Video Game / Protect Me Knight

"Save me... my hero! Defeat f$%kin' goblins!"
— The Princess

Protect Me Knight (まもって騎士) is an indie Tower Defense game by Yuzo Koshiro's team of game developers at Ancient with Yuzo composing the game's music. The game pays homage to the classic 8-bit days of gaming with NES styled visuals and MIDI chiptune music. The game's start-up sequence even has the player attempting to get the cartridge to work by blowing into it.note 

The gameplay premise is simple: Pick one of four character classes — the Fighter, the Mage, the Amazon, or the Ninja — and protect your cute, happy-go-lucky Princess from harm. The problem: everything is trying to kick her cute little butt. All sorts of enemies, from goblins, zombies, minotaurs, demons, and even mischievous succubi, will have at you for defending the Princess. If that wasn't enough, dragons, giant lizard men, and other bosses will show up on occasions to stomp down anyone and anything in their path. Luckily, our brave heroes can fight off these enemies with their weapons of choice and special abilities, and by spending Heart Points, they can unleash a wide-area attack. Unlike other tower defense games, players can also move the princess out of harm's way and to set up a defensive perimeter around her if things way out of hand.

Up to four players can either participate in the Arcade Mode where they advance through progressively difficult stages and use the leftover Heart Points to level up their hero's abilities, or the Survival Mode to test the player's ability to withstand an endless wave of enemies.

The game was released to Xbox LIVE on May 14, 2010 under its Japanese name in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games section for $2.99. An old PC demo can be downloaded on the Japanese website here. A sequel was released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 2014 that introduces a new Knight and Archer class.

This game provides examples of: