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Gush: Webcomics

Gush about Webcomics here, and be sure to provide a link! Spread the quality around.

  • Darths & Droids takes Star Wars and tells the story a little differently via screencaps and added-in text. The premise is that Star Wars as we know it never existed, and the entire story is someone's Tabletop RPG campaign. The characters are amazing, the rewriting of the story is fantastic, and the dialogue and situations are hilarious. It's the only place you'll ever see the words "Jar-Jar, you're a genius!" said completely in context.
    • Seconded! I don't know how he did it, but he manages to make the plot make more sense than it ever did in the movies, and anything that he can't make sense of is lampshaded within an inch of its life.
      • This is third'd to all infinity. The writing is just fantastically well done (most likely because, unlike most webcomics, it's written by multiple authors), the characterization is amazingly thorough, and the plot actually manages to flow together extremely well, considering that you have to assume that almost everything that wasn't in the Star Wars Canon was just made up on the spot.
  • Misfile and Reaper just genius in Web Comic and TV form respectively. If a crossover fic doesn't appear on soon I may be forced to write one myself.
    • The first thing I do after shutting off my alarm every weekday morning is open up my laptop and read the latest Misfile—except that one day that I stayed up so late, it was already up before I went to sleep.
  • How good is Gunnerkrigg Court? Worth waking up at 3 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just to catch the newest page right after the site updates, that's how good it is. I love the characters, I love the effortless shifts in tone the comic pulls off, and I love the way the story stays entertaining while juggling a million unanswered questions.
    • Also worth checking when you are backpacking in Mexico (the only of around 20 Webcomics I read that I kept checking).
    • Yes, yes, yes. Thank goodness for whoever Entry Pimps it out, or I would have never discovered it.
    • Ditto; in fact, I only checked out Gunnerkrigg Court after reading this entry. It's now one of my favorite webcomics for being absorbing and easy to read when it should have been incomprehensible and head-scratching. Proof that Entry Pimping really does work!
    • Oh yes. It has this great air of mystery surrounding the events, while still being straightfoward enough to retain interest, and all the characters are great to read (except Jones).
    • Everything about this comic is wonderful. Except Boxbot, who is terrible.
  • On the Internet or off of it, there is little I've seen that rivals the scope, the imagination, the vision, and the all-out gaslamp awesomeness of Girl Genius.
    • Girl Genius is everything good about characterization. No matter whether you love them or hate them, the entire cast, from heroes to villains to bit characters, is complicated enough and human enough (even the monsters!) to be absolutely fascinating.
      • At the very least, I defy you to show me ANYTHING with better art. Anything at all (except museums).
      • The Phoenix Requiem, see below.
      • Dat's right! De monsterz iz so handsome and schmott, how could you not be fascinated by dem? Girl Genius is one of those comics I recommend to all of my friends, with its witty writing, beautiful art, and awesome characters. Of course, that applies to just about everything the Foglios create. Even XXXenophile, the pornographic works they made, have such entertaining characters and amusing writing to make them worth reading for reasons beyond the obvious.
  • Zebra Girl is just amazing. The art is all hand-drawn and unbelievably detailed, the characters are great, the plot is mysterious and exciting... the only bad thing I have to say is that the update schedule sucks.
  • What do you get when you take Slayers, add a dash of Disgaea, throw it in the oven with some Fetish Fuel, and marinade it in 90's anime and game influences? You get TL Welker's Heartcore, this troper's favorite webcomic!
  • The Order of the Stick is one of the rare webcomics that's done Cerebus Syndrome right, still remaining funny even with its Myth Arc in full swing. By strip 300, you'll have forgotten that the characters are stick figures because their personalities are too rounded to belong to stick figures.
    • Seriously, what other webcomic... or indeed, what other comic... can make a slew of meta/D&D/Fourth Wall jokes and then successfully pull off a genuinely heart-wrenching death scene... on the same page?
    • Even better (if possible) is "Wanna play blocks with me?" That scene is a Tear Jerker and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming at the same time.
    • No other 'verse has gotten me so involved with the characters. Not Harry Potter, not The Lord of the Rings, nothing. If you can make me cry like a baby over the fate of a STICK FIGURE, quake in fear when another major character seems on the verge of death, and then punch the air in exultation at her ally's massive awesomeness two strips later, you know you're a fantastic storyteller.
