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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman Taro

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For a fairy tale take on Ultraman, this show can get very dark quickly...
Tarou is defeated! Color Timer's stopped blinking!

  • Alien Mefilas II's wounded eye, before he uses the Mandarin Grass on it.
  • The death of Alien Valkie. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Kotaro.
  • Birdon vs Zoffy. Worse yet, Birdon vs Tarou (pictured).
  • Depparas, the Walrus Kaiju's second form, created after he was blown to pieces by ZAT. Depparas has the remarkable ability to pull their body back into one piece should they be blown apart, but with one catch... the damage remains. Once Depparas reformed, he looked like little more than a gruesome mutilated corpse, shambling around and lacking any of the personality he originally had.
  • Enmargo cutting off Tarou's head. It was a hallucination, though.
  • Ultraman Jack deflating after giving up his Color Timer.
  • Close-ups of Bemstar, especially the teeth and his injured eye.
  • Cosmo Liquid's tongue
  • Live King's laugh.
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  • If you eat her eggs or capture her, Queen and King Tortoise are going to get you. Then, mommy will finish you off!
  • Kohtaro inside Live King's belly. In the Episode 2 cliffhanger, he looks like he's gasping for air.
  • Speaking of the Episode 2 cliffhanger, the out-of-focus Freeze-Frame Ending of Mother of Ultra flying toward Earth is a little creepy, made worse by the preceding background music (a Wandaba tune that sounds like a Madness Mantra). Baraba, baraba, baraba, baraba...
    • One part of the Birdon saga ended with Birdon about to peck one of our heroes.

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