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Roleplay: Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation Alpha
Here is another Super Robot Wars in RP form. Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth ruined by what is known as the Second Impact, which isn't just Eva-related this time, the characters are members of the White Chalice, a mysterious carrier that travels the Earth. Like its predecessor a significant portion of the gameplay is in AIM Chat-based "missions" - between 1 and 3 per week. In addition to every trope ever from the series represented...

As of November 2012, the game has moved to Dreamwidth. On March 1st 2014, the game has reached its conclusion.

This game has a Character Sheet.

This game provides examples of:

  • Achilles in His Tent - Haruka ends up spending a good month locked up in her room after Imber is taken away before deciding that she just wants to go home. The other characters' reactions vary.
  • Ace Custom - Many characters have had unofficial upgrades to their units, giving them more umph. Among them are the Gundam Mk-II with hidden weapons, Astray Red Frame with a beam rotor system (actually a BuCue head Lowe bought in the animated Red Frame short), the Hyakku Shiki with Slash Harkens and Desu Tsubomi and Erika with beam sabers, beam shields and Slash Harkens.
  • Ace Pilot - Besides all the examples from various canons, Captain Smith was stated to be an unrivaled mech pilot and commander in the past. However, after Second Impact and the debacle with HALO, he's been reduced to a Cloud Cuckoo Lander with brief flashes of competence.
  • Adaptational Badass - Bernie Wiseman not only survived his canon death, but continued to fight and survive battles against alien invaders, time travelers and even GODS. In fact he is the one who delivered the finishing hit to the final boss of the game. All while using almost exclusively mass produced mobile suits (he received an Ace Custom near the end of the game, though not a very powerful one), and without losing his mild-mannered Adorkable personality.
  • Adaptation Expansion - Since G-Savior's movie plot was wrapped up in its introduction, the rest of the canon for it is planned to be based off of the later Playstation 2 game.
    • Word of God now states that Luna from Casshern Sins, who had very little backstory in the series, is a very rare example of surviving peak pre-Second Impact technology. Though, who created her and why is still a matter of speculation among White Chalice members.
  • Adaptation Induced Plot Hole - Leena called the Tigers Team the 'Fuzzy Pandas' when they fought. Too bad the nickname technically hasn't been invented yet, since Bit invented it after their first battle... and Bit hasn't shown up in the game yet!
    • For that matter, the rivalry between the Tigers Team and the Blitz Team itself is an Adaptation Induced Plot Hole, since the reason they started their losing streak was losing to the Blitz Team... the first time Bit piloted.
    • As well, the first chunk of the Zeta Gundam plot goes on without any actual AEUG to go up against the Titans. Because of this, Kamille ends up joining Neo-Zeon.
  • Aerith and Bob - Charles, Micheal, Scott, Laura, George, Shirley, Patrick, Christine, Gregory, Frank, Roger and a number of ordinary Japanese names...and Roux, Lockon, Char, Oenone, Gainer, Njall, Vlaska, Roads, Resnick, Hixar, Allelujah, Haman, Sayla, Samus, Tron, Chrono, Canon, Azrad and PRIME
  • After the End - Between various backstories as well as Second Impact, the Earth is very much a mess. The colonies got off lighter, but still suffer from a lack of resources since getting them from Earth is now much more difficult.
  • All Love Is Unrequited - not all per se, but there is a long chain of unrequited crushes, consisting of Miki, Werter, Alessandra, and Kincaid, with Gainer additionally crushing on Alessandra on the side before he gave up. Played for comedy rather than drama.
  • All Myths Are True - Angra Mainyu? Check. Baphomet? Check. The Cthulhu Mythos? Check.
  • Amusement Park - Fairy Park.
  • Apocalypse How - Second Impact was a particularly harsh Class 1.
    • ASCENT ended with the crew averting a Class 5.
  • Ascended Extra - Though the cast started out strong, drops reduced Neon Genesis Evangelion down to just Kensuke. Who received a bit of his own character arc.
  • Ascended Meme - THAT Thread.
    • Also, "The One-man Shuffle Alliance". One player, seven characters, seven nationalities matching those of the main characters from G Gundam. Was originally mentioned early on in the game, finally came to completion with Mad Kaine.
  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: At the end of "Evolution's End", Ryouma, Hayato and Benkei end up going to "Getterhalla" to fight the Invaders for all eternity alongside the Ryouma of the first UG game.
  • A Taste of Power - Nanohana and Eri got to use the Endless PreDesu machines during the combat log of Broken Wings, after their initial machines had been pushed to the breaking point.
  • Attempted Rape - The Mai-Otome incident with Arika, though it happening in Arkham and having Shotarou saving her instead. The crew deal out various forms of punishments to the would-be rapists.
    • Canon Discontinuity - it's rarely, if ever mentioned again, especially since the series was dropped halfway through.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant - when Haman is captured by Adventus, Char ends up rallying Neo-Zeon, vowing to take down Adventus if they don't return her. The crew realizes they're on borrowed time now.
    • Lucas realizes this is the case now concerning the crew of the White Chalice - they had kidnapped their crew and now they're gunning for them.
  • Back from the Dead / Not Quite Dead - Fusion, thought destroyed during the Metroid / PreDesu mission, returned as New Fusion during the Idolmaster: Xenoglossia / PreDesu mission.
    • HALO. It's AI refused to let anything stop it in its mission.
