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Would Hurt A Child: Anime & Manga

  • In Elfen Lied, Bandou has no qualms about hitting and maiming little girls. Lucy herself murders a bunch. Some were horrible bastards. Others weren't. Kurama would qualify too, for he is tasked with euthanizing diclonius newborns. And then we have the utterly depraved and horrendous stuff The Unknown Man does...
  • In Saint Seiya, the Twelve Zodiac Temples Arc. Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu arrive to Cancer's Temple, and confront Cancer Gold Saint Deathkmask. The walls of said temple are covered by grim human faces, which are promptly explained to be the faces of the people Deathmask has killed in his battles. Seiya and Shiryu are both horrified and enraged when they realize that among those faces there are several children's faces. When they demand an explanation from Deathmask as to why he'd kill children, he simply states that he doesn't know how that happened, that they must have been killed along with his enemies without him realizing. Then, he calls those murders "valious but unimportant sacrifices".
    • Actually, in the original version he states them as "collateral victims" and as being a nice set of ornaments for the walls of his house (remember, Cancer is the fourth temple, four is a synonym for "death" for most oriental cultures), so he basically didn't give a damn about having killed countless children, which is what immediately infuriated both Seiya and Shiryu.
    • Also, in the first chapters of both manga/anime versions, you can see the "special" training they give to all cloth´s candidates. In the Greek Sanctuary, they push the kids/teenagers into pits with spikes and you have to climb back by yourself while avoid falling, the mess of the other bodies, and other challengers competing with you. The Kido´s foundation kids doesn´t have precisely a better treatment: they are forced to train night and day, are beaten nearly to death if they openly defy the rules (see Ikki when he confronted Tatsumi), and after some time, they are send to different places around the world for receiving heavy brutal training (things like surviving in a hot volcanic island while your sensei beat the shit out of you everyday, battling and killing grizzly bears with your bare hands, training in extreme cold conditions with not the appropriate clothing, etc), all of this only having around 10-11 years old (in fact, from the 100 kids Mitsumasa Kido sent around the globe, only ten returned...)
  • In Devilman, Amon doesn't care who is in his path. Child, baby... It's all good as long as it bleeds!
    • And so do his enemies, to be honest. Poor little Sachiko and Miki's younger brother.
  • Berserk: To all Apostles, humans are food, toys or a combination of both. Children? They eat babies so...
    • Guts himself, at one point before fighting Rosine, had to take on her whole army of elves which was constituted of... young children she had previously kidnapped, brainwashed, and turned into monsters. Plus his actual fight against Rosine herself (who's no older than 12), or that he used a still-human child as bait for those monster elves.
    • Big Bad Griffith trumps everyone in that he not only raped his pregnant former commander Casca while in his demonic form, inadvertently poisoning the kid with his demonic seed but he also uses the child, who was since miscarried as a misshapen fetus but has thrived, during the mock eclipse as a vessel to reincarnate himself into the real world.
  • In Trigun, Wolfwood kills Zazie, who looks like a very young child (and is a child in the anime - in the manga, it's both complicated and frigging weird).
    • There's also the Gung-Ho Gun Monev the Gale, where after the shootout some of the corpses laid about were children.
  • Female example: In Jackals, Roxy bisects 7 year-old Giulio Montero in one blow. Notable in that she did it directly and with her own hands. Subverted in that the child is actually an Enfant Terrible.
  • Ladd Russo in Baccano! shoots a kid in the face with a shotgun for the hell of it. Vino also tortures said child, though since he had just watched Ladd shoot him in the face, he knew it wouldn't stick. And Czes had tried to get Ladd to kill everyone, so in Vino's mind he deserved it.
  • Many of Fist of the North Star's bad guys are not above visiting cruelty or worse upon children, and some of the worst, such as Jackal and Souther, have actually killed kids in the manga. Because Kenshiro is a Friend to All Children, his wrath is especially violent when these kinds of villains go too far.
  • The villains of Dragon Ball in all its incarnations, though the kids in question can dish it back out as well.
    • Most of the serious villains in Dragon Ball Z seem to see little difference between killing a child and killing an adult.
  • If Dragon Ball counts, so do the Anti Villains of the second season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, who ripped a (non-vital) organ out of a nine-year old girl's chest while she was still conscious, and later had no qualms about fighting her and her just as young friends at full power. They had a good reason to do that (at least, they couldn't see a better way to save an Ill Girl who is around the same age of the kind they attacked) and the children in question could dish it out just as well as DB heroes.
    • And then we have Striker S aka the third season, where the villains strap the six-year-old Vivio to an Artifact of Doom and torture her to power it up. Some didn't seem pleased, but they didn't do a lot to stop it either.
      • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, after Nove's fight with Dark Magical Girl Einhart:
        Subaru: But this is bad, Nove! Even if both of you agreed on the fight, you shouldn't have been so harsh on a little girl.
        Nove: Give me a break... I was beaten up quite badly too! It still hurts all over!
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni has 9-year-old Maria Ushiromiya regularly killed off alongside the rest of the cast. While the first four times were relatively nice (explosion, explosion, strangulation, poison), the fifth time was a gaping neck wound, and the sixth was brutal decapitation. She keeps coming back to life due to a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
    • Maria's mother, Rosa, also physically beats her. One of their first scenes has her slapping Maria to the ground.
  • Its predecessor, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, does this even more often. Although some instances are "simply" teen-on-teen, almost every world ends with little Rika being disemboweled by Takano, who is an adult woman, and in one of the most gruesome arcs of the series, Shion first does a full-blown crucifixion of Satoko, then stabs her repeatedly to death.
    • Another straighter example, especially notable for featuring an adult woman, is when Rina attempts to strangle the barely teenaged Rena after beating her up.
    • Shion also brutally beats up Satoko for being too clingy to Satoshi, until Rika and Rena pull a Go Through Me to defend Satoko, and then she gets Punched Across the Room by a very pissed off Satoshi. While Satoko was extremely dependent on Satoshi, it's still no excuse for Shion almost killing much younger and weaker girl in the middle of a Yandere tantrum — and a girl who was the only good relative Satoshi still had left!
  • Black Butler: The villains of the Circus of Fear arc. This is especially yurk because the actual folks are pretty nice, but they know what their 'father' is doing with the kids they kidnap for him.
  • A rare occasion that isn't a Kick the Dog moment: Maki's death in Darker Than Black. He may be a kid, but he doesn't act it and is also a jealous yandere and a Contractor with no qualms about blowing up relative innocents (let alone the guy his boss/crush needs to keep alive to prevent a genocide), so it's actually rather satisfying to see the arrogant brat underestimate November 11, whose partner he'd hospitalized and wind up Impaled with Extreme Prejudice for his trouble.
  • In Naruto, Nagato kills every person associated with Hanzo, including Hanzo's children and the children of Hanzo's loyalists, after Nagato wrestles control of Amegakure from Hanzo. Nagato, however, seemed indifferent to their deaths, as they were his precaution to quell any possible rebellion over his leadership in the future.
    • Tobi took a baby Naruto hostage, nearly spearing him with a kunai and blowing him up in the process.
    • Orochimaru once performed an experiment trying to infuse the DNA of the First Hokage into 60 children. One, Yamato, survived and gained his power. The rest (and to Orochimaru's knowledge until much later, all of them) died.
    • This is a default in Naruto considering their world is full of Child Soldiers, the main characters included.
  • In Black Lagoon, Balalaika will come down like the wrath of God on anyone who dares to torture and kill her men. Even if they happen to be children. Doesn't mean she has to like it, though.
    • In the anime, a flashback to the Afghan war shows her shifting her sniper fire away from a child running towards its mother. So this trope is in effect, but not to a ridiculous degree — presumably she'd have no qualms about killing a Child Soldier, but it wouldn't be the same with a civilian child.
    • Revy herself is not above hurting kids either, though she usually has to be provoked into it. As Dutch says when he orders Rock to take over watching Garcia from a pissed-off Revy, "not a lot of maternal instinct there."
