Characters: Lil Bush

The Crony Squad

Lil' George

"I can't wait till I grow up and become a decider, so I can decide where my pants go."

Lil' Rummy

"I don't know. But I know I don't know, so it's a known unknown. Not one of those unknown unknowns we don't know we don't know, you know?

Lil' Condi

"I'm trying to make myself chubby so Lil' George will think I'm beautiful."

Lil' Cheney

"Ra ra ra Cheney snack ra ra ra."

Bush Family

George Bush Sr.

"They shouldn't call it clam chowder if theres no clams in it!"

Barbara Bush

"It's okay to hate someone, as long as they're different then you."

Jeb Bush

"Eating is hard."

Neil Bush

The Lil' Dems

Lil' Hillary

Lil' Bill

Lil' Barack

Lil' Al Gore

Lil' Nancy Pelosi

Lil' John Kerry

Tiny Kucinich

Lil' Mikey Moore

Other Characters

Lil' Mc Cain

Lil' Laura

Lil' Tony Blair

Mrs. Rice

Condi's mother.

Darth Cheney

Cheney's father.

Mr. Rumsfeld

Rummy's father.

Lil' Fred Thompson

Lil' Giuliani

Lil' Romney

Lil' Ann Coulter and Lil' Katherine Harris

Lil' Karl Rove

Lil' Vladimir Putin

Lil' Kim Jong Il