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Heartwarming / Yogi Bear

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  • In the 2010 film, Yogi giving Ranger Smith his savings, totaling over $100, to help the park. Granted he got it from the park donation box, but he didn't know what it was for and it doesn't diminish the heartwarming the scene provides.
  • Let's not deny it: the ending of "Slappy Happy Birthday" is actually really sweet. Yogi even went through the risk of being put into a Zoo just so Ranger Smith could have the surprise party. Let's not forget Boo-Boo making a corn-cob pipe for the Ranger's gift.
  • Ranger Smith locating Yogi and Boo Boo in "Threadbare Bear". Comes off as Big Damn Heroes in the bears' POV: they are fugitives lost in a forest outside of the park. Without that protection, they are being hunted down. They hide anxiously in a cave, as the hunters are getting closer. And then they hear a familiar voice. Ranger Smith is coming to their rescue. Boo Boo is so ecstatic that he jumps upon the Ranger for a hug.