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YMMV / Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

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  • Catharsis Factor: Seriously, just charge into a group of enemies and start slashing (and shooting) away.
  • Crazy Awesome: The orks as usual, but Warboss Grimskull really takes the cake.
    Grimskull: I ain't so easy to kill.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Ork Nobz in the first arcs. They're incredibly hard to stun or kill in melee, and shooting them down uses a lot of ammo. They also hit very hard in melee. Before you can get a Thunder Hammer, only Fury mode can kill them quickly and efficiently (though a three-hit plus stun combo usually sets up most nobs for a quick execution.)
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    • The Chaos Space Marines, which are as tough as a Nob individually, and they show up a lot.
    • There are few enemies in the game that can kill you faster than Rokkit Boyz. Shooting at them largely requires you to stand fairly still and be vulnerable for their rokkits, while running up to them to melee them means they're bombarding you with rokkits while you aren't killing them! The only safe way to deal with them is to stand waaaaay far back where their rokkits can't hit you and pick them off, which is a chore even when using dedicated sniper weapons.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Second Lieutenant Mira of the Imperial Guard, as well as the Blood Ravens who show up later on to fight alongside you.
  • Funny Moments: There's a subtle bit of Gallows Humor in the introduction, where communications discussing the ongoing battle of Graia and its strategic implications are ongoing between two unnamed parties. The very first suggestion brought up as a response to the Ork invasion is Exterminatus and only when that option is ruled out do they bother to discuss actually saving the planet instead of just blowing it up.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The Renegade Militia:
    • After Chaos shows up, we get the Bloodletters, demonic enemies which can Flash Step to dodge bullets and wield huge flaming swords. They spawn in packs, and while one Bloodletter dies quickly enough the full group will surround you so you can't dodge-roll to safety. They also love to stun you with a stabbing attack, which in groups turns into a miserable stunlock party. If they get you inside their circle you pretty much have to waste your Fury charge to get them off your back.
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    • What's worse than two kinds of Goddamned Bats? Goddamned Bats that sometimes turn into different Goddamned Bats upon death! (Renegade Guardsmen and Bloodletters, respectively)
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The message from Nathaniel, one of the people on Graia, saying that no matter how hopeless things may be, he will look for his son.
    • The Blood Ravens arriving to help out is pretty heartwarming when you realize that they weren't given any orders to come. They just happened to be passing by and decided to Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! and come down to help out their brother-in-arms.
    • The first time Titus and his comrades encounter the remaining Imperial Guard on the planet. A small force of troopers is struggling to hold back yet another massive wave of orks when the Space Marines arrive to help. After the battle is done, the surviving Guardsmen reverently kneel before the Space Marines, thanking them profusely for saving their lives. Captain Titus just smiles.
    Titus: Rise, Guardsmen. You saved yourselves.
    • As the main characters pass through a triage hospital a badly wounded, likely dying Guardsman says "At least I lived to see a Space Marine."
  • Magnificent Bastard: Warboss Grimskull is the initial Big Bad of the game and the master of the ork WAAAGH! besieging the Forge World. A genius by the standards of his race, Grimskull utilizes a series of ruthless tactics, disabling strategic points, seizing weaponry and disabling aircrafts to cut off the ground forces so his orks can overrun the Imperial Guard. Grimskull shows himself to be utterly tenacious, pursuing Captain Titus persistently and tirelessly to regain the planet's power source. When he recoups from any setback, Grimskull is later set upon by daemons, only to emerge without a scratch and give the true villain, the Chaos Sorcerer Lord a wide grin before declaring the one quote that sums Grimskull up perfectly: "I ain't so easy to kill!"
  • Memetic Mutation: Leandros' first line: "The Codex Astartes does not support this action" has become rather popular with some fans, usually used in jest.
  • Player Punch: At the very end of the game, when Leandros accuses Titus of heresy and has him taken away by Inquisitor Thrax. Leandros fought with you the entire game, and then he turns on his Brother-Captain in the name of close-minded devotion. The sense of betrayal is palpable.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: To a VERY limited extent, Titus is a shining example of the GOOD Ultramarines.


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