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  • Magnificent Bastard: Dushane Hill begins as the crime lord of Summerhouse and when his drugs are stolen masquerades as the funeral attendee of the cousin of the man who stole his drugs to capture and kill him. Taking over Summerhouse, Dushane smooth talks his way out of a police interrogation and saves his best friend from the wrath of a furious man by convincing the man to kill another criminal instead. To avoid being incriminated, Dushane has his lawyer Love Interest work for a woman prosecuting him for killing her boyfriend and holds her son hostage to force her into dropping her accusations. In season 3, when forced to be paying off a murderous crime boss, Dushane manages to outmaneuver and kill both the boss and his enforcer and ends it making a deal with an incarcerated crime lord, intending to cut a deal and consolidate London's criminal underworld under their joint rulership.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Letitia Wright, Benedict Wong and Michaela Coel have significant supporting roles in the first two seasons and aren’t mentioned since.
  • The Woobie: Really all of the youngers are this.
    • Ra'Nell, already has it rough at only 13:his Mum is psychologically strained after physical and psychological abuse from his father who he had to stab to protect him and his Mum. He lives alone for most of season 1 and gets involved with his Mum’s friend Heather, who is growing a cannabis crop to gain enough money to start a better life for her baby, by trying to cut a deal with Dushane and Sully, resulting in him getting betrayed and jumped seeing his only real father figure Leon get murdered in front of his eyes, whilst trying to protect him at least he managed to ultimately get the money for Heather and her baby’s new life. Two years later in season 2 Ra'Nell is trialling to be a youth footballer which he sadly get’s dropped from and when he tried to help Gem deal with Vincent he get’s savagely beaten, at least by the end of the season it looks like him and his Mum might be getting things back on track, and his absence in season 3 implies that he and his Mum may have achieved a better life.
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    • Gem, trying to gain recognition on the ends
    • Michael
    • Jason, literally Kick the Dog moment after moment. Let’s start with his upbringing: drug-addict Mum, physically abusive dad, little-to-no food so he has to scavenge and pickpocket to earn supplies.
Sully:That boy had no luck.

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