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  • Awesome Music: ZAT's wandaba theme. The cliffhanger music.
  • Badass Decay: Zoffy, by the time he fought Birdon. Jack in Episode 52. Though to be fair, taking Birdon in a head on fight ended just as bad for Taro as it had Zoffy, and Zoffy actually managed to hurt Birdon, which Taro hadn't been able to.
  • Broken Base: Among the Showa entries of the franchise, Ultraman Taro is the most divisive with fans. While some found it to be an overall enjoyable series, others disliked its silly tone. Even in its time, the show suffered in ratings for this, leading to the Darker and Edgier Ultraman Leo
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  • Crazy Awesome: ZAT, whenever their schemes work.
  • Ear Worm: "Urutora no Chichi ga iru, Urutora no Haha ga iru, Soshite Tarou ga koko ni iru..."
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence/Family-Unfriendly Death: Taro's temporary death at the hands of Birdon is surprisingly graphic and unsettling, even for a 1970s tokusatsu.
  • Failure Hero: ZAT
  • Mood Whiplash: The series at times will go from being goofy and jovial one minute, then Nightmare Fuel the next, no doubt due to the rather gruesome fates suffered by kaiju and Ultra alike.
  • Narm: The show can be a little too kid friendly or even silly sometimes...
    • The series is notorious for having some of the goofiest monsters in the franchise ever to be played seriously (see: Live King, Okariyan, Mushra, Depparas, and Piccolo). Mururoa especially stands out, for being an apocalyptic, light-destroying monster that took two episodes to defeat, yet looks like a Muppets reject.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Tarou's incidental music sounds much like the little synthesizer music Cinar mixed in to their infamous Ultraseven dub.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Alien Mefilas II's wounded eye, before he uses the Mandarin Grass on it.
    • The death of Alien Valkie. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Kotaro.
    • Birdon vs Zoffy. Worse yet, Birdon vs Tarou.
    • Depparas, the Walrus Kaiju's second form, created after he was blown to pieces by ZAT. Depparas has the remarkable ability to pull their body back into one piece should they be blown apart, but with one catch... the damage remains. Once Depparas reformed, he looked like little more than a gruesome mutilated corpse, shambling around and lacking any of the personality he originally had.
    • Enmargo cutting off Tarou's head. It was a hallucination, though.
    • Ultraman Jack deflating after giving up his Color Timer.
    • Close-ups of Bemstar, especially the teeth and his injured eye.
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    • Cosmo Liquid's tongue
    • Live King's laugh.
    • If you eat her eggs or capture her, Queen and King Tortoise are going to get you. Then, mommy will finish you off!
    • Kohtaro inside Live King's belly. In the Episode 2 cliffhanger, he looks like he's gasping for air.
    • Speaking of the Episode 2 cliffhanger, the out-of-focus Freeze-Frame Ending of Mother of Ultra flying toward Earth is a little creepy, made worse by the preceding background music (a Wandaba tune that sounds like a Madness Mantra). Baraba, baraba, baraba, baraba...
      • One part of the Birdon saga ended with Birdon about to peck one of our heroes.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Tortoises will find whoever takes mommy's eggs anywhere.
  • Special Effects Failure: Despite getting a big budget upgrade from the past series, this happened quite a fair bit (especially in the suits department) due to the Oil Crisis hurting Japan at the time.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Birdon, to quote one editor, "I find it hilarious that one of the most deadly foes of the Ultras at the time was a turkey with balls stapled to his chin."
    • Mukadender. Despite that he's labelled as a "Centipede Monster," he certainly doesn't look like one at first glance...
  • What Do You Mean, "It's for Kids"?: It gets gruesome and violent sometimes...
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The whole show, especially the music...

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