    • When Seiren makes mention of a prophecy that DUNE would be killed by the actions of the Desu Tsubomi, Laura points out that DUNE might not be dead since he was apparently killed by the Endless machines.
  • Badass Boast - in "War in the Pacific", Ryouma catches Saotome's Metal Beast Dragon Machine in the middle of a Change, telling him "Can't pull of a Change without looking at the controls?"
  • Bad Future - The end-of-game Well-Intentioned Extremist group Kairos Aspida, along with Ayame Jin, comes from one where there was never any HALO or White Chalice in the first place.
  • Beach Episode - in Kamogawa. Many shenanigans ensued.
  • Beware the Nice Ones - Has become an official policy on the White Chalice in regards to Casshern after a few very close shaves with his Berserk Mode. This is done by him being under 24-hour surveillance by Dan, a restraining bolt managed by Ayame, and it being strictly forbidden to do anything towards him that may be construed as a threat, which is sometimes used as schmuck bait.
    • Because of this, every time he goes Berserk in a mission (just about every one so far), he instantly becomes a yellow unit.
  • Big Damn Third Faction - The Broken Wings mission ends with ZAFT taking advantage of the Federation's Face-Heel Turn on the Chalice crew to wipe them out.
    • For the actual Big Damn Heroes variant, anytime one character races in to replace another if they fell.
    • The return of Jeremy and DR RGNK was this.
  • Book Ends - The first application submitted was for Sanger, just like in Unlimited Generation.
    • Mission 20, DESCENT, was the first major Adventus mission. Mission 73, ASCENT, was the final mission of the Adventus storyline.
    • Mission 1 and 100 both involved Idolmaster: Xenoglossia
  • Break the Haughty - Several people had conspired to make Perrine nicer, or at least make her life miserable. This eventually fell through when other people called them out on targeting Perrine just because she doesn't actively try to please everyone.
  • Breather Episode - After reaching Fairy Park and dealing with one attempt at stealing the Rainbow Jewel, the White Chalice's crew was able to take a break for a week and just relax there.
    • A second trip was made to the park following a number of Downer Ending incidents.
  • Brick Joke - At one point Captain Smith once warned Ayame about Lobstermen and flying submarines. Months later, during the Record of the Atlantis War intro, some of the mook machines did resemble Lobstermen, much to Smith's panic.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu - Typically any wins against the Festum are less than graceful and may even require a Heroic Sacrifice. Prelude's End, the mission wrapping up the Kishin Taido plot took the cake though, with Hadou and Azrad both dying in the end from over-exertion against Liber Legis.
  • Brought Down to Normal - A few characters who have had cross-canon upgrades to their mecha tend to get knocked down a few pegs. Amongst them is Christine, who used the barrier system used by Adventus on her machine until Mad blew it up after Julia saved her, and Patrick, who had a GN Drive [T] installed on the Super Gundam, only for the "GN Super Gundam" to get sliced up by a bunch of aces.
  • Butt Monkey - Akito. While it was Handwaved that he'd been on the ship, the in-game explanation that Tsukasa had squirreled him away for so long until the second in-game Invader attack lead to most of the crew thinking that he had just joined.
  • Catch a Falling Star - Kazuki ends up doing this to a falling Kamen Rider Fourze.
  • Canon Immigrant - There are a few mechs, introduced and planned, that never made it into the original stories they're from, such as the Perfect Zeong and the Exabyte.
  • Canon Welding - Michael Wilson Jr. being the president of Neo America, among other inevitable examples.
  • Chekhov's Gun - The Kill Sat that appeared in the Idolmaster: Xenoglossia / PreDesu mission. It reappeared as a asteroid-buster super laser in the Demonbane/Scales of Balance mission before making a brief cameo in the Demonbane prologue finale suffering a seemingly insignificant but crippling defect when Liber Legis was summoned, then reappearing in the Idolmaster Xenoglossia / Roar That Shaped Fate mission, where said defect triggered a chain reaction that made it destroy itself.
    • Additionally, Adventus's combat AIs. What was originally just a way for Adventus to throw more mechs into battles when they lacked the men to pilot them went on to be used by Scirroco to create a Mobile Doll army to shore up the Titan's numbers after Gato nuked them.
    • In the Technica finale, the real Mar Kus is revealed due to the fact that the original had his mouth covered by his bandanna when the fake one had it over his head, due to the real Markus getting ill by the Virus Dopant.
  • Chekhov's Gunman - Because the Super Robot Wars Destiny plot didn't start until more than a year after the RP began, Josh and later Rim were initially just along for the ride while everyone else's canons proceeded.
  • Colony Drop - Attempted by the Titans on the Anaheim facilities on the moon. Through some difficulty, the pilots were able to activate enough of the colony's thrusters to redirect it... and along the way Roads kicked one of his Id Beasts into it.
  • Combining Mecha - Beyond the Getter Robo line and the various RPM-type Megazords, Dita's Dread unit has the ability to combine with just about anyone in lieu of a lack of Hibiki. So far, she's combined with the Gundam Mk-II, Akito's Aestivalis, Leena's Dibison, Julia's old Corona, Nanohana's Desu Tsubomi and even Lily Rain herself.
    • This is also somewhat of a Mythology Gag with the original Unlimited Generation when Gurren Lagann would occasionally combine with other mechs, due to the similarities between Pexis and Spiral power.