  • No one in Fullmetal Alchemist seems to have a problem hitting Pride (AKA Selim Bradley). Then again, given what the little bastard is...Pride is still able to use this to his advantage, as evidenced by townspeople running to his rescue when he's attacked by Heinkel.
    • Shou Tucker fuses his own young daughter, Nina, and her pet dog into a chimaera in order to show off another talking chimaera (the first one was made from his wife) and keep his license as a State Alchemist. Then Scar mercy kills her.
    • Envy disguised as an officer deliberately killed an Ishbalan child, starting the Ishbalan Massacre.
    • In the 2003 anime version, Bradley/Pride kills his own son by breaking his neck. In this continuity, Selim is actually a normal kid and his real son.
      • In the same anime no one seems to mind beating Wrath around. He resembles a 8 - 10 year old child, tops.
  • In Zeta Gundam, the Titans fire their colony laser, destroying a colony in the process. Women and children are shown dying. Though not direct killing, it is a brutal sight.
    • The implications of their gas attacks! When we're shown the gassed colonies, we see corpses of children among the ruins.
    • Glemmy Toto from Gundam ZZ doesn't care how many ten year old girls die fighting for him. He keeps an army of Puru clones, sending them out to do his fighting as his killing. When the clones become attached to other people, he has their successors kill them, all without the slightest hint of remorse.
  • Grings Kodai has absolutely no qualms about harming Zoroark's infant son, even coming right out and saying he'd kill Zorua and nearly does.
  • Fuuma Kotarou from Nabari No Ou blows 4-year-old Miharu's face off for no apparent reason. While smiling.
  • Agon of Eyeshield 21 threw a football at the knees of a kid in a wheelchair, thus cementing his status as the series' "villain" (or closest they have).
  • Bleach:
    • Hollows are driven by desperate hunger to kill humans beginning with their closest family and then encompassing anyone: man, woman or child. The most heinous example was Shrieker who was so evil he was a serial killer before he became a hollow. Grand Fisher, Numb Chandelier and Nnoitra are other notable examples.
    • Wonderweiss caused a few problems among the shinigami because of his young age. Kyouraku attacked him after he stabbed Ukitake, Kensei stated he was the kind of guy would take out a child if he had to protect someone and, while Yamamoto was relieved when Wonderweiss entered Super Mode because he no longer resembled a child, he hadn't hesitated to try and kill him while he still resembled one.
    • Yhwach carried out The Purge against all Gemischt. He killed countless men, women and children. The only survivor in history was Uryuu, who was eight years old when he mysteriously survived Yhwach's attempt to kill him.
    • BG9 will target anyone if he decides it'll benefit his ability to achieve his goals. He impales Omaeda's little sister in an attempt to force Omaeda to reveal the location of his captain.
    • Yuzu fell victim to an enemy who was willing to kill her to achieve his goal of opposing Ichigo. Kokuto, in fact.
    • Rose and Renji attacked Mask de Masculine's kid sidekick James without hesitation as soon as they learned that his cheers power up and heal Mask.
  • InuYasha has a few of these:
  • Quite a common thing in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the most frequent victims being Yugi himself, and to a lesser extent, Jonouchi. To say nothing of Mokuba
    • Once he learns to trust them, Mokuba details, to Yugi and the others, how their adoptive father abused Seto.
    • This is even more true in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, not only because the protagonist is only twelve years old, but because every major villain in the first season seemed willing to abuse and take advantage of poor Haruto, even Dr. Faker, his own father. Although it is later revealed that Faker actually had Haruto's best interests in mind.
  • In Sailor Moon S, 6-year-old Chibiusa has her heart crystal ripped out by Mistress 9. This is also played with later when Uranus and Neptune try to kill Mistress 9 as she inhabits the body of 12-year-old Hotaru, only for Usagi to defend her. This sort of works.
    • Also, many of the victims of the villains are children. In a memorable episode of the R season, babies were either drained of their life energy (with Manami being the only one unharmed due to Mom's intervention) or used as hostages by the monster of the week. Too bad it didn't count on Mercury getting a Mid-Season Upgrade out of pure anger.
