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Tear Jerker / Top Boy

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"Is it worth losing your people? Your family?"

  • Jason's death is arguably the saddest death of the entire series if not at least of the season.
    • Doubling with Nightmare Fuel the blaze itself is darkly reminiscent to Grenfell Tower.
    • Sully risking his life to try and save Jason is incredibly brave, heartwarming and frightening all at once. For a moment it looks like he might be able to get to Jason but sadly Reality Ensues and as tough and courageous as Sully is, he's still just a man against a blazing inferno and he's barely able to make it into the house before being forced to escape before the blaze consumes him.
    • What serves as a dark dramatic irony is that Jason's death is very similar to how he told Sully his mother died. However she managed to survive the fire and only died afterwards. Jason however wasn't able to make it out of the fire at all.

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