  • Cool Ship - White Chalice, the players' base of operations. A carrier capable of underwater AND space travel, it comes complete with its own Cloud Cuckoo Lander NPC captain.
  • Composite Character - Gou is a mashup between his Armageddon and Shin vs. Neo counterparts, with the second personality having come about due to amnesia.
  • Counterpart Combat Coordination - during the Tarnished Factory mission, the party other than Vlaska and MarKus and Josh gets separated and forced to fight a series of duels with the Ruina generals:
    • Muginami fights Ignis, both of them fire-wieldiers.
    • Werter fights Contagio, in a battle of scientists. In contrast to Contagio's plague-based powers, Werter beats him with his Vaccine attack.
    • Kouji fights Aquila in a duel between the most honorable good guy and bad guy, which is also a fight between a Stone Wall and a Fragile Speedster.
    • Tieria and Castellan, whose robots use beams almost exclusively, fight Umbra, whose unit absorbs beams.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass - Captain Smith of all people, at least a limited degree. It remains to be seen just how much of his old self remains.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: Intentionally invoked in Char's Counterattack. What do you do when you want to pull a Colony Drop in a setting where there are multiple super robots that eat colonies for breakfast? Drop more than one at the same time all aimed at different continents. Justified due to Char having spent a lot of time on the White Chalice, and knowing their playbook.
    • Batman Gambit: And just in case they DID succeed in stopping Axis, he left hostages onboard the descending asteroid; hostages that he wanted out of the way to undermine Glemy's faction.
    • All of this just solidified Char's status as a Complete Monster, to the point Kamille even said death was too good for him.
  • Darker and Edgier - A strange case. On one hand, between the post-apocalyptic setting and bad guys causing a lot of civilian casualties, this was clearly the intention. On the other hand, a lot of character interaction is silly or comedic, and several of the canons are ridiculously over-the-top and optimistic.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? - At the end of mission 75, Lily Rain's Pepens distract Kisrill so everyone else can flee to safety. She kills them.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? - Happens frequently due to various original and pre-existing canons, but it usually also involves assistance from something that typically isn't available to the characters at all times (like Getter Shin Dragon, which was used to help finish off the Invaders) or exploiting some weakness of the godlike entity in question (like banishing them from Earth, as is what happened with Baphomet, Somnium, and Perfectio).
  • Death from Above - Michael pulls this off by having Ryouma take up Neo Getter-2, taking him into near-low orbit, then throw him to Earth. Lowe thinks it's the greatest thing ever and Werter (who came up with the idea in the first place) isn't sure should he be awed or terrified.
  • Death World - For various otherworldly invaders. In spite of or possibly because of Second Impact, Earth's wound up becoming the kind of place where hostile aliens and gods go to get their asses handed to them, if not be killed outright. Even the Festum, who were active on the planet for more than three decades, didn't accomplish much other than devastate Japan (and the populace just relocated elsewhere).
  • Deconstruction Crossover - In the same way as in the videogames, some characters go through this.
    • Lynette Bishop deals with killing human beings more than Neuroi, which gradually changes her psyche.
    • Kensuke Aida learns that being an EVA pilot actually sucks ass. Not that his canon wouldn't do the same to him were he presented the chance in the past.
    • Really, this happens between most canons that have differing moods and conflicts.
    • Casshern had to be given a restraining bolt due to his Berserk Mode. It's extremely painful for him, but he doesn't care, because he feels like deserves it. What's worse is that it gives him nightmares about what he did to Luna, resulting in an almost daily My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • Disc One Final Boss - Adventus served as this, being noted and built up as a big threat in the RP's profile and fought multiple times over the first year, before ultimately being defeated for good during ASCENT.
  • Distaff Counterpart - The IS competition can be seen as one for the Gundam Fight. Both are tournaments run by the Neo countries, and each primarily has combatants of one gender with a few exceptions.
  • Doomed by Canon / Plotline Death - Despite there being a healer handy, there was no way to save Balgus.
  • Downer Ending - Though Super Robot Wars is usually all about averting bad events in canons, if a less-than-happy ending is necessary for the narrative to continue, it'll still play out.
    • Mission 68, "Red Giant". That mission's main characters didn't come out of that in one piece.
    • Any mission where the Festum are involved has a high chance to be this, especially mission 13, "A Goodbye That Came Too Soon" (includes most depressing moments of Martian Successor Nadesico for that extra kick in the teeth) and 24, "Right of Left".
  • Early-Bird Cameo - Judau and Roux, who join halfway through Zeta Gundam's storyline.
  • Enemy Mine - The only reason that Celestial Being is working with the White Chalice -after several skirmishes in the backstory- is that Veda determined the ship and its crew would play a part in eliminating war.
  • Everything's Worse With Sharks - For the most part inverted. Because of the infamous "Shark Gun" from Metal Wolf Chaos, sharks are typically used in a heroic fashion when they're shown. Naturally, Richard Hawk's Evil Counterpart weapon to the Shark Gun fired dolphins.
  • Expansion Pack World - A justified case. The setting of the world was intentionally left as vague as possible aside from a few specific features (such as electromagnetic storms in the debris field surrounding the Earth). As more canons are introduced, they establish facts about the Earth Sphere, such as the existence of two moons.