    • With the exception of the Outers (Pluto since the beginning, Stars!Haruka and Stars!Michiru), the scouts are all teenage girls who fall in the 14-16 year old range.
  • At first, Johan Liebert appears to be an aversion of this. But then you find out that he just manipulates them into killing themselves. And then he threatens to shoot an 8-10 year old boy in the head if Dr. Tenma doesn't shoot him first. And he would definitely do it.
  • Code Geass has both sides slaughtering kids either off-screen or onscreen. On one hand, the Britannian Army kills Japanese/Eleven of all ages during the first episode's raid and the Euphinator Incident. On the other, episode 14 of R2 has Lelouch and his group doing likewise in the Geass Cult Massacre, since many of the Cult members are very young Tyke Bombs.
  • A nobleman shoots a Street Urchin to death in Rose of Versailles, just because he could, despite the pleas of a teenage girl. Oscar then shoots him in the hand so he'll never be able to use weapons.
    • And in-story, the Raid of La Bastille started when a peasant boy got shot to death in front of his parents. For worse, it was by mistake since a dumbass soldier wanted to shoot the kid's father and got the shot wrong.
  • Many cases in Detective Conan involve children getting hurt or killed by Asshole Victims. I.e., we have two schoolteachers strangling a girl no older than 12 to death because She Knows Too Much and then making it look like suicide; another case has Conan and his friends being chased around by a Serial Killer in a library during the night.
  • In the Axis Powers Hetalia movie, Paint it white, one of the victims of the Pict aliens is Sealand, a micro-nation who for all effects has the looks and the mindset of a 12-year-old boy. Subverted in the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010, where it looks like he'll be kidnapped... but he shows his Badass Adorable ID and applies Defeat Means Friendship to his attacker.
  • The Homunculi of Busou Renkin liked to eat children, as their meat was more tender than adults. Tokiko was the only survivor of a homunculus attack on her grade school when she was 10.
  • 12-year-old Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X is The Scrappy, yeah... but it still does NOT mean that he deserves to be beaten up by Shadow and later kidnapped and brutally tortured, alongside the also very young Cosmo, by Black Narcissus. The second incident is so bad that not even Dr. Eggman approves!
  • From Itsuwaribito, there is Iriya and his group of bandits, who slaughter a group of orphan children during a raid because they dislike leaving malice behind. Iriya even gloats about how they begged for their lives.
  • One Piece:
    • Captain Morgan orders a little girl be executed for seeing Zoro.
    • Pirate captain Zeff is a Jerkass variation. He steals and pillages and isn't above to kick little boys hard enough to send them flying, but he can also save a kid's life if he decides so.
    • Arlong and his treatment towards Nami, which started when she was as much 10;. In a flashback he also hits the slave girl Koala for smiling too much.
    • Mr. 1 and Miss Double Finger also attack a young boy when he discovers that the king was framed by Baroque Works.
    • There's also the Marines, who following the death of Gold Roger, searched islands he may have frequented and killed any babies born within nine months of his execution. His pregnant lover Portgas D. Rouge knew they would do this, and held Roger's child in her womb for 20 months through sheer willpower. It ultimately cost Rouge her life, but it allowed said kid (Portgas D. Ace) to be born and raised in a more or less safe environment.
    • The Gorgon Sisters were sold into slavery and then tortured into insanity by the World Nobles when the eldest, Boa Hancock, was 12 years old.
    • Caesar Clown has no problem experimenting on little kids or getting them addicted to drugs so they won't run away. Even Trafalgar Law, whose infamous cruelty is legendary and has a nasty reputation among pirates, was disgusted.
  • Maria from Witchblade has no problem with killing her teammates or the science institute trainees, due mostly to her own messed up childhood and not being much older herself. (They begin training at 12) She even attempts to kill Rihoko out of jealousy for receiving more of her (biological) mother's love even though they'd never met. (Her mother treated Maria completely as an experiment her whole life instead)
  • In Cowboy Bebop where the evil little prick was rendered immortal during an accident involving a warp gate struck by a meteor and it was the only thing that could hurt him. He had been crippling or taking crippled older men who all looked similar and forcibly inserting himself as their son to keep his cover, passing his 'fathers' off as the terrorist Zebra. Spike knows full well by the time he guns him down what he really was.
