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WARNING! Unmarked spoilers ahead.

There is a lot of humor in this series, mostly to prevent you from dehydrating your eyes from how much you're going to be crying half the time, as with any good dramedy!

  • Every instance of Patricia reading her bills.
    • A bonus for every time Patricia says "¡...DESSSGRRRRRACIADO!", later in the show.
  • Armando's sheer usage and quantity of "anti-stress balls". They show up from the very fist episode of the show and they're there to control his...anxiety and temper problems... He's got them in many colors - and a lot of things happen with them.
    • Calderón trying to hand him the ball when he was particularly exalted, only for him to toss it across the room.
    • During a stressful conversation in his office, Betty grabbing the ball from his desk and proceeding to knead the ball just like Armando... He lets her do it without comment.
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  • Daniel, who has been with Patricia, mentions that Patricia dresses quite nicely...But she undresses better. Everyone's reactions are solid gold.
  • After the Rag Tela commission incident, Armando talks to Betty about her raise. Armando also asks her if she thinks he's neurotic...Betty says yes.
  • During the museum visit after the incident with Adriana Arboléda, Beatriz mentions that she knows the kinds of -ehem- "needs" that Armando has when encountered with models and he gets a little defensive:
    Armando: Beatriz! (chasing after her) What kind of needs are you talking about?! Look, you're making me feel like I'm... (looks around) Like I'm a degenerate!
  • Mario Calderón offers his apartment for Betty and Armando's love-making session, with the disclaimer that he usually doesn't like allowing people to use it for "such horrible things".
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  • Armando admitting to Calderón that he loves Betty, and the background music abruptly halting as Calderón's brain practically bluescreens.
  • Patricia being unable to pay for her cellphone's services, and running to Marcela crying "It died!" (Except that in Spanish it's impossible to differentiate "it" from "he/she" in that context), only for Marcela to practically burst into tears in horror before Patricia clarifies it was her phone that died. Marcela's exclamations of Patricia's stupidity are hilarious.
  • Armando asking at which time does the garbage truck typically pass through, and Calderón answering with "I don't know; they've never come to pick me up."
  • Calderón breaking into singing a Mexican song called "La Basurita" (Literally, 'The Little Trash') while his fingers rhythmically dance above his computer's keyboard, imitating a piano. Armando's subtly confused expression is also great.
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  • Pretty much all of Don Hérmes' banter with Nicolás, especially this:
    Don Hérmes: Look, I know you [Nicolás] are a digestive tract disguised as a human being, but eat silent.
  • The entire sequence of Armando practically diving into a container full of actual garbage to find the bag of his memoirs with Betty (all the gifts he gave her and all the letters he wrote for her). Then the garbage men arrive, who he scares off because they can't touch his garbage, because it's his garbage alone. After this Freddy also arrives, leading to some more hilarious dialogue:
    Freddy: Doctór...Don't tell me your financial state is so bad that you now have to look through...through the trash bags... Have you been getting involved with Patricia Fernández?
    Armando: (Getting angry) Freddy...Don't be an idiot.
    Freddy: As you wish, sir, right this moment I'll stop being an idiot...
    • Then, his relief when he does find the "garbage" he was looking for because of the Furby's noises coming from within it. He literally hugs the trash bag while thanking the heavens for helping him find his garbage.
    • Armando runs to Calderón, saying he found the garbage bag! The furby starts being loud, and Calderón tells him to "Shut your son up".
    • When he returns inside the building, some of our main cast of employees tries to help him with the "trash". Armando curtly says "No." to it, progressively getting louder and more defensive the more it happens.
  • Armando introducing himself to the taxi driver while drunk:
    Armando: Nice to meet you. I'm ex-Armando Mendoza... ex-president, ex-company shareholder, ex-boyfriend of Marcela Valencia, ex-love of Beatriz Pinzón Solano; who dumped me. I'm ruined, and I don't know where to find her...
  • When Armando asks for Beatriz' hand and Don Hérmes asks him why they want to get married, one of the things Armando says is that "He no longer wants to sleep alone"...This prompts Don Hérmes to jump a bit with a not-particularly-happy expression.
  • Don Hérmes asking what happened to the bottles of whiskey...And there being the implication that Armando happened to the bottles of whiskey.
  • During the wedding, Don Hérmes reminds Armando that "El Diablo es Puerco" (The Devil is Pork). Armando's expression says it all.

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