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Tabletop Game: Flames Of War
Flames of War is a New Zealand-based miniature wargame set in World War II. Using 15mm soldiers (roughly 1:100 scale) and vehicles, the game represents a company-sized angle of battle.

Flames of War provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Author Appeal: Across all three editions, eleven sourcebooks have been released regarding the Normandy campaign. Operation Bagration is slowly getting this way, too, with a Firestorm campaign boxset and five books across the editions.
    • In a sort of Real Life example, look at how many models of Sherman tank variations have been released.
  • Badass Army: They're somewhat rare, but a Fearless Veteran army can certainly apply. Especially if you manage to spend your points correctly.
  • Big Bad Ass Battle Sequence: If an area has several players, expect a large scale Mega Battle to occur at least once. Usually, they're based off of real battles.
  • Cool Horse: You can field mounted cavalry.
  • Death from Above: Most army lists have some air support options that can drop bombs or rockets on enemy positions.
  • Elites Are More Glamorous: Parachute companies and German armored divisions are popular choices. The starting boxed set Open Fire even includes a US Parachute platoon included.
  • False Flag Operation: The ersatz platoons found in Devil's Charge and other books.
  • The Greatest History Never Told: Averted, as there are sourcebooks for almost every major part of the war save for the Pacific Theater.
  • Last Stand: A game can end like this if you're parked on top of an objective.
  • Nazis with Gnarly Weapons: Mid-War Monsters
  • No Swastikas: The German gaming set (including dice and tokens) uses the Iron Cross.
    • The Finnish, however, do have swastikas to represent them.
  • Recycled In Space: Tropic Lightning is Flames of War in the Vietnam War!
  • Zerg Rush: Early war Soviet armies have extremely cheap infantry and tanks. In a 1500 pt game, you can have 120 bases of pure infantry/heavy machine guns on the board.
    • We Have Reserves: Some Soviet battalions have the Wave Attack rule, which allows you to replace a destroyed platoon with a new one depending on a die roll.
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