  • Accidentally occurs AND played straight in Outlaw Star due to both of the children being space pirates. The first is when Hilda, who is falling out of control towards the sun in episode 4, latches onto the Creepy Child magician girl as she is levitating towards the OLS and pulls the pin on a grenade, taking them both out. The second occurrence is when Gene and company destroy a pirate ship outside a space station that was hunting them, which was piloted by the little girl and her two cats Jim had recently befriended. He returns to the fountain to wait for them but doesn't realise why they never showed up, presuming her parents had taken her with them early.
  • In Pokémon Special, this is sort of a given seeing how the heroes are usually kids and the villains are adults, but it is worth mentioning that it's a rather common tactic in this 'verse to aim for the trainer when possible.
    • When Hugh, who couldn't be older than eight at the time, tries to stop two Plasma grunts from running off with his sister's Purrloin, he gets a solid blow to his gut for his troubles.
    • Other manga are keen to this too. For example in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure Mitsumi is blackmailed into doing this to a 9 - 11 year old Hareta - forcing her powerful Pokémon to give both the kid and his Pokémon a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Other members of Team Galactic also don't mind beating on him.
  • In Ginga Densetsu Weed, Thunder and Lector, the Doberman Pinscher assassins for Hougen, threaten to kill Teru if his father didn't kill Kyoshiro. It was also kinda personal, since Kyoshiro was the one who tore off Teru's father's ear.
  • Many, many villains in Fairy Tail.
  • Many, many villains in A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun do not hesitate to beat up or try to kill little kids.
  • Although they are not allowed to harm humans, Teresa demonstrated that she was not above kicking a traumatized little kid around in Claymore. Said kid is actually soon-to-be main protagonist Clare and how she humanized Teresa through their meeting and interaction.
  • Perhaps not too surprisingly, Yuno in Mirai Nikki is more than willing to kill Fifth diary owner Reisuke, and even chases him around Yuki's house with a hammer. She does eventually kill him.
    • Uryuu Minene plants bombs all over a school full of kids, and winds up killing quite a few of them.
    • Once he loses it, Yuki uses Kamado's orphans to lure John Balks and joins Yuno in killing them. Yes, you read that right. Though Yuki did believe he could bring them all back to life once he won the game and became God, and was planning to. Unfortunately, it turned out God cannot bring back the dead.
  • In Violence Jack numerous children are killed. One scene of the manga even has a girl beheaded, along with the man who used her as a human shield.
  • One of the primary antagonists in Reiko The Zombie Shop is Saki Yurikawa, a teenage serial killer responsible for the mutilation of nearly 29 little girls. There is also Reiko the protagonist's twin sister, Riruka, who actively attempts to kill a young girl summoner. Generally, most of the antagonists in this series do not believe in Infant Immortality.
  • In the manga version of The King of Fighters spin-off KOF: Kyo, Goenitz kills Maki Kagura in front of her twin sister Chizuru when both of the twins were 10 years old. The whole thing was never shown, save for a Dead Hand Shot of her bloodied hand.
  • During the Ghost of Mater arc of D.Gray-Man, the Ghost had killed five humans that had attacked it when asked if they wanted to hear a song. It was ready to kill the sixth human child if it did the same as the others and didn't accept it.
  • Poor Lily Baskerville from Pandora Hearts is constantly bullied by either Vincent or Break, and even Reim shoots her in the head after she killed his colleagues. Being a Baskerville, she survives. And just like his colleague Reim, Gilbert is Genre Savvy enough to hurt a child controlling a monster, even if he doesn't like it:
    Gilbert: "They are not children, they are illegal contractors!"
  • Turkes from Mother Keeper is introduced by having him blow up a child and then beheading their horrified sibling.

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