  • Fastball Special - Used by Kamen Rider W and Gundam Alex. Discussed, as Philip read it in a comic book, but Shoutaro pointed that this isn't a comic book. And appropriately enough, Gato was able to resist it with little difficulty.
  • Foreshadowing - Two big cases, even early on. First of all, Tsukasa talking about having nine different sets of Form Ride cards, not noticing one of the cards he tried using was for Double. And secondly the Rushrod's time stop powers failing to work on Calvina and Tohya's machines.
    • During the iDOLMaster / PreDesu mission, New Fusion mentions that the Endless Desu aren't fighting at their full capacity. Hana, however, thinks she's talking about the fight at Fairy Park...
    • At the end of ASCENT, Char makes mention of "Project Puru".
    • Again from Char, though this one was unintentional (at least, it was in-character). During 'Gain Over,' Char said he wasn't going to let the world freeze... yet.
  • Four Is Death and Quirky Miniboss Squad - Adventus's generals. Repeated again with the four Inspectors under the (as of late March) unseen Wendelo. Averted with Kairos Aspida's leaders though, who have various places in the group's heirarchy.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! - predictably for the genre, happens quite often. However of note is one example when trying to do this actually made the situation worse.
  • Giant Robot Hands Save Lives - The aforementioned Catch a Falling Star was like this. Kazuki does make Fourze's landing soft enough, though.
  • Gone Horribly Right - Project HALO. The machine was designed to destroy anything Space Colony-sized or larger and it detected Earth. When it was threatened to lose power, it just kept rerouting power to charge up its Colony Buster laser. It's AI refused to let anything stop it from its mission, going so far as to take control of its pilot to prevent him from having second thoughts, which was what happened to Captain Smith.
    • Gone Horribly Wrong - At the same time, HALO's original use could be considered this. Though it did successfully destroy the meteor heading towards Earth, the backlash from the shot and the various fragments still rained down on Earth, causing almost as much damage as would have happened had it been intact when it hit. Additionally, as mentioned above HALO recognized the Earth as its target, very nearly destroying the thing it was meant to protect.
  • Gorn - Despite being a mecha game, there has been quite a few missions involving this.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door - Canon Memphis. From working with the Titans, to helping the White Chalice chase down Anavel Gato, to leaving the Chalice after deciding her duty was fulfilled, to helping them stop a Lodestone Elemental, to fighting Kazuki and Kou during the Adventus prison break event, to taking part in a squad led by Graham Aker that first fought against the Chalice pilotes before calling a truce to deal with the Trinities ans the Asgard Squadron. And this is all before her canon introduction!
  • Hero Insurance and Reset Button - The Rainbow Jewel's powers don't apply to *everything*, but it does undo any damage done to surroundings caused by battles against the enemies of the PreDESUs.
  • Heroic BSOD - Haruka suffers a, as of this writing, two month long one to the point where, when she's returned home, she trips on the ground and stays there.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! - Most of the various NPCs introduced so far.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - Typically happens on more serious missions to some degree or another, and some Support Defense actions simply have one character take a hit for another. The starting months of 2013 ended up being fraught with them however, with multiple characters dying or making similarly big sacrifices for everyone.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum -The Endless Desu were under strict lockdown due to how powerful they are, only to be used should the Rainbow Jewel's safety be truly threatened.
  • Hope Spot - The Tempestas arrives, paralyzing the other Idolmasters and giving the Chalice crew a chance to rescue Imber. New Fusion arrives and shoots it down, not wanting to let allies of the PreDesus have their way.
    • In the Cosmic Break finale, Kyoku's able to pull the bomb out of Lily Rain EVE's body... but it ends up returning back to her. Lily ends up performing a Heroic Sacrifice in the end.
    • The Casshern Sins and Mega Man (Classic) mission "The Past Rises Before My Eyes" ends with one of these. Despite the fact that Luna had just delivered her Kick the Dog moment to Dune leaving the mission participants either speechless or angry, the general consensus amongst them was that she was still their best hope at ending the Ruin and that it would be very, very bad if she ended up in the wrong hands. Cue 'Break Man' kidnapping her.
  • Improbably Female Cast - The White Chalice pretty much had to be one of these, at least at first. The largest cast of a canon introduced at the beginning of the game that gets put into play before missions start? Strike Witches.
    • Once characters from other canons started joining in, however, the numbers of male and female characters became more or less equal, with a bit more of the former.
  • Infinite Supplies - Averted. The crew suffered from a lack of food and parts from late October into early December. When Van asks what the hell happened to the supplies they got from Fanelia, it's Handwaved that the Chalice wasn't properly resupplied prior to the attack on the kingdom. It was not until crossing into Federation territory and bargaining for supplies from a base in Africa that things were brought back up to speed.
  • Insistent Terminology - The similarities between the Percolatii and Worms are prominent enough that time was set aside during the first encounter with the former to insist they were completely different.
  • In Spite of a Nail - Despite the AEUG not actually existing at the start of the game (though Karaba did), that did not stop the group from forming a ways into the Zeta Gundam plot, being made up of numerous Federation officers who were sacked when the Mobile Doll system was introduced either because they weren't needed to pilot any more, objected to the system on moral grounds, or in the case of Patrick Colasaur, because he kept beating them in simulations and making the system look bad.
  • The Japan Fireball - Due to the Festum going to town on the country even before Second Impact and then everything that followed, Japan is pretty much gone. Aside from a select handful of important locals, such as Tokyo-3 the whole country is a no-mans land.
