Funny: Gintama

This page, in a way, is somewhat redundant, since Gintama is a gag series. Nonetheless, there are a few highlights:

  • When even a Recap Episode can have you laughing with tears in your eyes, you know you are in for a lot of these.
  • "Did you escape from a mental zoo?!"
  • Any of the moments that are frightening enough to make Gintoki release his iconic scream of horror.
  • Any moment in the anime that plays the jingle Nani Shiten no Kono Nin Tachi. There are plenty, and they're all hilarious.
  • From the episode when Gintoki got amnesia:
    Shinpachi: "Gin-san! Is Gin-san okay?!"
    Kagura: "YOU TOO, YOU OLD FART!"
  • The entire Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon episode. Combine some Innocent Innuendo said by Gintoki, and you get such hilarity that you need to be careful not to break a rib.
  • The gokon episode.
  • Kagura's rap song.
    • After that, Kagura threw a skateboard at Shinpachi's head.
  • Episode 50, where the characters suggest improvements to the show. Cue tons of Shout Outs and parodies.
  • During the Benizakura Arc, Matako and Kagura have a spitting contest.
  • Episode 65. Yup, another episode where the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi duke it out. Over beetles.
  • During the Bentendo Owee Arc, when everyone is waiting in line for the Bentendo Owee, Musashi mentions that he waited in line for it for three years.
    • That's it? That doesn't even compare to the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi waiting in line, Katsura thinking he's getting a Famicom, Yamazaki playing Kabaddi, the riot inside the store, Katsura dressed as Mario er—Katsuo and Elizabeth as Luigi, Hijikata falling for the disguise as he declares himself to be a Bentendo fan and berates Okita who is a Zega fan as well as Kondo who is a Zony fan with this hilarious quote. And that's just episode 98.
    Hijikata: You Zega fans should be quiet and play your Creamcast, stupid. Keep waiting for your sequel to Shenmue, stupid.
    Okita: I'll keep on waiting no matter what anyone says. I'm sure it will come back.
    Kondo: Both of you stop it.
    Hijikata: Keep quiet, you Zony lover.
    • Episode 99: The entire Dating Sim game with one way to win is to bonk the heroine first with choices that result in getting the player killed or even dating the heroine's mother. Turns out, bonking means knocking the heroine off the cliff. Then there's pixelated vomit Tetris game. Kondo and Shinpachi had to resort in Button Mashing which breaks the laws of game physics to win their respective games but still lose anyway.
      • Finally, the entire Dragon Quest parody game that had bugs which effects Hijikata Chi*bleep*kasu, named by Okita which means penis scum, starting with only 3 HP and Gintoki Kintoki being poisoned. Then there's this scene:
    Hijikata: (seeing Gintoki poisoned]) How pathetic. We'll be moving ahead in this game while you're fooling around. (Walks away and stubs his toe into a sign) Ow. (Dies and becomes a coffin.) WHAT THE—?!
    • Hiariously using the Grievous Harm with a Body trope, Gintoki uses the elder as a weapon who becomes a corpse and splits it with Hijikata to fight the bandits. Okita came in with a king that shoots lightning and then Kagura came with the Demon King. The ending... Gintoki takes off his virtual headset to reveal he was beating up Shinpachi while the others beat up everyone else.
  • "Health me!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Shape! Shape up now!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Pulp! Pulp Fiction!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Herpes! Herpes me!"
  • In an early episode when Katsura is hiding with Ikumatsu and Elizabeth is looking for him, it is wearing a Katsura wig. When somebody approaches it and says that nobody out there looks like Katsura, Elizabeth shoots lasers from her eyes and hurts the poor guy.
  • Why you should never drink from a river.
  • Katsura as Ill Smith.
  • "DONDAKE!"
  • In the second episode of the Yoshiwara arc, the entire exchange that occurs after Gintoki's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Gintoki: (removes kunai stuck into his head) What are you talking about? I didn't get hit at all.
  • Gintoki's perfect scream in episode 153.
  • After finally defeating the Red Spider Arc's villain, how does everyone in Yoshiwara get Tsukuyo and Gintoki to relax? By secretly setting up a date the only way a red-light district can. It gets more hilarious when it's revealed that Tsukuyo Can't Hold Her Liquor... at all.
  • During the Onmyoji Arc, in the tag team match, a fight of epic proportions is held using... Gintoki's balls. It has to be seen to be believed (or understood at all for that matter).
  • How they open up the newest season of Gintama. By a Time Skip of all things!
    • Shinpachi's reaction to Kondo and Otae getting together.
  • Pretty much the whole first half of Episode 205 with Yamazaki going through a Sanity Slippage by eating nothing but Anpan in the past 30 days. He even results in sparking anpan at people, including Hijikata!
    • Day 30 of living on Anpan:
  • Episode 210. Pirako being named Birabirabirabirako Man.
    • Gintoki fakes getting hurt by patting on the shoulder and even spews blood! Kagura does the same thing too for no reason.
  • Episode 216. Everything involving the Patriot.
  • Episode 219. The whole Running Gag of the cast borrowing games from a guy named Takeshi and not returning them.
  • Episode 220. The secret Biraja spring that increases sexual drive, among other things.
    • When Hedoro suggests to treat Gintoki and co. in Edo-fashion after the latter made it up to cover their utter mistakes, Okita immediately tries to run away only to slip and crash into the pile of bins.
