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Everyone round here thinks they’re a big man, they live in this mad world where anyone can get it. The olders are washed, the youngers fear nothing. And everyone wants to be a Top Boy.”

The Season 3 Cast Announcement Trailer Narration describing the kinds of characters in the world of Top Boy

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Summerhouse Organisation

    Dushane Hill 
Played by: Ashley Walters
The leader of the Summerhouse organization and the central protagonist of the series. Starting the series young, ambitious and inexperienced, the escalation of threats to his maintenance of control mold him into a hardened kingpin.
  • The Ace: Dushane is a well-known in the Summerhouse community and criminal underworld, he can be the mastermind who can manipulate the odds to his favor, he is a charismatic leader and most definitely The Don to Summerhouse as he is able to make smart business moves that end favorably for him. Being in charge Summerhouse’s efficiency has the semblance of a criminal organization rather than just a regular street gang, he’s also not afraid to go into action to take out the opposition.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse:At the end of the season 3 finale Dushane meets with Jamie in jail offering him a way out of his prison sentence in exchange for Jamie working for Dushane to take their drug business all over London.
  • Badass Longcoat: During season 2 and near the end of season 3 Dushane wears a luxury grey wool coat. It’s juxtaposed by the hoodie he wears underneath it almost as if to symbolize the coherence between him as a businessman and a street gang leader.
  • Byronic Hero:
  • The Chessmaster: Dushane is intelligent and despite setbacks, actually skilled in manipulating people and overcoming the odds when they’re against him. In season one he pins the murders of Kamale Lewis, Lee Greene, and Leon on Bobby Raikes by murdering him with the gun that killed them and leaving Raikes prints on them to make it look like he committed suicide. He then uses this to take control of Raike’s operation and start a partnership with his supplier.
  • Just a Gangster: He says this to Sully when it sounds like Sully wants out: "This is us, ain’t gonna be no cozy nine-to-five, no fuckin’ nice little house with a picket fence and all of that comfortable shit bruv, it ain’t happening". He says in the first episode to his boss Raikes that he only sees himself as a gang leader and it’s clear that despite his motivation in earlier seasons being getting enough money to leave the game for good, ultimately it’s too big an aspect of his life. Arguably the entire series is about Dushane defining himself as this, his devotion to being the Top Boy drives a lot of the story.
  • The Leader: Of Summerhouse
  • Villain Protagonist: Despite being the main protagonist of the series, Dushane is behind most of the criminal activities, particularly the murders of the series. With that said, he isn't the one who starts conflicts nor does he actually want them. Most of the time he murders with the goal of finishing the conflicts someone else started, or removing worse competitors.

    Gerard “Sully” John Sullivan 
Played by: Kane Robinson
”You gotta make something for yourself in all the shit.”
Sometimes-partner-sometimes-rival to his close childhood friend Dushane, Sully gradually shifts from a reckless and impulsive liability tempered by Dushane to an experienced veteran of the Roads who’s nonetheless a force to be reckoned with and a valuable co-leader for Summerhouse.
  • Action Dad: Has a young daughter and is involved in a lot of the action against Summerhouse’s opponents.
  • Anti-Hero: After coming out of prison in season 3, Sully is less focused on being the Top Boy and more conscious of how to be a good father to his daughter Tasha. He’s still a violent roadman, and hasn’t absolved his life of crime but his willingness to think of others before himself and protect the people he cares about from worse people than him makes him one nonetheless.
  • The Big Guy / The Brute: The most likely to resort to violence and arguably the best physical fighter in the Summerhouse Gang and at times the most trigger-happy also the tallest.
  • The Consigliere: Despite all their infighting and the issues they face with each other’s methods, he and Dushane are literal partners-in-crime who have each other’s backs throughout and are open with each other (most of the time).
  • Freudian Excuse: Apparently, Sully's mother was a drug addict and his father was absent. When he befriends Jason, it is largely because Sully had a similar childhood to him.
  • Perma-Stubble: He doesn’t have a beard but he’s never clean-shaven either.
  • Scary Black Man: Sully can be very intimidating especially when angry, to the point that Lizzie immediately dropped the knife she was holding when he told her to.
  • The Stoic: In season 3 particularly after Jason’s death.

    Dris Wright 
Played by: Shone Romulus
Summerhouse’s enforcer and Dushane and Sully’s right-hand, Dris is in charge of dealing with any internal and external complications including recruiting youngers, dealing with snitches and the competition.
  • Action Dad: He’s a single father raising his young daughter Erin, and still acts as the enforcer for Summerhouse’s gang.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: He chooses to betray Dushane and Sully partially out of jealousy and spite due to them gradually pushing him out of the inner circle and partially due to him needing to provide for his daughter Erin which due to the decline of his physical health is much harder. Resulting in him giving Jermaine and Jamie their whereabouts and almost getting them killed. Ultimately when Dushane and Sully find out about this betrayal Sully proceeds to take Dris out.
  • Disney Villain Death: The viewer doesn’t witness Dris’ death but hears Sully firing the shot whilst the camera zooms out. Later it’s shown that the police are investigating into Dris’ disappearance.
  • Number Two: This is a large part of his character and what eventually leads to him deciding to betray the crew he’s been working with most of his life, he’s never the one calling the shots but he’s always the one making sure everyone else is in line.
  • Young Gun: Dris is only 19-20 years old during the first two seasons!

Played by: Jasmine Jobson
Dris' right-hand while Dushane is in Jamaica, Jaq is the main person in charge of recruiting and keeping the youngers in line. Due to Dris' illness, she slowly makes her way up the ranks of the Summerhouse organization.

Summerhouse Residents 2011-2013

    Ra’Nell Smith 
Played by: Malcolm Kalumete
A young resident of the Summerhouse Estate whose plight is explored throughout seasons 1 and 2.

London Fields Mandem

2019/Zero Tolerance
From left-to-right: Si, Farah, Kit, Tyrone, Jamie
    Jamie Tovell 
Played by: Michael Ward
An upstart new competitor to Summerhouse and the new leader of London Fields Mandem. The Deuteragonist of season 3.

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