    • Agreed. No other webcomic manages to pull off such a mix of comedy and drama with such success... and in spite of a thoroughly ridiculous art style too!
    • I actually think the art style is adorable. OOTS combines a gripping plot, lovable characters, some serious moral questions, geeky gamer humor, and endlessly quotable dialogue full of a boatload of wordplay and double entendre. And the way it constantly lampshades, subverts, parodies, deconstructs, and otherwise plays with tropes is delightfully clever. I also enjoy that it has strong female characters without falling prey to Real Women Never Wear Dresses, and that it averts Humans Are White. (Heck, it's the only webcomic I know of with a black protagonist other than a long-defunct one written by two friends of mine.)
  • Rice Boy is funny, weird, touching, and absolutely beautiful. And TOE is a badass.
    • Amen to that. It's really a shame that more people don't know about it...
  • Kid Radd is the most beautiful, touching and amazing webcomic I have ever read - I would definitely call it the greatest webcomic ever.
  • The Phoenix Requiem might be one of the better webcomics on the... er... web. Its characters are interesting and real, its art excellent, its story compelling. Check it out.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Recipe: Mix one part adrenaline and one part nitrous oxide, put it in a can, and serve it piping hot Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now in color!
    • This strip manages to escalate with every new arc. Every one. The sheer imagination and Crazy Awesome are just jaw-dropping,and the almost-but-not-quite straight-faced attitude of the characters to the Mundane Fantastic is unique.
    • This comic is proof positive that your plot can make almost no sense and still be fucking brilliant.
    • Not only that, just when you think it can not get anymore ridiculous, something happens that causes your head to explode with the pure awesomeness of it. And just when you think that's the limit, IT HAPPENS AGAIN.
  • xkcd is great in general, but "A Bunch Of Rocks" is just incredible.
    • That strip is so awesome, it hurts.
      • I edited that comic for the memorial of a friend... it's the sort of afterlife he would have wanted. And he was a big xkcd fan.
      • Seconded. Here's the evidence.
    • Its first Crowning Moment of Awesome has to be the conclusion of the Barrel arc [1][2][3][4][5][6]. Even its Alt Text agrees.
    • As if you needed more proof, check out the Movie Narrative Charts, and then Gravity Wells.
    • XKCD really deserves to be gushed over. It's not just that they know their stuff. They know much more than just their stuff, and they know how to make it all into a great comic. Reading the archive leads to instance over instance of "I wish I had thought of that", heartwarming, and just plain respect for the comic.
      • Amen.
      • I'm constantly exclaiming "That totally describes my LIFE!" when reading xkcd.
  • There's a reason why Penny Arcade is one of the longest lasting webcomics so far and one of the most succesful, spanning a charity, an annual expo and a videogame... a videogame (loosely) based on a gaming webcomic!
    • I love Penny Arcade so much. I love their humor and their artwork, but the #1 thing I love about it is Gabe. I always love seeing what he is up to next, he's so funny (and cute too).
  • I cannot sing the praises of Hark! A Vagrant enough. Kate Beaton can do quick sketches and amazing paintings and they'll all be fantastic. She's so funny and you actually LEARN something historical from them (well okay maybe not the Napoleon ones).
  • The Ten Doctors is one of the most brilliant pieces of Doctor Who fanfiction I have ever seen. It features absolutely every Doctor, companion, and major villain since the series began — and still manages to give each one something to do, and deliver a rousing story. It's like watching a juggler keep twenty balls in the air at once.
  • Two Lumps is like Garfield, only about five hundred times funnier.
  • minus is pure fun and imagination distilled into single pages. It is funny, beautiful, entertaining and sometimes even terrifying. It is made of creativity and originality and win and everyone should read it.
    • YES. YES. YES!
  • 8-Bit Theater is a hilarious trip down an unnecessarily-drawn-out memory lane for those who have played Final Fantasy I.
    • ... and for everyone who hasn't, it's just a darkly hilarious sprite comic with brilliant writing.
