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Awesome / Ultraman Taro

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  • Anytime the Mother of Ultra came to the rescue.
  • Taro's defeat of Tyrant
  • Zoffy came to Earth after hearing the children of Earth calling out Taro, who had just died after Birdon's attack.
  • Taro's birth, the first time that an Ultraman is "born" on-screen, complete with a baby's cry. The Transformation Sequence was especially well-made.
  • The Ultra Brothers' surprise attack on Alien Temperor, when they emerged from the toy eggs.
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  • The ZAT base can detach and fly away in case of attack.
  • Kotaro's defeat of Alien Valky, all without the help of Taro.
  • The Ultra Brothers' Fusion Dance to retrieve the Ultra Bell back on M-78.
  • Taro returned to M-78 alone after he and Mebius defeated the Monster of the Week. He knew that Mebius and Team GUYS could handle Earth's defense just fine.

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