  • Japan Takes Over The West Coast - A decent-sized chunk of the survivors of the Festum's rampage through Japan settled in America. Though to be fair that's no hard task since the continents (or whats left of them) have no central government, don't house any of the remaining world superpowers, and have an ocean between them and the Federation and Britannia.
  • Joke Unit - Many units in the game are ridiculed for one reason or another, including Zakus, Julia's original Corona unit and the Neo Getter Robo.
  • Just Following Orders: Canon. Mainly because she feels indebted to the Federation for taking her in after Dublin's destruction at the hands of the Festum. Also an issue with other, non-Titans members of the Federation who are all too willing to help the Chalice if a more villainous group shows up.
  • Just Friends - Haruka learns this the hard way when Ichitaka mentions that he thought of her as a great friend... after having Imber stolen from her. To be fair, Haruka also made the mistake of confronting him in the middle of the night and Ichitaka just assumed everything was okay.
    • Both Ichitaka and Haruka call each other out on this a little later - Haruka for not telling Ichitaka what was going on in the first place and Ichitaka for being blind to Haruka's feelings.
    • Hit big time with "World Without Lies" - Gainer friendzones Alessandra (who already frienzoned him earlier, as she harbors a crush on Kincaid, who's already taken himself) and in return gets friendzoned by Hoshi (who isn't ready to go that far). As well, Seiren reveals her feelings for Laura (the Original Character one), only for Laura (who as before, is already in a relationship) to shoot her down.
    • Kamille is hit with this a bit after the entire ship points out his relationship with Sora was dangerous to her. To the point where a Kintaros-possessed Nanoha tries to toss Kamille off the ship to get it through his thick skull.
    • "Gain Over" once again confirms the friendzoning between Gainer and Alessandra, as Alessandra tells him that she doesn't like guys who wear glasses that way. Granted, it was to help free Gainer out of the possession of the Overdevil, but it was something Kouji wasn't expecting when something like this is happening.
    • Before Alessandra leaves, Werter finally expresses his feelings to Alessandra. She reveals that she just loves everyone as friends. It's not certain if she just doesn't want to fall in love with anyone else or she's that thick-skullled.
  • Karma Houdini - Thanks to the invasion of Windbloome, Marie Louise's deception over being kidnapped actually goes unpunished. Though it is lampshaded when George realizes someone like Domon couldn't have girlish handwriting or know much French.
  • Killed Off for Real - Currently, only Ryo Masaoka, Shouko Hazama, Frank Symes, and Azrad and Hadou Kouzou. All tearjerkers, and all went out in a blaze of glory.
  • Lava is Boiling Kool-Aid and Convection Schmonvection - Played around with during the Magma Diver mission. EVA Unit 04 had special equipment that protected it and Kamen Rider Fourze's costume could withstand the heat and pressure and he used the Water Switch to cool things down somewhat. When Kazuki and the Mark Elf needed to save them though, the machine's lack of protection still nearly got it melted before Kazuki eventually got them out.
  • Legacy Pilot - Kazuki becomes this for the late Ryo, able to pilot a Fafner significantly safer than the TSX because of Ryo's sacrifices.
  • Loophole Abuse - Invoked unknowingly by the players when fighting Raal Rovdy. On foot, Rovdy was able to beat around Azrad=Aeon with little difficulty since magic duels are stated to not take into account things like the size and strength, and logic is not a factor in determining a battle's outcome. However, the opposite was true too, thus even with all of his immense power, the combined powers of the protagonists was enough to force him to retreat after being seriously injured.
    • Chibodee pretty much used this to fight back against the invading Neo-America army in Corinth. Since the IS organization doesn't see Richard Hawk's presidency as legit, Chibodee sees it as a good reason to fight back.
    • And applied again concerning the Witches and the RPM Rangers - though Britannia had effectively disbanded them, they were still part of the Chalice crew and ended up still fighting Tenaya and the Neuroi.
  • Literal-Minded - Hixar wants to know the hottest (re: most attractive) woman on the Chalice. Setsuna, however, sets out to know who the hottest (re: highest temperature) woman on the Chalice, leaving many of the girls there absolutely confused.
  • More Dakka - Played straight with a lot of machines, like Cheng's Behemoth and its upgrades and Leena's various Zoids as well. Then subverted when Hana tries it before and during the Vandread season one finale, only to have others tell her it doesn't suit her and she ends up dumping her payload and destroying it to save Chrono.
  • Missing Episode - Currently, the mission "Right of Left" is the only mission whose log is not available on the site's wiki, due to it being lost.
  • Mood Whiplash - The Red Giant mission occured a day after the Hammer To Fall one, and the day after that, THAT thread happened. Soon after that, Devon's and Cheng's wedding occured. Then following that was DOWNFALL.
  • Most Common Superpower - Surprisingly, not many women are mentioned to have this, though Alessandra was quite displeased when Sora didn't... stack up to her fellow Irgelion Julia.
  • Multiple Choice Past - Although it's yet to be brought up in the game, the wiki entry for Maxene Trendy comments that most of the accounts people have for her prior to joining the Chalice are contradictory and don't match up.
  • Mythology Gag - In the Gundam 00F/Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam mission "We Are Ourselves", Patrick ends up telling Ribbons off by shooting the monitors with the Super Gundam's vulcans, a nod to how Ribbons was killed at the end of the Gundam 00 story in the first UG game.
