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Season One

    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3

    Episode 4 


Season Two

    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 

    Episode 4 

Season Three

    Episode 1.Bruk Up
A top boy on the rise
  • The re-introduction to the series perfectly establishes exactly what Top Boy represented back in 2011 and shows it still represents that eight years later.
  • In the Time Skip since the end of Season Two Dris has been runningthe Summerhouse Crew in Dushane and Sully’s absence, and they’re still around considering that when we last left it appeared that there was going to be a [[massive clash Mob War]] with the Albanians.

    Episode 2.Building Bridges 

    Episode 3.Big Flame 

    Episode 4.Bonfire Night
Don’t mess with the mandem

    Episode 5.Smoke Gets In Your Hands 

    Episode 6.Press Gang 

    Episode 7.The Squeeze 

    Episode 8.Bad Eye 

    Episode 9.Everyone’s Got Family
”This is for Donovan”
  • Sugar’s death is one of the most satisfying deaths of the season, especially because it’s Sheanay who does it getting Donovan the justice he deserves and eliminating Dushane’s main threat and the psychopath who had been holding a gun to his head for most of the season.
  • Dushane also manages to spook Haze and pay him back for all the threatening he’s done to Dushane and for his part in his cousin’s death. Especially awesome because Haze tries to beg for his life and Dushane just coldly shuts him up and shoots him point blank without remorse. Bonus points for getting the drop on him in his own car in broad daylight.
  • The shootout at the end of the episode between Dushane and Sully against Jamie, Jermaine and Modie. The shootout is one of the most tense and action packed fights of the season as the major players all get their hands dirty and it looks like anyone could be about to bite the dust.
    • Jamie, the most inexperienced soldier between the five veteran criminals manages to kill one of Summerhouses hitmen.
    • Dushane reminds the viewers of his badass credentials managing to fend off Jamie, Modie and Jermaine and get him and an injured Sully out of dodge.
    • Modie shows exactly why Jamie and the rest of the mandem are so afraid of him going full Leeroy Jenkins during the shootout killing their other soldiers all the while shouting like the villainous madman he is.
    • Sully manages to survive the ambush despite being the main target and having both Jermaine and Modie focusing directly on trying to put a bullet in him, even managing to still fight after getting shot.
    • Jermaine manages to score a shot on Sully getting his own back after the psychological and physical beatdown he was subject to the season prior. Guess he takes after his big brother Rafe after all.

    Episode 10.You Don’t Know Me 

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