporter that appeared in episode 10?
    • Ou Taiga (a bit of Japanese/Engrish mix for Great Tiger. The Japanese name for the Tiger II.)

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