    • I almost can't express how much I love this comic. I only discovered it a few months ago, by which time it was effectively over. However, this allowed me to read nine years worth of strips in a matter of weeks, getting the whole story at once. It is truly the most hilarious thing I've ever read, from strip number 1 to 1225.
  • Sinfest is awesome. Political and religious and Just for Fun cartoons done right. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C.
    • My own gushing consists of Sinfest being the first webcomic to make me -care- about the characters. I actually -cared- whenever someone had a problem and I truly hoped things would end up well!
  • Megatokyo, Kudzu Plot and all, can still make me laugh, cry, and feel shocked and ashamed at its tale of people stumbling towards relationships in an atmosphere of Absurdity Ascendant. I want these made-up people to find love and support whilst I giggle and gasp at the mecha run by the division of the police that facilitates disasters run by someone whose wife and daughter is a Magical Girl and his daughter keeps a zombified Godzilla and harbours a crush on the protagonist whose sorta-girlfriend/idol was saved by an enigmatic Elegant Gothic Lolita magical girl from being blown up by the black-ops division of Sony... look, just read it. Keep clear of the Broken Base, though.
    • Seconded; I own all the books and am waiting impatiently for my first Megatokyo T-shirt to arrive. No other webcomic has absorbed me so deeply in its world; it's hilarious, touching, confusing, thought-provoking and ultimately very, very satisfying.
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship is the finest Dead Baby Comedy known to mankind.
  • Dresden Codak is perhaps the closest I will ever come to Ghost in the Shell and Serial Experiments Lain in the world of webcomics. The writing is brilliant, filled with deep meaning and brilliant, half dada half meaningful quotes and so many Genius Bonus and anti- Low Referance Pools it's like a seventh irony powered secular heaven I refuse to acknowledge. not only does it have Richard P Feynmann, it has Richard P. Feynmann playing bongo drums.
  • Girly is made of shiny. It has some very developed plots. It has the awesome characters, with great Character Development. It Played With Tropes like it was made to do it. The Fanservice feels justified. Even the lesbian relationship is treated more like a relationship than a niche lesbian relationship.
  • Terinu is a bloody brilliant, full page space opera, with well rounded characters, intrigue and friggin gorgeous art that's worthy of Marvel or DC. All done part-time by a nurse living down in Melbourne, Australia, a nation that is Made of Awesome.
  • Sodium Eyes has great artwork, humorous writing, and good characters.
  • Ozy & Millie, of course. With ten years of archives to binge on, even if it's over, there's always something you missed, or forgot about and can come back and laugh at— and it's fun to watch the art and characters evolve. Fun and genuinely likeable (and often quotable! "The universe is both vast and wide. Why, then, do you wear pants in which you could smuggle Volkswagens?") characters, social satire, and wit all combine for a comic that I suspect will never get old.
  • One Over Zero is gloriously funny and well-characterized three-walled enjoyment.
  • Freefall is non-human centered, smart, consistently very funny, and has a deep story. Takes quite a few hours to read the entire archive, but it's certainly worth it.
  • Irregular Webcomic! is still the best thing on the internet in my opinion. Some days it's incredibly funny, some days incredibly clever, and some days it just teaches me astrophysics, but the things it does with it's own stories and the fact that, through nothing but humor, it has created a world that's just awesome are enough to keep me coming back to the website every single day genuinely excited to see the next strip.
  • I spent the better portion of my afternoon making a TV Tropes page for Goodbye Chains, an underrated web comic, because I'm hopelessly addicted to it. True, there isn't much of a grand story (yet for all I know), but the clever writing and character interacts (especially between the two main characters) are a delight. Plus it has gay. Yes, I am a Yaoi Fangirl. Though it doesn't fall into the stereotypical gay territory and the story doesn't focus on that aspect.
    • And I (a non Yaoi Fangirl!) am eternally grateful— after discovering the comic on here, I went on an Archive Binge and now look forward to Goodbye Chains updating more than most of my TV shows (and for me, that's saying something).
    • Goodbye Chains is awesome in every sense I can think of. And thank YOU TV Tropes, for introducing me to it!
  • Always Raining Here has amazing art, great characters, and looks like the creators and going to have a good, long, and interesting story.
  • The Comic Adventures of Left & Right is oddly compelling and I'm at a loss to describe how. What really makes it stand out is how conducive it is to randomization. At least 75% of the randomizer's output is gold.
