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08:25:03 PM Mar 28th 2017
Moving this entry here because a lot of it seems like shoehorning. Please remember than an Ensemble Darkhorse is an extremely popular non-lead character. Their popularity should rival that of lead characters.

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Due to the Cast of Snowflakes nature of every team, it's very easy to gain favorites. Some of the following are the more obvious ones:
    • Yukari seems to be the most popular of Miho's crew due to her sheer enthusiasm for tanks. Character polls regularly place her in the lead by a large margin.
    • Hippo Team's Erwin Rommel Expy is a popular choice.
    • Anzu, Ōarai's Student Council President.
    • Oona Aya of Rabbit Team (the Meganekko).
    • Another member of Rabbit Team, Saki Maruyama. Despite having exactly one line in episode 12, Japanese fandom has latched on to her. As of this writing, she's the only member of the cast with an official Twitter icon/avatar available on the Girls und Panzer's website giveout page [1].
    • Darjeeling, Captain of St Glorianna, has been popular in the fanart community. Saunders' Kay has a following too.
    • Surprisingly enough, Kuromorimine's Erika has picked up a following as well.
    • The Katyusha/Nonna duo from Pravda has a fair amount of popularity, partly due to their unique dynamic, and partly because of the popularity of the Pravda team singing Katyusha.
    • There's a small but vocal fandom for Anzio's Commander Anchovy, mainly due to her hair (drill twin tails), but also to a lesser extent because of the Hidden Depths she shows after the match (she can't stand to lose but it's because she sees winning as a commander's responsibility); they were pleased to hear of a planed OVA that will give her more screen time.
    • There's a considerable amount of fanart for Alice's tank crew, notwithstanding their limited screen time. (Not so surprising, really, given their amusing reactions to Alice's rambling).
    • The commander of the Jadgpanther whose tracks Anzu destroys - twice - picked quite a following in just a few days.
    • Ōarai's official reporter, Ou Taiganote , has also her own following despite only appearing in a few seconds of episode 10 and some promotional material.
    • Rosehip garnered plenty of fans for being such a Hot-Blooded individual in a school known for their proper ladies.
    • Like Rosehip, Continuation High Team became rather popular with the movie for their One-Scene Wonder on a plan that was Crazy Enough to Work.
    • Some people latched on Eclair from Maginot manga spin-off. Not only because her cute design, she also a Reasonable Authority Figure who worked hard to reform her school's senshado team from relying too much with static defense tactic to a more mobile and dynamic tactics.
11:19:35 PM Mar 30th 2017
My opinion on that is that if there are so many characters who supposedly stand out, none of them stand out from each other, which makes it not the trope. Yukari could maybe qualify, if she's significantly more popular than Miho. The rest of them don't really stand out much from their place in the story, relative to other characters' popularity.
05:36:50 AM May 27th 2017
Yukari can't qualified as a EDH as she a main character. Also, I never knew EDH was about eclipsing the main character in popularity. I thought it was for minor characters gaining a surprising amount of fan support. In that regards, most of the main cast and main rivals won't qualified, but some of the minor rivals would.
04:59:40 PM Mar 7th 2013
Since Cargo Ship is played with in the series enough to justify its inclusion in the main page, should we move it from here to Yukari's entry in the characters page?
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