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KatanaCat Definitely Not A Swarm Of Bees from the Land of Sheep and Saltbush Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Definitely Not A Swarm Of Bees
Jun 3rd 2011 at 11:14:15 AM

I have a lot of weird dreams. When I was about ten (give or take... probably take) I had a dream where I found lots of different kinds of chocolate in the freezer (yes, the freezer). Then when I ate some, it all tasted the same way my mouth actually tasted (i.e. "morning mouth") but for some reason I acted as though it tasted exactly how it was supposed to, even though I was fully aware it didn't. That was a relatively boring one.

Recurring themes: -current-

  • Stuff involving series I like. I may or may not actually be there.
  • Various animals chasing me through the area around a house I don't actually live in any more.
    • Go ahead and ask about either of the ones I had that were like this.
  • Being a yellow-orange cartoon cat.
  • Playing video games in the actual dream. Often, the game bears strong differences from what it's supposed to be like - this is more common if I have not even played the game, and although I know enough to tell something is amiss, my subconscious doesn't care ("You will dream about there being only Day stages in Sonic Unleashed, dammit!).

-ones I used to have, but don't any more-

  • Falling in various places, which may or may not make sense.
  • Getting in trouble for various things, which once again may or may not make sense.

...whew, that was [[Understatement a little longer than I intended]].

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The clock stopped ticking forever ago...
Pirka For every name that's been erased... from a tiny sub in your body Relationship Status: Drift compatible
For every name that's been erased...
Jun 3rd 2011 at 5:13:21 PM

Recurring themes time!

  • Nonexistant cousins (often mixed in with real ones and occasionally with odd-colored hair).
  • "Fake Disney World" (places that claim to be the aforementioned theme park; how much it actually has to do with the real thing varies drastically).
  • Impossibly enormous shopping malls/store complexes
  • Viral marketing, of all things (not real ad campaigns - ones that only exist in the dream).

megamagikarp Voted best hair from Off to the left of nowhere Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Voted best hair
Jun 3rd 2011 at 5:25:13 PM

...Now that I think about it, I don't really have any recurring themes in my dreams...tongue

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AgentDragonhunter from out of the pyre
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:43:29 AM

I just had a dream that scared the crap out of me. It was my house being completely broken by floods and other disasters I couldn't remember. And I could only save so much stuff, and this was the home I'd lived in for all my life (Minus my first three years before we had to get a bigger house). You know I was way too nostalgic about it. When I woke up, I felt like hugging all my old toys and appreciating my home more.

Remind me to never eat too much cake before bed again.


I'm alive and less annoying than ever before.
Takwin Polite smartass. from R'lyeh
Polite smartass.
Jun 4th 2011 at 5:36:03 PM

  • Wow, this thread was made for me. Let's see... For synopsis of a few recent ones:

  • There's also this whopper I had last night: I was traveling the world trying to elude an old enemy of mine, some huge black guy I've never seen before. He might be a football player I saw on TV. Anyway, I was fleeing from this guy and ended up hiding out in a giant industrial plant by the sea. For the life of me I cannot recall what, if anything, this facility actually did, but all my estranged relatives from East Texas were there, including my late great-grandmother. The bad guy, now wielding a massive Powered Armor suit, attacked with a grenade launcher and Iron Man showed up in the nick of time to protect me. Together we defeated him and stripped him of his armor, revealing a shivering man-creature that looked sort of like a Chinese Crested dog. We wanted to imprison him, but apparently his granny owned the factory and she insisted on giving him a job there instead, promising he wouldn't hurt anyone. Then the hurricane happened. I blacked out at some point in the storm, and when I woke up the entire facility had been completely submerged, and there was no coastline in sight. Luckily some of the nearby houses had floated to the surface, and people were now using them as mobile islands, attaching planks in between them to create a sort of Waterworld-type city. I cried my eyes out because I thought that my friend/lover (who was never mentioned at all until this point,) had died, but soon learned that he was alive and well, happily filling his niche in the new society as a fisherman. Somehow I discovered a way to grow crops in flowerpots and became the new hero of this floating oceanic village. And we all lived Happily Ever After.

...Yeah, I have some messed up dreams.