  • Episode 221 and 222. The monkey's Overly Long Name as well as Issac Schneider and Balmung Fezalion.
    • You mean "Jugem-Jugem Shit-Tossing The Life Of Shin-chan's Two-Day-Old Underwear Balmung Fezalion Isaac Schneider 1/3True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignore Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout-Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish,I'm Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe All's Well That Ends Well Runny Diarrhea", right?
    • Hell Fakinaway and Bad Communication!
  • Episode 223. The Poop and Ice Cream Radar.
  • Episode 224. "There are jellyfish on your shoulders."
  • Episode 227. Gintoki and Pinko.
    • Kyubei appears... but it's only Tojo's Pinko dressed as her.
    • Okita appears and immediately made Kondo's Sayaka his instantly!
  • Episode 228. The satire of the "indirect kiss."
    • Kondo as the judge based on the "hard-on factor".
    Gintoki: Gorilla! You just have a permanent hard-on!
    • Okita wins his round by having all of Sayaka obey him.
    • Gintoki being rallied by Kondo ala Ashita no Joe.
    • The otaku's overreactions to pretty much everything.
    • Tojo's round only for him to lose in a Street Fighter minigame by a Shin Shoryuken from the Manager.
    • Sa-chan's round with the game hacked in a Dragon Quest style gameplay.
    • Okita gets a taste of his own medicine when Sayaka enforces a role reversal!
    • The final part of the tournament, Tenchoris!
    • The ending. Gintoki is naked and Sa-chan is busy taking pics much to her glee.
  • Both Crossover specials with Sket Dance counts.
  • Episode 231. That is all.
  • The opening of Episode 224 counts as one when you usually see the antics, and then they Break The Fourth Wall by having all four crash with each other.
  • The rap battle in episode 244.
  • Originally there was mass confusion as Sunrise announced the second Gintama anime was going to end. Cue episode 252 wherein the "on the next episode" preview shows the start of the Kintama arc which would have taken more than one episode. Meaning it couldn't be finishing, right? Episode 252 starts and it's the entire cast saying "We're sorry for all the offensive things we've done!" in even more ridiculous and over the top ways. Fans still weren't sure whether to believe the show was finished or not for a few days after that.
  • In episode 257, the formerly legendary courtesan Suzuran proudly proclaims herself to still be working and boasts of her technique being as good as the younger girls. She then ends up spitting her false teeth straight at Gintoki's crotch.
    "What kind of technique is this?!"
    • Though it gets topped in the very same episode, when the Yorozuya play kick the can with Princess Soyo as an excuse to spy around the castle. Just as Gintoki performs the most epic can-kicking, the shogun appears and immediately gets nailed in the head. More specifically, it slowly grinds against his head, before exploding in the style of a Final Flash beam, to the point of being visible in outer space. Gintoki understandably realizes he's doomed.
  • The entire bodyswap arc and love incense arc is this.
  • The entire Chonmage arc in episodes 151 and 152 including the Shogun's top knot is involved. Even Kondou's pubic hair and Katsura's hair are not saved from the gags
  • A more subtle one is that during Gintama's 12th opening, Sakura Mitsu Tsuki, has a point where the lyrics translate to "We're still chasing" but the pronunciation is "mada oikaketeru." When "mada o" is pronounced, Hasegawa appears on screen.
  • This gem. After Shinpachi gets stranded on a deserted island, he thinks he's all alone, so he tries to make the best of the situation by embracing it, letting loose, and running naked on the beach... before he encounters Hasegawa, who was doing the exact same thing. Embarassed, they decide to ignore it and sympathize over it. It doesn't stop there, as they encounter more characters doing likewise embarassing things: Gintoki trying to fire a Kamehameha, Otae singing "Taiyo no Komachi Angel" (A song by Japanese band B'z) at the top of her lungs, Kyubei drawing an ice cream cone in the sand before a wave comes and erases the bottom part, making look like poop, Kagura seeing a huge cloud in the sky and wondering if the castle of Laputa is up there, and finally Katsura writing "SOS" on the sand... with his piss. Each time, the embarassed character Face Palms as the others try to comfort them, until Gintoki loses his cool at seeing Katsura's antics.
  • Hijikata enters a mayonnaise factory and has a pretty wild and weird Imagine Spot about how it's made and packed... but then faces the harsh, boring-ass reality.
  • Gintoki and Santa Claus troll Kagura in her sleep.
  • Hijikata trying to explain to some kids what policemen on patrol do, but one kid's questions prove especially annoying.
  • This scene, which parodies Star Wars. Especially the opening line:
  • Okita unleashes a Brown Note. Cue distorted visuals, a Relax-o-Vision, and everyone present going nuts.
  • Gintoki and Hijikata desperately need to take a crap, but they're handcuffed together. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Chapter 530: Katsura throwing a sleeping pill to Matsudaira and it rebounds into his mouth. Just check Kondo's reaction after that.
  • Chapter 532 has two true piece of silver: First when Kondo, Matsudaira and Katsura are taking a lighthouse, when Kondo is trying to silence a guard, Katsura was doing the same with... Matusdaira! and then Katsura was suffocating Kondo and Matsudaira to him! Hilarity Ensues.
    • And then when Hijikata and the good guys were going on boat to the island, everyone was working to go towards that part... except Okita who decides to use something unexpected. A freaggin' shark!
  • Chapter 533 brings: When the Alliance is wanting to climb a very high cliff, Kagura have the best idea ever: using the Shinsengumi as stepping stones!!!