Manga / Jackals
Alligator Nichol, the son of the Grim Reaper herself

Jackals is a Manganote  written by Shinya Murata and drawn by Byun-Jin Kim. It chronicles the life of a mercenary named Nichol, son of another mercenary, in Friedrichs town of Cicero City, which also houses other mercenaries generally grouped under the titular Jackals and two major gangs, the Mafia-like Gabriella and the Triad-like Tennouren. The story kicks off when Nichol, after finishing one of his jobs, is assaulted by a Gabriella executive and kills him in retaliation, causing the rest of Gabriella to hunt him. However, they are impeded by the ever-growing Tennouren, who just loses their former leader who is swiftly replaced by his genius daughter.

Jackals provide examples of: