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Tear Jerker / Yo soy Betty, la fea

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WARNING! Moment pages are meant to be spoilers off. Proceed with caution!

Yo Soy Betty, La Fea is a drama-comedy. This means that there is no shortage of sad moments...

  • Beatriz looking at Marcela in her wedding dress, and both she and Hugo making cruel jests about it to Betty.
  • Betty telling Armando the true tragedy of her love life...and him realizing she's repeating it with him. To add insult to injury; we can tell this is the first time Armando considers telling her the truth, only for her to misunderstand what he's saying so much that he can't help but be quiet, partly out of shame.
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  • Betty finding the letter Calderón wrote to Armando. It's the most we see her cry in the series, completely shattered and heartbroken by what she thinks is the whole truth, and it's made even worse by the fact that we know that it's not.
  • The board of directors after Betty presents the real state of the company. Everything about it is horrendous. The fact that the company was indeed recuperating and would probably have benefited from Betty supporting Armando through presenting a fake report this time around, because if she had just waited six more months she wouldn't have had to keep up the act any more. The fact that Betty was about to not present it, but did because of the conversation she overheard. We understand everyone's anger, everyone's sorrow, but watching Armando be at his most vulnerable is painful. He loses everything in a moment. We know how well everything could have turned out. We know Armando meant to cancel the wedding after they presented the report. But literally everything that could have gone wrong...goes wrong.

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  • Sofía and Efraín eating sandwiches while he's jailed. It's a mixture of bitter and sweet, and you can legitimately see the longing in his eyes when Sofía leaves.
  • Inés' confrontation with Rafael - the husband that abandoned her and her kids many, many years ago- when he comes back to her house. It's difficult not to break down into tears as she reproaches him for having left and for having returned when her life was already sorted out without him. And then she starts telling him about their kids...
  • The first show with Betty as president.
  • Armando reading Betty's diary and feeling every ounce of pain and frustration and remorse that comes with it. It's such a heavy moment that they have to do it in-between cuts of Michell and Betty.
  • Doña Julia reading Betty's diary, while Betty is in Cartagena having fun watching the fireworks with Michell and Armando is bleeding and injured on the streets outside a bar he willingly stirred up chaos in as a means to suicide. We can hear, narrated, the painful lines Betty wrote thinking about what Armando did to her, and realize they now mirror Armando's suffering over her.
    • Armando insisting his life has no meaning during that scene also really hurts, as does watching him be at his absolute lowest. He's dirty, bloodied and beaten all over with what is probably a serious rib injury, his hair a mess, drunk, broken, and feeling completely alone. He's in hell while Beatriz is in heaven.
  • Armando interrupting Michell's moment with Betty. He knows about the proposition Michell made to Betty, and tries to counter it weakly but sincerely, offering the appreciation of everyone in Ecomoda and himself. He uses the company as a stand-in for himself and what he offered her when they dated, comparing Ecomoda to Cartagena like he would compare himself to Michell...But also as just the company and the people in it itself. This makes for some brilliant, but profoundly heartbreaking dialogue. And like Armando said, even though the situation wasn't the best...That was all it took for them to fall in love. It's a very moving scene.
    • Armando also convinces Ricardo Montaner to sing "Bésame" for her. We know it's his last attempt to prove his love to Betty, and you feel that. ...Unfortunately for Armando, it doesn't end well.
  • Marcela telling Beatriz everything she didn't know about what happened to Armando while she was away.
  • Betty saying goodbye to the younger, kid version of herself while she's in her wedding dress.

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