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  • Accidental Aesop: Don't feed the bears, or they'll become mischievous like Yogi.
  • Accidental Innuendo: In "Booby Trapped Bear", the chief of the Rangers arrives to assess the situation because he was informed that someone was "molesting a bear." In the sixties, Molest meant "Pester and harass", as opposed to pestering and harassing in a decidedly different sense.
    • One of the movie's posters had a close-up of Yogi's and Boo Boo's faces, Yogi behind Boo Boo. The tagline? "Great things come in bears".
  • Awesome Music: Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear...
    • Pretty much EVERY song sung by Cindy.
  • Broken Base: While Justin Timberlake's Boo-Boo was very well-received, Dan Aykroyd's Yogi proved to be more divisive. Some thought he sounded completely off, others thought he did a good job.
  • Cliché Storm: The movie. The plot is so predictable you can tell what's going to happen next even if you've never seen it before.
    • Likewise, most of the plots in the 1988 reboot (some of which are flat-out remakes of older Yogi cartoons).
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Yogi really goes off the deep end when it comes to his obsession with human food in Yogi the Easter Bear. Not only does he eat all of the Easter candy that was meant for the kids in the Jellystone Easter Jamboree, but he also destroys the Easter Bunny suit he used to get past security while escaping Ranger Smith. To his credit, he does feel guilty about it and manages to fix his mistake.
  • He Really Can Act: If there's one thing that people will give the live action movie credit for, it's that Justin Timberlake does a surprisingly very good job as Boo-Boo.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper features Yogi hiding out in a department store, which is a parody of Macy's. The name? Gacy's.
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  • More Popular Spin-Off: The Yogi Bear Show was basically a Spin-Off of The Huckleberry Hound Show, but it is much more remembered than its predecessor today.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: There’s literally no reason for Rachel Johnson to be Ranger Smith’s love interest. You could take that subplot away and still have the same movie.
  • Tear Jerker: You can't help feeling bad for Boo Boo in Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!. First he thought Yogi has been sent to the San Diego Zoo (Yogi tricks another bear in his place and hid for a while), then Cindy gets herself transferred out to be with him. At first he finds some solace knowing that Yogi and Cindy will be together, until Ranger Smith told him Cindy has been sent to the St. Louis Zoo instead. Boo Boo tries to stop the truck but it's too far gone, leaving him all alone with the knowledge that Yogi and Cindy will forever be separated. Until he reunited with Yogi, who's determined to find Cindy and take her home.
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  • "We Are Still Relevant, Dammit!": Yo! Yogi
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Many fans were quite surprised when Dan Aykroyd was cast as the voice of Yogi Bear for the 2010 movie, and even more were outraged when Justin Timberlake was cast as Boo Boo Bear. Surprisingly, as revealed by the teaser, Timberlake was actually quite spot on. Aykroyd, on the other hand, was more divisive, but even then many did like his take on Yogi.
    • Timberlake imitated cartoon character voices as a child as a voice exercise, and Boo Boo was one of his favorites.
    • Tom Cavanaugh is not the first actor who comes to mind when you think "strict authoritarian ranger". And for good reason.
  • The Woobie: Cindy Bear. The minute she cries, it's hard not to want to reach out and give her a hug.
    • Especially in Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!.


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