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Webcomic: Keeping The Peace
Shaun: ‘’That’s incredible. I’m really jealous of how much you get to see.’’
Xena: ‘’I’m concerned how you actually believe all this!’’
Shaun: ‘’I didn’t think this place could have talking lizards a few months ago.’’

Keeping the Peace is a fantasy webcomic hosted by comic fury about four universes that are fused together. Sometimes the inhabitants or one quarter of the world find a way to travel to another and either try to conquer each other or interfere with each other’s affairs and screw everything up. The immortal beings of each world find a solution to this: travel to another universe where the important events of the affairs of three of those universes exist in the form of fiction. The mortals from there will be reincarnated into one of the four universes, get the training and skills from the natives that they need, and take care of any arising problems quickly and quietly.

Xena, the most recent addition to these agents has had a record three reincarnations before her first mission, and is the only one available to take care of all three of those universes.

Keeping the Peace provides examples of:

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