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  • Executive Meddling: Brazilian actress Tais Araujo make a guest appearance As Herself. When the soap was eventually bought by the Brazilian TV channel Rede TV, they wanted Tais to dub her own lines in Brazilian Portuguese. By that time, however, she was already working for a rival channel, Rede Globo, which didn't authorize her to do it. Then, she was dubbed by voice actress Letícia Quinto.
  • Follow the Leader: Even ignoring the Trans Atlantic Equivalents; after the soap aired there was a boom of badly-planned soaps who tried to cash in the "non-pretty heroine". And Betty itself was halted and heavily reworked by its author because a soap named La mujer en el espejo (about an unpretty woman who becomes beautiful after a Deal with the Devil) aired just before.
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  • Reality Subtext: Ana María Orozco and Julian Arango, the actors who interpreted Betty and Hugo Lombardi respectively, got divorced during the soap. Their respective characters were ideological opposites, and is believed that the bitterness both held for each other helped to make their confrontations more realistic.
  • Shoot the Money: The episodes filmed in Cartagena de Indias were sure to shoot the scenery of the place for all its worth.

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