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Webcomic: Newshounds
Newshounds and its continuing series Newshounds II are a long-running Furry Web Comic by Thomas K. Dye. It's about a human woman, Lorna, and the six (originally four) dogs, one cat and one rat she has adopted and employed to work in television news. The original strip lasted from November, 1997 to December, 2006. The continuation started in July, 2007.

In the original Newshounds comic strip run, the team ran KPET, a television channel operating out of Lorna's home.
  • Kevin J. Dog was the cameraman.
  • Wolfram Blitzen and Renata Fayre (both dogs) were the news anchors.
  • Alistair Katt (a cat) was the meteorologist.
  • Sam Shepherd (a dog) was the sports reviewer.
  • Ferris the Rat was the janitor.
  • Rochelle O'Shea (a dog) was later hired then permanently adopted as an on-location news correspondent.
  • Della (a dog), Kevin's steady girlfriend later in the story, was hired as a technician, then was stranded in a remote location after her owners abandoned her, but had moved in permanently by Newshounds II.

In Newshounds II, the comic developed a more page-oriented layout, with the entire team moving on to Mega News West to moderate video blogs.

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