  • Head Trip. Funny, kickass and with really good art, this is how you do Life Embellished, dammit! Oh, and it's ultimate Crowning Moment of Awesome is that Twilight parody. Yes, that one. I have it printed out and stuck on my wall.
  • Lackadaisy - Astonishing, vibrant art? Check. Roaring Twenties vibe in every page? Check. A varied and sumptuously intriguing cast of characters? Check. A winning trickster hero? Check. Who could ask for anything more?
    • Also, if you are not a furry yet, you will be after reading it. * ahem*
  • I am really surprised at all the flame that Ctrl+Alt+Del gets around here. It is funny in a way that all gamers (the intended demographic) can enjoy, yet still maintains some edge of seriousness that makes you want to care about the characters. During an Archive Binge when I got to the infamous miscarriage scene, apparently I was the only one to think it was a Tear Jerker.
    • You be not alone! I was genuinely shocked with the miscarriage strip when I first saw it.
  • Looking for Group. Just...Richard.
  • Schlock Mercenary. Consistently funny and well plotted and manages the potentially tricky task of making space mercenaries be likable, funny, a lot more competent than their enemies give them credit for, and badass. Particularly Schlock who is one of the finest protagonists out there. Also the other major mercenary figures, of which there are gratifyingly quite a few, as would be plausible for such a company. The art quality has also increased over time to actually pretty darn good as well and with its never missing a day all this adds up to one fabulous webcomic.
  • Wondermark may reserve more than half of its real estate for text, but the punchline always pays off. Skeletons are funny. Skeletons with top hats are over the top.
  • Concerned is a Half-Life 2 fan comic which is quite possibly the funniest thing ever. Gordon Frohman (No, Frohman) is a whole new kind of stupid, as in he stays funny, the characterisation is still spot on, and yet the Downer Ending is still a Tear Jerker. Its over now, but it was great while it lasted.
    • Seconded. Frohman, you and your lethally hilarious antics will be remembered. I will continue to stubbornly consider the events of that comic canon, even in the face of continuity.
    • There is a reason male_7, the model of Gordon Frohman, is so frequently used in G Mod comedies. The comic has inspired a lot of great comedy in the G Mod community. It is to the point where there is some WMG that Valve has snuck some Concerned nods in HL2: Ep.2
  • Sins. It's hilarious, it has an interesting plot and a fascinating universe...the characters are great, and the art is simple but still awesome. Definitely a more obscure comic that Needs More Love.
  • Problem Sleuth was an absolutely amazing epic story mixed with wonderful random comedy, made even more random by the method in which the comic was made. Reading through the archives, it's hard to believe that it wasn't planned. The current MS Paint Adventure, Homestuck, is shaping up to be just as wonderful.
    • Homestuck has all but surpassed its predecessor by this point, thanks to its improved art style, use of flash segments, and wonderful music. It also helps that despite all the surreal humor it utilizes, the characters are still very relatable, and their conflicts and victories manage to elicit genuine emotional responses from the reader.
    • It may well be noted that, unlike most webcomics which are just comics that happen to be on the Internet, MSPA takes advantage of its format. Animated sequences and music are mainstays of the story by now. Add to that the Crazy Awesome fandom and there's a winner. (Oh, and genfic isn't a redheaded stepchild here!)
      • For all of its animation and music, perhaps the single most impressive achievement of Homestuck is making walls of text both enjoyable and central to character development.
    • I am firmly convinced that the strip Descend is the most perfect video ever. The combination of humor, epic, and sadness is absolutely absurd, and the fact that the music is so awesome certainly helps. I have watched it at least fifty times, and am not going to stop anytime soon.
    • And I am now convinced that even Descend has been surpassed, with the truly fantastic Cascade. Thirteen minutes of pure, amazing, awesome, with even better music than before. Andrew just keeps topping himself.
    • Seconded and thirded and fourthed ALL THE WAY TO INFINITY. Homestuck is without a doubt one of the greatest things I have ever read. I can barely find anything to complain about, and I criticize fiction for a hobby. I love the way it can be funny, dramatic, tragic and awesome all at once, I love the way the plot is insanely complex but can still be followed, I love the way so many things seem insane and random but always manage to makes sense, I love the limitless layers of hidden plot elements, symbolism and patterns, I LOVE EVERYTHING.