    • Silentium, the overvillains from the original Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation, are mentioned in passing during the mission "Declarations" by the Inspectors as being driven to nearly the point of extinction by them and the Guests.
    • During Evolution's End, when everyone entered "Getterhalla", the Ryouma that met them there was the one from the original Unlimited Generation.
    • During Strange Aeons, the heroes receive assistance from an infinitely large army of "Demon Banes", heroes who fight for justice, including characters from the original Unlimited Generation, deceased characters from both games, and entirely new faces on top of that.
  • Noodle Incident - Shoutaro had Philip look up information on Yurika Misumaru including the keyword "costumes". Philip refused to repeat the search or tell Shoutaro the results.
  • No Hero to His Valet - The Britannian Empire. For the most part it's a lot less screwed up than the only other superpower on Earth, the Federation and a lot less villainous than it was in the canon due to it being a composite between the Geass and Strike Witches versions of the nation. Even the racism and social darwinism are not as prominent, seeing as how the 501st is led by a Japanese woman and the country is on good terms with the Fuso Empire, which has the largest concentration of survivors from the Festum's attack on Japan. On the other hand, Britannia has policies just as harsh in Area 11 as it did in the anime, with the populace there still hating the empire.
  • Not Quite Dead - in some cases, characters who were presumed dead (usually by Heroic Sacrifice) later turn out to be alive and return to the game. This includes:
  • Not Too Dead to Save the Day - During the grand finale, all deceased characters (aside from Char, who may or may not be dead) from the Chalice got a very brief cameo, helping Captain Smith and Dan contain the Primeval Force.
  • Off the Rails - The first encounter with DJ RGNK. What was steadily leading ton a Downer Ending turned into a victory when Fate started singing and other people joined in, Zappa deciding to let anyone else, even those not on the mission, join in the singing. Though this wasn't planned, it nevertheless forced RGNK to retreat.
  • Oh Crap
    • Nadia publicly declaring White Chalice's alliance with the Celestial Being.
    • Festum showing up on a up-to-that-point easy Martian Successor Nadesico mission. The lunar colony didn't make it.
    • An antagonist example for a change - the Shark Gun debuting on a Code Geass mission.
    • Ryouma showing up in the Black Getter and massacring Invaders that had absorbed humans into it.
    • Char Aznable rallying Neo-Zeon in an attempt to get back Haman Karn when Adventus kidnaps her.
    • Liber Legis's awakening. When something makes Festum retreat and Shin Dragon take notice, you know it's a massive threat.
  • One Steve Limit - Averted with Flynn McAllistair and Flynn O'Shea. This also the reason why Nanohana is referred to as "Hana" - to separate her from Nanoha
  • Original Generation - A lot of examples, including that one. All of them come with their own plot and bad guys. Except for Loraine.
  • Panty Shot - The Strike Witches, of course, since they don't wear pants. Lampshaded by Philip in his first mission. It's on to the point they are nicknamed, In and Out of Character, the Pantless Brigade.
  • Perspective Flip - The solution to running the Vandread plot with someone playing Dita but no Hibiki. Similarly, Still Not Safe was conceived as a play-by-post RPG with an array of player-characters who didn't make the jump, resulting in the plot focusing on Devon, Laura, and Frank.
  • Post Script Season - Shinji and Ren, unlike Tsukasa, Shoutarou, Philip, Terui and Gentarou, come from the end of their series.
  • The Plague - The Ruin. Because the game universe was already a Crapsack World without a lethal plague killing humans and rusting robots (which would SUCK in a mecha series), the Ruin was changed into a Gray Goo like plague that feeds on minerals found in both organic tissue and almost all metallic alloys used in robotics, but with extreme sensitivity to moisture, keeping it confined to the former southwestern United States, where an international quarantine is strictly enforced.
  • Power Copying - beyond the original trope namer, both Tsukasa and Samus do this as well. To a lesser extent, many of the modified units are like this, swiping weapons from other units.
  • Power of Love - Gentarou invokes this to not only defeat Super Galaxy King, but make sure Nadeshiko lives!
    • Gainer pulls this off during World Without Lies, calling out his love for Hoshi. Other characters follow suit in a corresponding log.
  • Public Domain Mecha - Grunt machines, with the permission of players involved, can be and have been featured in prominently in Original Generation canons. These include the Gelgoog, Gyan, Leo, Gespenst, and a Jeagan.
    • This also counts for opponents as well, as many foes take up lesser-known MSVs
  • Puzzle Boss - The two Oxygen Elementals fought in the second Scales of Balance mission. Being able to completely corrode a mech in mere seconds and kill anyone outside of one, the pilots eventually resorted to depressurizing the colony to suck one out, while Herb and Werter lit the other on fire after trapping it in a force field so it wouldn't ignite the rest of the colony's air as well.
  • Rasputinian Death - Project HALO in spades. Destroying its head, tearing open its leg and chest, smashing two Getter drills through its chest, and blowing off one of its arms and part of its torso barely inconvenienced it at all. Even Lans activating its self-destruct system and blowing out its cockpit, reactor, and most of the rest of its torso only delayed its colony buster a few moments. It took a concentrated effort by numerous Chalice members to finally take it down.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot - As was the case with the original RP, when players drop for whatever reason so do their plots.
