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Awesome / Yo soy Betty, la fea

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WARNING! Unmarked spoilers ahead!

  • Don Hérmes defending Betty from Román and his squad so well that they actually feel the need to run from him after the fact.
  • Armando, who by then was still pretending to be in love with Betty, getting so angered by Román & company's insults that he loses it and gets out of the car to fend them off. He fights six people for her by himself.
    • Near the end of the fight, Don Hérmes joins him. While he doesn't get to do anything, watching them both be in their "ready to kick some arse" pose is wonderful to look at.
  • Betty getting in the way of, and bitchslapping Armando to get him to stop hitting Nicolás, after Armando (who's not exactly scrawny and also drunk at the moment) threatens to force her out of the way. Don't mess with Beatriz!
  • Armando finally snapping and punching Calderón not once, but twice is a moment of awesome on its own.
    • Calderón also gets one of the coolest, most bone-chilling antagonist parting lines ever before officially quitting and going off-screen for the remainder of the series. It also fits perfectly with the motif of heaven and hell within the show:
    Calderón: Ah, Armando. (pause) Do you believe hell is that dark hole we sinners go to after death? No. Your hell is here, your hell is them; (gestures to the Cuartel, Patricia and Marcela who are present) their hell, is you. May God have you in his glory...

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