  • Dinosaur Comics is both ridiculously clever and So Bad, It's Good.
  • No Daisy Owl? For shame.
  • I am surprised that Newshounds is so obscure in this wiki. Thomas K. Dye's dialogue is clever and biting without being gratuitously cynical, his characters are awesome and the new format has truly shown how talented at writing Dye is.
  • Cuanta Vida (link leads to first page) is probably the most well-known fanwork of the Team Fortress 2 fandom, and it's really not hard to see why. Its individual characters are even more distinct than the TF2 classes, the story is well-constructed, and by the time you get to the end (so far), you just want more. Oh, and Slash fans? Ho Yay abounds, but even non-Slash fans can enjoy this.
    • Seconded. Cuanta Vida is one of the best TF2 fanfics ever written. Everything about it is great. I read it from beginning to end in just one sitting, it is truly wonderful.
  • The merely whacky first strips of Emergency Exit were fun, but when the whackiness starts to form a coheisive plot, along with a greatly improved art style, awsomeness ensues.
  • Pictures Of You is my favourite Webcomic (sharing the podest with Gunnerkrigg Court). The way Gibson Twist protrays the relationsips of the group is just unbelivably natural. Go read it!
    • Heartily seconded. The characters are funny, tragic, and so, so true.
  • Doc Rat is a personal favorite right here. It may get a bit punny, and may get a little preachy about video game addiction and smoking hazards, but it has defined characters, delightful dialog, and more than a few Crowning Moments of Funny and (shockingly) Crowning Moments of Heartwarming. It doesn't take long to blaze through at the moment of writing, but you will find it charming and more than a little endearing.
  • Anything made by Sandra K. Fuhr really; Boy Meets Boy is webcomic classic, and the subsequent sequels aren't bad either
  • Sluggy Freelance. I was introduced to the webcomic a few months ago and have only recently finished the epic archive, and never once did the humour wear thin. It managed to pull off Cerebus Syndrome remarkably well, and the serious moments thrown into the usually silly, happy plot are extremely poignant and occasionally heartbreaking.
    • A webcomic where just about anything can happen (so long as it's PG-13) that runs the gamut of every genre imaginable without ever losing the humor and endearing characters at its core. Plus the thing's so frickin' huge that, by the time you finish your Archive Trawl, you'll be ready to go back and re-read your old favorites again.
  • No Fourth Wall to Break. Like 1/0 without the Cerebus Syndrome. Cut down in the prime of life by Schedule Slip. Ah, well. Things could always be worse. Like, what if you were covered in bees? That'd be pretty bad.
  • There is no other webcomic like Paranatural. It's one of the funniest and best drawn comics around, in print or online, and there isn't even one strip that doesnt evoke multiple belly laughs. Not to mention that the creator, Zack Morrison is always up for a chat in the comment box, and is always exceedingly nice and funny.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Cyanide and Happiness. Yes, they're Dead Baby Comedies. Yes, they both cross the line at least twice per comic, but goddamn they're funny.
  • Reasonably Clever. How many webcomics can you name that start with an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, then manages to work in a Mario Batali robot, The Matrix, a Doctor Who spinoff who is a Chilli chef, an entire organization of Red Herrings, Tony Stark, Advent Calendars (TWICE!), and cosplaying as Wash from Firefly during a [[Zombie Apocalypse]] as part of a semi-recognizable plot, and be made entirely from legos?
  • The Book of Biff is a wonderful one a day comic about the titular Biff's misadventures. And how.
  • Digger. A beautifully done webcomic with its own mythologies and backstories, as well as great characters that really make you feel for them. Also OMG the main character is a stoic wombat.
  • I'd also like to mention Breakfast of the Gods a well-done story that takes a darker look into the world of cereal mascots, and is all-around very engrossing.
  • You know what, screw the haters. Dominic Deegan is an awesome comic with an interesting world and neat characters. It may not be perfect, but it works.
    • Amen, preach brotha!
    • It's by far not perfect, but that doesn't stop it from being one hell of a good comic that I spend days at a time reading and re-reading it.
