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Webcomic: Kaspall
The Captain (center) and Lieutenant de Montfort (left) question a witness.
Kaspall is a fantasy murder mystery webcomic written and drawn by Lucy Lyall that started in 2005.

Within this comic, Kaspall is the name of the unusual city in which the story takes place. This city is remarkable for two things:

Around the time this story begins, several events are occurring in tandem: a new off-worlder by the name of Alex Gray is being processed by the O.W.R. ("Off-Worlder Registration"); a student psychomantic (mind-mage) named Caroline is doing a field project at the Skein Institute for Professor Jaiva; the Captain and Lieutenant de Montfort ("Call me Harry. Please.") are investigating a curious series of murders; and, in Hazel Karswell's small Greenacre Street apartment building, Sam Goldbourne has fallen behind on paying his rent. Oh, and something odd is happening at a certain mysterious estate.

These facts are, of course, connected.

We recommend starting at the beginning.

(As of Scene 30, the webcomic is nearing its conclusion — the artist has already begun a second project, titled Spare Keys For Strange Doors.)

Contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Kaspall
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