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TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Jun 4th 2011 at 5:37:46 PM

Impossibly enormous shopping malls/store complexes
I have had these dreams before.

I had a dream where for some reason I had to order contacts to fix a vision problem through a government program.

The contacts were in fact specialized light filters and came in various shades I had to wear the right color filter over one eye for a day or two.

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"Who watches the watchmen?"
Hobgoblin Cool Blue Magic from Jylland Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:12:02 PM

I had a dream that the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen was in front of me. And then she stabbed me to death while smiling.

Kind of a mood-killer. I'll probably still call her, though.

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TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:21:36 PM

I am wondering if there are some dream types that are fairly common that we never really knew were common. Like falling/flying/jumping dreams, being lost, large complex building dreams, etc.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
Hobgoblin Cool Blue Magic from Jylland Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:24:37 PM

My Toy Story/Final Fantasy crossover dream had me in a large building. My Spider-Man one too.

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nekoalexa from the same place I've always been
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:25:41 PM

Any time I have a dream of my cousins' house, the house will be much larger and more complex than it really is.

AC:NL Dream Address: 5200-2582-5967
TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:28:05 PM

See I know exactly what you are both talking about in this case. Instead of a house it is damn near a warehouse or something.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
nekoalexa from the same place I've always been
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:29:05 PM

It's more like a mansion type thing in mine. It also has secret passages in closets that lead me to other buildings.tongue

AC:NL Dream Address: 5200-2582-5967
TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:29:49 PM

Well I was using an exteme I remember clearly.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
nekoalexa from the same place I've always been
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:31:40 PM

Hmmm...maybe having super powers in dreams is something that's also more common than we think...

AC:NL Dream Address: 5200-2582-5967
TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:35:18 PM

Indeed extreme strength...freaking lasers in my eyes shooting bullets out of your fingers from pistol bullets to cannon shells.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
AwesomeZombie22 Shaggy haired shaman from somewhere over the rainbow
Jun 4th 2011 at 9:50:45 PM

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I have this recurring daydream where I hear The Heavy sing "Baby", and I cover my mouth and cringe.

Usually here.
Hobgoblin Cool Blue Magic from Jylland Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Zanreo powerful drum
powerful drum
Jun 5th 2011 at 11:13:50 PM

I've had loads of them... one of my favorites so far:

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was friends with Poland, and went to school with him. We were sitting on the floor in the school library(or similar room) working on a school project, which was writing a book report about some book where a guy finds out his wife and kids has been abducted by aliens. Anyway, instead of writing it, we spent most of our time laughing and drinking some weird purple drink he brought. A while later, England slammed in the door, looked angry, and went up to Poland and started fighting him.

Right after that, I had a dream where it was Halloween, and my brother was going to come home from trick-or-treating. I waited for a long time, but he didn't come back. (For some reason we lived in a completely different house in another place) I tried to walk out the back door, but it was blocked... by various monsters and villains. Then, he got back, and was being chased by them. I ran out the front door, and tried to help him, but we both had to run away in the end. They chased us into some huge open place, and a RPG-ish fight started. They had big swords to stab us with, and we both had items, which were all lined up next to our team. After some turns, they used one of their own(some light green thing) to steal one of ours(some weird animal/creature) and with another item, they mixed it with another of their creatures, into a kind of demon creature. They told me it would unleash its full power when it got blood to drink, and I saw they had prepared a tombstone for me. (Strangely, I was never scared because of this, neither in the dream or when waking up.)

Also, for recurring dream-themes:

  • Some or other reference to gaming/anime/internet memes(95% of my more recent dreams are like this. I'm okay with that.)
  • For a while, any reference to Zero Wing, like "All your base are belong to us" or CATS¨
  • Some years ago, portals. Big, mirror-like portals with watery swirls.

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"Everything about this being is a mystery. All we know for sure is that they're always in battle with something."
Jun 6th 2011 at 12:23:46 AM

I was listening to a bunch of 615 Music packages that don't exist, and all of them were from 1995 and had weird names like "World of Valis" or something. They all sounded "epic", and I was in my grandparents' house too

Vorthon from a pale blue dot
Jun 6th 2011 at 5:04:21 AM

I don't remember my dreams from last night, but I must have been 'running', because when I woke up, my bed was pushed out from the wall.

