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Characters: The Mr. Men Show

Mr. Men

Mr. Tickle

Mr. Happy

Mr. Nosy & Mr. Small

Mr. Bump

Mr. Messy

Mr. Nervous

Mr. Noisy

Mr. Lazy

Mr. Funny

Mr. Persnickety/Fussy

Mr. Bounce

Mr. Strong

Mr. Grumpy

  • Big Ol' Unibrow: Type I.
  • Butt Monkey
  • Catch Phrase: "Crooked cucumbers!"
  • Deadpan Snarker: From Sleep, when he and several other Mr. Men are trying to track down a loud scary noise, thinking it's a monster. They, unsurprisingly, find it's actually Miss. Scary's loud snoring:
    Mr. Strong: "Miss. Scary?"
    Mr. Nervous: "B-b-but she's no monster!"
    Mr. Grumpy: "Well, that depends on how you look at it."
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
    • Took a Level in Kindness: In the original books, he yells at everyone (frightning them into doing whatever he wants), and destroys books and flowers just because he doesn't like them, not to mention trying to make Little Miss Sunshine cross note  just because he doesn't like her being happy; he even assaulted Mr Happy a few times in the books. Here, he's more tolerant of happy people, and instead of yelling or destroying things, is just grumpy and sarcastic.
  • Nice Hat
  • Only Sane Man
  • The Snark Knight
  • Surrounded by Idiots

Mr. Quiet

Mr. Tall

Mr. Rude

Mr. Scatterbrain

Mr. Stubborn

Little Misses

Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Magic

Little Miss Giggles

Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Whoops

Little Miss Calamity

Little Miss Daredevil

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