  • Penny and Aggie is my favourite online comic. It's a teen dramedy that plays with and sometimes subverts common Teen Drama and Kid Com tropes, features three-dimensional characters whose personalities and lives actually change (no SnapBacks or ResetButtons here), alternates between goofy humour and angst (but not Wangst), and is woman- and gay-friendly.
  • Nature Of Natures Art. It's not without its flaws (sometimes the Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness works against the mood, for example) but it has beautiful artwork (done in oekaki, no less!), an imaginative and well-thought-out setting, tons of creative fighting styles and names, a complete aversion of Small Taxonomy Pools, and it's very well-written. And every arc has something special to call its own, be it 10%+ with its balance of humour and drama, Secretary with its endless Mind Screws, or Lycosa with its surprisingly likeable spider characters.
  • Dead Of Summer. Sure, it has lots of blood and guts, but it's a Zombie Apocalypse. What did you expect? Not only that, but it delves into issues rarely seen in other zombie-centric works, with sections about the animals affected by it too. Plus it has The Protomen as major characters.
  • Brawl in the Family. It is a hilarious, well drawn, and uplifting take on the characters involved in super smash bros brawl ,as well as Nintendo as a whole. It also manages to pull off being mostly a simple strip with little complexity, but when it wants to can pull off huge, complex and creative material in a way that never feels to different from the regular comic.
    • And unlike most comics, the humor is probably the least inappropriate I have seen. It actually makes the pages more clever and more uplifting. Also now I want to Andeleine is a future Kirby game. Also Matthew Toronto has an amazing singing voice.
  • How I Killed Your Master has interesting characters and surprisingly awesome action. But what puts it here is the orgasmic art - especially the new coloured strips. Liu Wong is slowly becoming extremely awesome as well.
  • White Noise. Art quality rarely seen on the web (which unfortunately limits it to one-a-week), outstanding characters, an excellent After the End scenario, and heaps of sheer Badassery? Sign me up!
  • Questionable Content is great. A constantly evolving art style, numerous, yet interesting, characters and a flowing story.
    • Really? That's all you have to say? You didn't mention: The seamless intertwining of comedy and drama, the complex plots, or the FANSERVICE. I'm even writing a fanfic on it (Marigold/Sven), and I'm against fanfic of any form. Plus, Marigold is damn adorable!
    • The quality of QC is blatantly obvious, but the greatness of it really hit me when I realised how much the story had gripped me. When reading through the comic for the first time, the event (you all know which one) made me cry and left me depressed for a good couple of days afterwards, that's how emotionally attached I had become to the characters. It's one of the very few webcomics to affect me like this, and if that wasn't enough, the humour is brilliant, the artwork has become amazing, and the characters feel more real than in any other comic I've ever read.

  • I love Ghosts of the Future. It is the epitome of Dark Fic, but it is brilliantly written and breathtakingly illustrated, a heartrending reimagining of the Sonic storyline that will actually make you love and root for some of the most despised characters in the Sonicverse.
  • As a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, The Last Days of FOXHOUND managed to make me look at the whole series in a different light. It's a superb comic, and like Order of the Stick, it does Cerebus Syndrome right, still being awesomely funny a few strips away from a massive Downer Ending.
  • Juathuur, the webcomic I made my mission to Entry Pimp, is one of the best I've read. The characters (Loads And Loads Of Them) are complex and interesting, the conflict is never a simple good vs evil, and the world is deep and evocative. Best of all, it is frequently updated (3 times/week full color. When it was black&white it updated every weekday!). Go read it now here.
  • Men In Hats is one of the best webcomics out there. The comic is unrelentingly dark, with no chances for any of the characters to get a clue or be nicer. It shows complete hilarity at every turn, with amazing degrees of idiocy and sociopathy. Check it out when you can.
  • Cat And Girl is so introspective and sardonic.
  • How is The Meek not up here yet? Even for those of us who have just started, the art is so incredibly beautiful - all the characters are fully realized, it's funny, scary, touching, and a real page-turner, if it was printed on paper. Only in the middle of chapter 2 and I'm as involved in the story as I am in Girl Genius or Order of the Stick.
    • Plus, Der-Shing's witty commentary and warped sense ofhumor make it that much sweeter.