"If there are any gods whose chief concern is man, they can't be very important gods." - Arthur C. Clarke
Pirka For every name that's been erased... from a tiny sub in your body Relationship Status: Drift compatible
For every name that's been erased...
Jun 7th 2011 at 8:33:20 AM

Last night I had the scariest, most vivid nightmare I have had in my entire life. Warning: not only will this probably be tl;dr incarnate, it will also be...well, scary...mostly things in the realm of Body Horror.

The dream began with what was supposedly some kind of PSA film, a Scare 'em Straight-type deal. As the dream went on, it became less and less clear whether it was still a movie or really happening, which was one of the scariest things about it in hindsight.

The "movie" opened with an ordinary suburban family - a mother, a father, a little girl and at least one little boy - in the house on an average day. However, it soon became clear that this was taking place 20 Minutes into the Future (or in a parallel universe) when one of the family members drags a cage containing a mutant, bald, many-legged aardvark/pig-like creature into the room, claiming that it attacked someone or caused some other kind of harm that is never clarified. This is supposedly a major plot point in the "movie's" story, setting up some kind of How We Got Here, but, due to dream logic, this has nothing to do with the actual ending as seen later.

We see that in this world, genetically engineered beings/animals are beyond commonplace, being present in nearly every aspect of the average family's life - mostly engineered for food (similar to Bio Meat), including what appeared to be tiny creatures in pudding cups that you were meant to bite and suck the innards out of (considered an ordinary snack, and apparently sweets/dessert), and, of course, the requisite AGM Heartland pig-like mutants.

We now meet our main characters: the little girl of the average family, and her uncle, a chubby, jovial, slightly rough-around-the-edges guy who it is implied is a factory worker. At what factory, you ask? The one that does the genetic engineering, which is, apparently, either in or just outside the suburb. The girl and the uncle decide to go for a walk to the factory in order to investigate something, possibly the aardvark/pig thing that supposedly attacked someone (speaking of attacks, another one of the things that made this nightmare so vividly disturbing was the number of "false alarm", Jump Cut-type scenes where it looked like the main characters were going to be attacked and killed by things, usually mutant creatures, but always ended up being okay [for instance, a dog-like creature jumps at the uncle, but he turns out to be a Big, Friendly Dog...thing and is merely saying hi])

On the way to the factory, we see that this suburb is dark, damp, and Silent Hill-foggy. There are also puddles all over the ground, as if it had just rained; somehow, my subconscious mind during the dream kept thinking "that is NOT water" - possibly polluted runoff, or even toxic waste. The girl and the uncle see a few wild animals outside; specifically, a small group of candy-colored, many-headed snakes (by many, I don't mean 2 or 3, I mean 10 or 12), inching along on the ground as if it hurts them to move. These conditions don't stop other people from walking their dogs outside. However, the "dogs" are barely dogs at all. One of them is a massive, grey thing with matted hair and a bar of soap for a tongue (this is the one that jumped at the uncle). Another looks normal at first glance (I think it was a Jack Russell), but, upon looking closer, has two HUMAN FACES roughly where its head should be. The girl and the uncle seem almost completely unphased by these mutations, as if they had seen them many times before, but, at the same time, have a strange hint of concern, as if they are wondering what the world was like before all animals were like this. was at this moment that the dream randomly decided to cut to a level of Portal2, complete with mashy spike plates. However, it soon became clear that this was, apparently, a flash-forward to when the girl and her uncle are inside the factory (!?). One of the factory workers is doing a demonstration of human-computer interface, where G La DOS is very briefly mentioned, but then ends up using the computer to put two people's personalities into one body against their will, which is pretty disturbing.

It Got Worse.

