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The Veritarc is going to hit the Ulfor's house, and soon.

Point 1. Examine these creatures.

Point 2. "Some say the Veritarc has many children." Examine these children.

Point 3. "Well, guys. Whoever's casting this spell ... I reckon they got a bit of a problem. And either they're carryin' it round with them ... or it's followin' them."

I think Lady Ulfor is going to be in heaps of trouble — and soon.Robin Zimm

The mysterious force that opened the doors to guide Caroline and Claudia out of the estate was Mary Baxter.

Think about it — everyone else in the spell is out cold, but Mary Baxter was there enough to tell her husband Roderick she was busy. — Robin Zimm

Addendum: Caroline proposes a related theory.

Joseph Haydon is a werewolf himself, and more powerful than Katherine.
I post this chiefly for completeness. It is almost impossible to my mind that it should not be the case. — Robin Zimm