  • Remember the New Guy - A variant, at any rate. Some of the characters are presented having previous knowledge of other people from before the game started, such as Josh having become friends with both Calvina and Tohya on separate occasions.
  • Replacement Scrappy - An in-universe case. The second Fafner pilot the White Chalice meets is Canon Memphis, a Federation soldier and a stark contrast to the late Ryo Masaoka in nearly every way, being much more cold and distant. Unsurprisingly, Canon gets on a lot of people's nerves, especially those who had been close to Ryo.
  • Running Gag - Patrick's inability to keep a unit after about two sorties. So far, he's wrecked his Enact and the Super Gundam. It's only a matter of time before the Delta Gundam is next.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here! - Following the prison break and the deaths of Jeremy and Dr. RGNK, the Titans and the Federation have ended up pulling out of their alliance with Adventus.
  • Shout-Out - Quicksilver, from Still Not Safe's canon, seems to look at the Scout's lines.
  • Show Within a Show - The original exploits of the Getter team were made into a heavily butchered, Lighter and Softer version called Starvengers, which is a bit of a Berserk Button for Ryouma and Hayato. Similarly, the various Kamen Rider shows are stated to have been a documentaries rather than fictional toku shows.
  • Sneeze Cut - Reoccurring, when a player catches their character being mentioned in another (usually more light-hearted) thread.
  • Sole Survivor - The only survivor of the Metroid attack on a mine is a puppy. Whom Tsukasa takes up and gives to the dog-phobia-stricken Ren
  • Soundtrack Dissonance - Chris gunning down the Kampfer after linking the gleefully inappropriate War in the Pocket theme song.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead - The first genuine Kick the Dog moment the Titans get is besmirching Ryo's name and Tatsumiya Island all in the same breath. It was quite the Berserk Button for quite a few pilots.
  • Spell My Name with an S
    • Despite the official English spelling being "Leena Toros", her player prefered the Japanese spelling of "Rinon". Why? a) because it sounds more interesting, and b) because you see it onscreen in one episode, in English, even in the edited version.
      • Parodied by Zappa in her intro mission, by "misspelling" it and having to correct his spelling of the name.
    • Justified with MarKus, whose capital letter comes from a typo on his birth certificate.
    • The player of Heero Yuy prefers the spelling "Hiiro" instead.
  • Spared by the Adaptation - so far Bernie Wiseman and Nadeshiko Misaki have been spared from their deaths
  • Spiritual Successor - To Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation, with many of its players and game masters returning. Also got its own in the form of Battle Moon Wars Zero, a short-lived LJRP with a fantasy-like setting.
  • Stealth Pun - The first Bliss Stage mission is called "First Action", referring to a term from the game it came from but also the fact it's the first mission in the whole RP.
  • Stable Time Loop - Aside from Demonbane's, the Kairos Aspida plot wound up involving one. Turns out the Primeval Force's very existence hinged on a one such loop, and defeating it in the game's "present" also ensured it would never come about in the future and send the Second Impact-causing asteroid back in time in the first place.
  • Storming the Castle / Prison Break - As a distraction for the Divine Crusaders' own Storming the Castle, the Chalice crew attack an island prison to rescue their friends.
  • Sure, Why Not? - As with Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation, things can deviate from source material only if they are awesome.
    • Case in point - the fourth Martian Successor Nadesico mission semi-averts the events of the sixth episode by having Yurika launch the units on-board and hope for the best instead of raising the Distortion Field and dooming the refugees. Only half the people were saved, but it was better than nothing.
    • Averted with Shouko's Heroic Sacrifice - everyone attempted to get out of there alive and together, but it was explicitly stated that there was no way this could happen.
  • Taking You with Me - New Fusion uses a powerful Kill Sat to try to obliterate the PreDesu and others with them.
    • This was what Canon was told to do, attempting to use the FENRIR system to obliterate herself, the Chalice crew and Tatsumiya Island.
  • The Bus Came Back - A few months after the Getter Team left to fight the Dinosaur Empire, they finally came back, mission complete and the Tower finally repaired.
    • The same happened for Roux, who had left the team following the final fight with the Shifters before coming back to aid the space-bound Chalice members.
    • Bus Crash - The Dinosaur Empire, however, was not as fortunate, and Emperor Gore is said to have been killed offscreen.
    • In the same vein, Simon and Kamina finally rejoin the crew nearly a year after they last got off.
  • The Last Dance - Ryo Masaoka's final mission. With his efforts to stave off the assimilation syndrome finally being rendered moot, he chose to battle the Festum once last time to help the inhabitants of the L-Boat flee even though it was just hastening his death.
  • Theme Music Power-Up - as expected of a Super Robot Wars game, players often link appropriate music when their characters do something awesome.
  • Unexpected Character - Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation was a lot better in sticking to primarily mainstream stories. Not here, what with Cosmic Break, Bliss Stage (if only for a short while), Galaxy Angel, and even G-Saviour.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill - Kampfer is closing in to take out the Alex. What does Chris do? Pump enough lead into the suit's cockpit to carve it out and liquefy the pilot.
  • There Are No Therapists - somewhat averted - Tsukasa seems to have taken up this role recently.
  • This Is Unforgivable - Not a lot of people were happy finding Shouko's grave desecrated. Thankfully, it seems like cooler heads prevailed here.