  • No El Goonish Shive! The Chris Carter Effect aside this comic is worth the wait. Lots of Character Development all around (even for the Alpha Bitch)and can seamlessly switch from funny to serious to just plain strange. Gender-Bending Birthdays FTW!
    • Seconded up in this bitch! This is my favorite webcomic, period. I LIKE the fact that the plot is a Kudzu Plot! Just because he hasn't gotten to Lord Tedd and other things yet doesn't mean he won't. I L-O-V-E this comic, and Dan Shive is my hero. Nothing makes me laugh like EGS! George is king of hilarity, and Tedd of awesomeness!
    • Third! When I heard that this comic had Gender Bending, I thought I would dislike it, but I find even more endearing. The characters are memorable, if not by themselves, then by their interpersonal relationships. The art later on is actually some of the best I've seen in a webcomic. And all the main cast are likable, I don't even care if Grace is considered a Mary Sue, I still think she's awesome!
    • I've always been impressed how meticulously thought-out late EGS is, all while retaining story flow, humor, and characterization. It's action is exciting, but the story feels like something comfortable to return to, like a cup of tea.
  • Kaspall. Not just beautifully drawn, not just filled with superb and subtle characterization, but the plot is astounding. Comparable to 1/0 for its fearless development of metafiction, but doing so in the framework of a supernatural suspense thriller. Not to be missed.
  • Why isn't Bittersweet Candy Bowl here? Never has the story of anthropomorphic dogs and cats been so gripping and heartwarming. A beautiful story.
    • That only begins to describe it. Despite being anthromorphic dogs and cats, the characters feel very three dimensional that at times you forget that there anthropomorphic dogs and cats , aside from Lampshade Hanging moments. The comic also has really nice art that leads to really well done expressions that will drive the emotional moments even more. It also deconstructs some very common, and sometimes annoying, tropes in romance stories such as Tsundere or Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male and the long-term consequences that can arise from them.
  • A Softer World is the best argument for the continued existence of mankind.
  • A Beginner's Guide to the End of the Universe: an Interactive Comic that begins with a Myst-reminiscent Ontological Mystery and develops into something quite unique and strangely compelling. The stick-figure-and-greyscale-clip-art style complements the surreal nature of the comic perfectly as you set out to explore a world of chilling desolation and inexplicably malevolent void creatures... and that's only the beginning.
  • Goblins: What starts off as a run-of-the-mill D&D comic with average jokes and mediocre puns becomes an intense page-turner and one of the most triumphant examples of Cerebus Syndrome. While still humorous at times, there are no punches pulled when bad things happen; which makes the payoffs all the more rewarding.
  • The Dragon Doctors. Admittedly, it doesn't have the best arc, but the story completely makes up for it. What starts out looking like a standard Transformation Comic really starts to get going during the Mr. Smith arc. Every Plot Hole can be beliavably explained, every character is human enough to be relatable bespite the fantastic setting, and there are several awesome moments to boot.
  • Axe Cop is written by a 6-year-old. And it is awesome.
  • Worst Of The Time Lords is one hell of a good comic, whether you're a Doctor Who fan or not.
  • Toothpaste For Dinner and Married to the Sea are really good comics that just don't get enough attention. Why, I will never know.
  • Slightly Damned (start here): Initially, I was turned away by the title. The first 50 or so pages don't have great art. Its story starts in hell? But when I got past these things, I found one of the funniest, most heartwarming comics on the internet. The comedy is golden between Deadpan Snarker Rhea and The Ditz Buwaro, who for being a demon is an extremely lovable character. Also, the art in the more recent pages is some of the best stuff I have ever seen, of any comic genre, ever.
    • Another noteworthy (and awesome) thing about Slightly Damned is that, unlike many other webcomics, there was an actual plan for the overall story all the way from the start. Going back and reading some of the first strips, you notice tons of forshadowing and hints about events that would not be properly revealed until four or five years later in the comics run. That's pretty damn impressive.
  • Archipelago: A fantasy world that starts with a man waking up with no memories, and actually does this trope well! While the art at the beginning leaves a bit to be desired, from the very get-go the characters are charming, humorous, and lovable. And I mean all the characters: the main villain is a sadistic pirate king who loves to torture and raid, and yet he is one of the most Affably Evil characters ever. A beautiful mix of heroism, comedy, and romance.