As the girl and her uncle venture deeper into the factory, they begin to see darker and darker secrets and more severe what appears to be some kind of "asylum" hidden deep within the factory walls, populated entirely by mutated HUMANS. There was a man who looked normal - with the exception of his massively swelled arm that filled an entire room, like a giant fleshy yam (or something out of Akira). Then, a friendly-looking old man who appeared to be slowly melting was being guided by two white-coated and medical-masked factory workers as he screamed in agony. There was also a man who asked the main characters repeatedly for a "hug": apparently, according to a sort of expository what-if segment, his idea of a "hug" is draining all of your bodily fluid with a lamprey-mouth. Unlike the other creatures, it seemed to be implied that the "asylum people" were mutated, not by genetic engineering or pollution/nuclear waste, but by a parasitic or viral infection. Apparently, this suburb has all of its Body Horror bases covered. It's really a shock that there are normal humans living there at all, in hindsight. Apparently, the only mutant humans are kept in the factory.

After witnessing all of this, the girl and her uncle climb out one side of the factory (out a window) and onto a ledge that faces out to some kind of swamp that looks like it's made of the same polluted fluid as the puddles. Here comes the part I remember most vividly: the ending.

They spot a mutant creature in the water - this one looks almost exactly like the AGM Heartland guy, but a LOT bigger, with an enormous boar's head, and making chittering noises like an insect. The uncle climbs down the ledge and wades in the water (Um, dude...) in order to...capture it? Reason with it? The girl yells after him, but he tells her to stay on the ledge. The creature lunges at the uncle, as if it's about to maul him to death...

...suddenly, two of the white-coated, plastic glove-wearing factory personnel come bursting out of the factory with a massive plastic bag, some kind of hose and a futuristic-looking rifle; they shoot the mutant in the neck and, as if it was designed with a collapsable collarbone, the entire head pops off in an explosion of blood and Ludicrous Gibs, splattering all over the uncle and the workers. The headless body takes a few steps before falling on the ground. The workers proceed to wrap up the head (which is twice the size of a person), as if they still intend to sell it as meat. The girl climbs off the ledge and joins her uncle (or, at least, this is the only spot where it would be logical for her to do so, so I guess it happened here?) as they look at the strange scene.

Within the plastic wrap, the enormous boar's head begins to shift and stir, as if still alive. THEN, IT STARTS TALKING. Or, rather, it starts trying to talk, straining and croaking out things that sound like they might be words. In fact, it sounds like some sort of warning. It seems only the girl and her uncle notice it at all, but both of them aren't sure if it's just their mind playing tricks on them or not.

We then flash forward to the suburban family some time later (it is never explicitly said when...could be days, weeks, months...?). It seems that what the pig-thing was trying to warn them about was that the blood splattered on the uncle was contaminated with something very, very bad.

The dream ended with the entire family infected with some kind of variant of The Virus that caused their eyes to turn icy purple, their mouths to foam while smiling widely as they partake in clawing their own AND each other's throats out.

...and it just ended there. Assumedly, they all died, and possibly spread the plague to the rest of humanity.

Guh, writing it all out is making me relive it all again... >_< However, the truth is, that, though this was scary as all hell, it was also kind of awesome. It would make a pretty damn good Survival Horror game or something.


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CinemaZebra from The Texas Panhandle
Jun 7th 2011 at 10:17:53 AM

I was on a roller coaster with a creepy announcer guy who appeared as a hologram above the front car every now and then. That was two nights ago.

Last night, I was playing in an empty parking lot the size of a football stadium with some friends and somehow I died, but it turned out later that I survived and just became mute, and THEN it turned out that I could speak after all. My hair was also shorter after my supposed death. There was some bad guy behind it all, but I don't remember him.

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thespacephantom Cathedral from on thin ice
Jun 8th 2011 at 9:43:45 AM

[up][up]HOLY FUCK.

As he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.
lee4hmz 486-powered rotating Orange Crush Pop-Tart from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac Relationship Status: Chocolate!
486-powered rotating Orange Crush Pop-Tart
Jun 8th 2011 at 9:46:26 AM

I dreamt that I was at the store where I bought my shoes, and for some reason I was buying a crutch there, and they wanted like $75 for it. I thought it over, decided it was too muhc, and wanted my money back. That's all I remember.

I don't know why I wanted a crutch, since my legs were working fine, but I needed one for some reason.

This space for rent
Hobgoblin Cool Blue Magic from Jylland Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Jun 8th 2011 at 9:51:28 AM


[up][up][up][up]You, sir, need to lay off the sugar. o_o

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