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Heartwarming / Yo soy Betty, la fea

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WARNING! Unmarked spoilers ahead!

This series has its fair share of cute moments to counter the bad...Especially Armando and Betty moments.

  • Armando offering Betty a real office instead of the hole behind his office he put her in at the start of the series...Only for her to say no to it. She's even worried that he wants her out because he's mad at her, or doesn't want her there. Armando, of course, denies this and says that if she left...He'd probably really need her back. Betty does stay right where she is.
  • The Rag Tela commission. Betty was going to take it, partly to help her family - until she gets a call from her father and tells him what she plans to do. He sets her on the right path, reminding her that this is not the person he raised her to be. Betty's joy at realizing that if he doesn't want her to do it; she has no one to do it for, is really heartwarming. She's just a really good person at heart.
    • Then, Betty telling all this to Armando in a tear-filled confession. Armando dries her tears, comforting her and telling her that he's never expected a perfect woman out of her - even that she's proud of her for having been honest in the end.
  • Armando defending Betty from Daniel after he insults her "new" look. Despite their banter, Armando had never laid a hand on Daniel before, but he was willing to kick him out. He genuinely doesn't want her to feel bad, even if he's just as put-off by her look as everyone else.
  • The entire exchange that happens before Armando and Betty's second night together, most notably Armando reassuring Betty:
    Betty: All of this makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable that she's [Marcela] expecting you. It makes me uncomfortable...being in this apartment where so many other women have been.
    Armando: (now hugging Betty) Listen to me...None...none...Quite as special as you.
    Betty: (pauses)...None quite as ugly as me.
    Armando: (kisses Beatriz on the forehead) None quite as special. (continues kissing her face) None quite as sweet. None quite as good...None that awakens in me what you do...
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  • Some of Hugo's interactions with Inesita. Hugo is an extremely stuck-up guy who has a major diva complex, but he comforts her when she's sick and makes sure she's all right. It's probably the nicest we see him be.
  • It's quite sweet that Armando wanted Betty to have the bag of memoirs from their time together. He could have selfishly kept it. He knew she didn't want anything to do with him, that there was a chance that she wouldn't want to keep them or that she'd just toss them in the garbage again, but he wanted her to have them because it was something major they lived together and he respected her enough to know it was still her bag to keep.
  • After the infamous board of directors, there is a detail of heartwarming above a sea of tears: Armando does not reproach Betty showing everyone the real state of the company and practically sinking both of them. He only reproaches her for not having told him about the letter she found from Calderón. He cares not about the company. He does care that he's going to lose her over a serious misunderstanding he would have done his best to clear up if she'd just told him. It's a somewhat subtle detail that expresses just how much he cares about her by that point that the last thing he's thinking about is the company.
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  • The way Armando shows off an infamously "ugly" photo of Beatriz to everyone he encounters while drunk, insisting that she's the most sacred thing for him, and ranting about how much of a good woman she is might just melt your heart.
  • Armando saying that as a child he dreamed of being president...but now as a man he only dreams of living side by side Betty.

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