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YMMV / Yo soy Betty, la fea

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  • Aborted Arc: Inés incredibly emotionally charged subplot with her husband Rafael gets left in the dust without much of an explanation, as does Sofías. They both probably had to be ignored or cut short for time issues.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Partly due to Values Dissonance, but current audiences vastly prefer Michell over Armando as Betty's Love Interest, since he treats her kindly from the start and most consider what Armando did (lying to her about being in love and using her, even if he ended up Becoming the Mask) to be unforgivable and toxic.
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  • Genius Bonus: Betty really loves uruguayan poetry, even leaving one of Delmira Alfonsini´s poems for Armando to find. Days later during one of the copule outings Armando out of nowhere quotes Mario Benedetti's Te quiero "...mi cómplice y todo, y en la oficina codo a codo, somos mucho más que dos."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Before getting the role of Betty, the previous role of Ana María Orozco was a Brainless Beauty who wanted to be a Miss Colombia in Perro Amor.
    • In the Japanese dub, Betty is voiced by Takako Fuji, better known in Japan and abroad as... Kayako Saeki, of all things.
  • Hollywood Homely: Betty's actress is a very beautiful woman in Real Life. However, the producers and makeup artists went to great lengths to characterize her as Betty, including hiring a specialist in colour to choose all the colours which were most unflattering to the actress. The "Ugly Squad" also has this; it was lampshaded when Betty, after meeting them, and learning their collective nickname, asks why Aura Marí­a, arguably as beautiful as the models who work for Eco Moda, is included in the group (her supposed sin is that she is a very short woman who wears clothes too slutty for an office).
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  • Ho Yay: Between Armando and Mario, so much that Betty, overhearing their phone talk, thinks Armando is talking to a lover. Lampshaded by Armando, who even tells Mario that if they keep being so close to each other, people will start to think that they are a pair of Hugos (Hugo Lombardi is the company's Camp Gay designer).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Betty could get more special by not becoming one of the women under the womanizer's spell even if she appreciated him as a Benevolent Boss. That would emphasize her intelligence more, and make her effect on Armando more believable as an I Love You Because I Can't Control You than loving her because she was especially vulnerable and devoted to him. Ironically, the US version of the show, Ugly Betty would go down this road from day one, with the added twist that Betty refuses to take her boss's shit or listen to his excuses when he tries to avoid doing the right thing
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    • Marcela is, informedly, a strong woman, which in theory would give some interesting exchanges with Armando, as he constantly cheats on her. Instead, she condones being constantly cheated on like an Extreme Doormat.


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