  • See, I know I really shouldn't, but I just have to recommend Ansem Retort. Yes, it's Black Comedy at it's finest. Yes, you can feel yourself getting a bit closer to hell every time you laugh. Yes, you will be offended if you have had a pulse at some point over the last fifteen years. Is it still freaking hilarious? YES.
  • Most Korean webtoons, but especially Noblesse is awesome. It is filled with extremely Badass actions who are responsible for many cool fights, AMAZING art style and very VERY attractive male characters, fascinating story that picks up quickly, and has a very good balance between humor and action.
  • Bug is definitely one of the most hilarious web comics ever made.
  • For me, Elf Only Inn was an instant favourite, particularly regarding the comics before the Genre Shift. While cynical and hilarious at times, the main reason for this is that it captures 90% of online roleplaying so well!
  • Have any of you ever heard of Union of Heroes? No, you probably haven't, as it is a Germany-based photocomic. And yet, it is awesome. It is currently the only webcomic I have found that takes a superhero theme and plays it straight. The photomanipulated special effects are seamless, and the story has me hooked. It is a little simplistic, but that's part of its charm. The action sequences are very well done. If you can forgive some awkward dialogue that results from translation from German, and you like superheroes, I can guarantee you will not regret giving Union of Heroes a shot.
  • Alien Dice. I just fell in love with these characters. The story beautifully portrays the suffering of an alien gladiator, but mixes in a good bit of light-heartedness as well, turning a blue battle-weary slave into a beautiful woobie. I could really sympathize with them as they struggle against an organization determined to keep them oppressed, along with several other random forces in the universe. Mix in an array of cute critters, spaceships, and beautiful-looking art,and you have a webcomic that has held my interest and not let it go for the past two years.
  • Next Town Over. This comic has gorgeous art, great fight scenes, and takes Show, Don't Tell to it's inevitable conclusion. Seriously. There is not a line in the thing that doesn't need to be. All the character relationships are unspoken, but obvious through the use of echo, paratext, etc. Did I mention it's a Steam Punk Western Urban Fantasy?
  • Winters In Lavelle is desperately in need of a mention. The plot, so far, is sort of like that of Narnia, but with the awkward religious themes removed and a concentrated dose of awesome pumped in. The characters are well-written and realistic, but also mind-bendingly unpredictable. The artwork is already good and working its way through subtle-yet-amazing improvements...why are you still reading this? Go read the comic already!
  • Black Adventures is so deliciously random. Can be viewed here [7].
  • Commander Kitty is an Affectionate Parody of sci-fi tropes with a surprisingly lovable Ragtag Bunch of Misfits as they strive to become the greatest spacers in the galaxy. Also features a cyborg red panda and a hilarious and surprisingly adorable Big Bad. Read it here!
  • Excuse me, but I just totally Archive Binged on Roommates and Girls Next Door and I really, really need to squee on how funny, clever, and even moving these Massive Multiplayer Crossovers are. They are each in their own way wonderful meta-commentaries on a bunch of beloved characters and what makes them (and the readers) tick. My only problem now is I'm stuck waiting for the updates like everyone else.
  • Supernormal Step deserves way more attention than it's gotten so far. The art and dialogue were a little wonky at the start, but it has a killer (and deceptively simple) concept that has developed into a well-written, multifaceted genre mashup — the best way I can describe it is an alternate-universe, science fiction/fantasy, slice-of-life, magic-superhero, fish-out-of-water, viva-la-resistance-or-maybe-not kind of thing — with well-rounded characters, a deep and engrossing plot, and an exceedingly fun-to-look-at art style. You can find it here.
  • Oglaf is one of the very, very few sex comedies that does it right. Witty, funny, intelligent, excellently drawn. The twisted fantasy land with its equally bizarre creatures itself makes me laugh every time. It also manages to avoid being sexist or disgusting. If you don't mind NSFW stuff, you should check it out - you might be in for a surprise.
  • Bad Machinery and before it Scary Go Round are fantastic; funny, clever, bizzare and often tangibly, endearingly, British. Joh Allison is a genius.

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