  • Traveling at the Speed of Plot - The White Chalice is pretty shameless about this, to the point it only took one week to travel from the Moon to Mars... and at one point took several weeks to travel from Florida to Africa.
  • Under The Mistletoe - Haman invokes this when she arrives. Hilarity (and a couple of upgraded relationships) Ensues.
  • Unknown Rival - In spite of Jerid harboring a grudge against Kamille and voicing it, during the Zeta Gundam missions Kamille's been more concerned with other enemies, leaving Jerid to just get his ass handed to him by other people.
  • Vagueness Is Coming - Kamen Rider Amazon appears in "Endless Play" to aid the heroes and only warns them that Decade "is not friend".
  • Village Bicycle - A literal example, just like in the original. Many units that are abandoned for something much more powerful are usually taken up by other characters, especially those who don't have their canonical units. Among the numbers include a Gloucester, an I-Savior, the G-Savior and even Neo Getter Robo.
  • Villain Team-Up - One born out of necessity, as was revealed in the Getter Robo intro. With much of the Earth saturated with Getter Rays, the Dinosaur Empire had no choice but to be assimilated by the Invaders to continue to fight to reclaim the Earth. Cue Mechasauruses becoming full-blown Body Horror.
    • As well, a number of villainous groups such as OZ and the Titans have allied themselves with Adventus. The Zeta Gundam mission in space shows Jerid leading a group of Advent units in Titans colors.
  • Villainous Breakdown - in the Project PreDestiny/Metroid introduction mission, Sasodina snaps after Forte kills Kobra and Nanohana kills Kumojack. Both Nanohana and Eri are shocked by her breakdown.
  • Walking Disaster Area - Most places the White Chalice visits have a tendency to end up as a smoking pile of ruin, or at least get attacked by one enemy or another and suffer significant damage and casualties. This did not escape the characters' attention as they mention it themselves.
  • Wartime Wedding - In the loosest sense of the term concerning the marriage of Devon and Cheng.
  • Welcome Back, Traitor - The crew easily welcomes Cheng back with open arms after it's revealed that he was Brainwashed and Crazy, with the exception of Alexi, who planned to ventilate his head before whacking him with the gun and saying they're back to square one.
    • Laura gets this treatment as well.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist - The original villain Adventus seems to be this, a faction dedicated to stopping wars and conflict by any means necessary. They also hate all giant robots, blaming them for the Second Impact. Which doesn't stop them from using mecha themselves.
  • What the Hell, Hero? - Despite many characters being on the side of good, a number of them have pulled questionable moves that's earned them a few of these comments. Most of them have been aimed at Kamille.
    • Coop gets this when he first appears... and promptly tosses out Nanohana's mech to take its spot.
      • Possibly doubles as Take That Me, as Nanohana and Coop are roleplayed by the same player.
    • Ayame practically scolds Sora for not telling the correct people immediately about Seiren's condition.
    • During To The Wandering, Blooming Flowers, Mongrel incinerated Dio and Leda just after Dio died due to the Ruin, and Leda - who was unarmed and posed no threat at the time - was in tears, leaning over him, mourning his death. The sheer Kick the Dog of it all left several other mission participants disgusted, and it shows in the post-mission threads.
  • Whole Character Arc Reference - Miki Hoshii was one of the few Idolmaster characters who did not make the transition to Idolmaster: Xenoglossia, so her character development and behaviour is mainly drawn from the original game while retooling it for the setting.
  • Who Would Want to Watch Us? - Subverted in varying ways. It's explained in-universe that the Kamen Rider franchise was non-fiction, with all the shows just being documentaries filmed after the events and actually quite successful. Getter Robo also got a similar treatment, albeit as the heavily edited "Starvengers", a show which is a Berserk Button for Ryouma and Hayato.
  • The Worf Effect - DOWNFALL ends up doing this to the entire Kamen Rider cast, having Kamen Riders Blade, Accel, Fourze and half of Double captured and Decade suffering from memory loss from pushing himself too far.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain and Wham Episode - The mission Broken Wings marked the sudden downturn to the Chalice's improved relationship with the Federation, coupled with Adventus joining forces with the Federation.
    • Colliding War Zones: Blex is revealed to be a Percolati, effectively destroying Karaba's credibility, Solomon is completely obliterated by the GP-02's nuke and Scirocco arrives at the end armed with Mobile Dolls.
    • First Contact: The first appearance of the Inspectors.
    • Hell, the entire MONTH OF FEBRUARY 2013.
  • You Keep Using That Word - Some characters, either intentionally or on accident, forget that a noticeable portion of the protagonists aren't human, thus they use terms like "you're not human" or "I won't be defeated by humans". The Primeval Force itself was one of them, and for an extra dose of irony, the determining factor in destroying it was the sacrifice of the non-human Bismuth.
  • 0% Approval Rating - It seems this is the fate both White Chalice and Adventus wish for one another. Seeing as though the last two encounters have ended in draws, it probably hasn't gone down much, though White Chalice has the disadvantage of being connected to known terrorists.
    • With Adventus and the Titans aiding each other and the ambush, the Chalice crew feels that this has happened.
    • This pulled a 180 with Adventus's defeat, however, with the Titans also landing in serious hot water for their involvement with the group.
      • And this was smashed when it was revealed the Blex was a Percolati, effectively giving the Titans an even bigger reason to exist... until Gato attacked.

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