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  • Americans Hate Tingle: The failed American release of the 2005 movie certainly didn't help matters.
  • Awesome Music: Both versions of the 2005 film have great soundtracks loaded with classic '70s pop hits. Special mention goes to Kylie Minogue's delightful rendition of the original theme song.
  • Bile Fascination: While most of the story and character flaws of the '05 movie are present in the original British version, the barrage of terrible pop culture references and obnoxious voices of the Same Language Dub pushes it from "aggressively mediocre" to "fascinating train wreck" territory.
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  • Broken Base: There is one between the English and French versions of Dougal and the Blue Cat. Both versions are very interesting to listen to, but when the film arrived to DVD in the UK with both versions, some British fans who have not been previously familiar with the original French version found it to be better than the English version (for further details, this article explains why). For one thing, the French version is more lively without narration (especially since the characters have their own voices) and provides more explanation. That having been said, the English version is equally enjoyable and includes a bundle of very clever British humor and wit, along with carrying the same horrifying and melancholy tones when appropriate.
  • Designated Hero: Dougal in the 2005 movie, as explained by DazzReviews:
    "Doogal is the worst character in this film. Everything is caused by his addiction to sugar. He unseals Zeebad, he asks for dinner, he doesn't make a tent, he keeps his own food, he gets kidnapped, he reveals information when getting rewarded, he calls himself leader when pushed onto the bridge, is cowardly against the traps, he activates the lasers, causes the lasers to be hit after Ermintrude's whole uncharacteristic movement, he presses one button that saves the day, and then again loses the gems, and he headbutts a gem right at the end, not paying off any skill he didn't have before hand, and suddenly he's the hero! And he's still got a sugar addiction, he never developped at all!"
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The original show was more popular in the United Kingdom than its original country of France.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The colors of the diamonds in the 2005 film are Blue, Yellow, and Pink, respectively.
  • Idiot Plot: The main problem of the 2005 film would've been solved if Ermintrude had broken the ice of the frozen carousel with her singing earlier.
  • Macekre: The American redub of the 2005 movie. The original movie was already in English, and even though the original series it was based off of had only been released once in the States (for Pinwheel), it still makes one only wonder why The Weinstein Company decided to change all but two of the character's voices (and even then, one had to redub her lines in an American accent), cram in a ton of pop-culture references (at times, there were barrages of references), and edit the hell out of the original movie. Critics and audiences reviewed it as well as you'd expect.
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  • Periphery Demographic: Before kids' animation shows were expected to catch an additional geek audience, Thompson's whimsical humor surprised people by appealing to adults so much. It probably helped that The Magic Roundabout was shown on UK TV immediately before the news - the first adult program of the evening - so a lot of adults just home from work first caught it by accident when they turned the set on a few minutes early, or had an excuse for turning it on at that time.
  • Retroactive Recognition: The late Caribbean singer Henri Salvador voiced Dougal in the French dub of the 2005 film. He is also best known for voicing Sebastian in the original 1990 French European dub of The Little Mermaid.
  • So Bad, It's Good: For some, the American version of the 2005 movie. The hilariously unfitting pop culture references, gratuitous silence-filling and obnoxious voice acting make for an experience that has to be seen to be believed.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The original version of the 2005 movie; it's seen as an okay and serviceable movie, but nothing really special, which makes it less entertaining than the American dub.
  • Special Effect Failure: In "Dougal and the Blue Cat", the entire gang starts weeping during Florence's sad song as they are chained up in Buxton's dungeon, but only Ermintrude has a plastered smile on her face as she's shedding tears (and yet, Florence and Brian sport visible frowns for the first time here). During a later scene, she is shown crying with the others again during Brian's Disney Death, although her face is more lowered so her smile isn't as noticeable as in the previous scene.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In the CGI Series Episode "Mr. Rusty's Luck", Dougal is bringing Mr. Pickles, Mr. Rusty's lucky teddy to him as he needs him whilst placing the magic gasket back into the Magic Roundabout. Along the way, he spots a bone sticking out of the ground.
      You'd Expect: Dougal to stay focused on getting Mr. Rusty's lucky teddy to him as it is important for Mr. Rusty and get the bone later.
      Instead: He lets his distraction overcome him and digs it up, unknowingly burying Mr. Pickles with dirt.
      As a Result: He brings the bone to Florence by mistake, who sends him back to go and get Mr. Pickles.
      To Make Matters Worse: Dougal finds Mr. Pickles completely dirty and takes it to Ermintrude to wash him, but it shrinks when she squeezes the water out of him. Dougal gets Brian to help him to stretch Mr. Pickles back to his size, but only to rip him apart into a pile of bits. Of course, Florence is shocked when she sees the remains in a paper bag and sternly tells him to put him back together. Dougal calls for Zebedee to repair Mr. Pickles, but the wizard accidentally makes Mr. Pickles disappear, leaving only a scorch mark, due to Mr. Rusty taking out the magic gasket which made his powers wonky. Dougal explains what has happened to Mr. Rusty which makes him now completely nervous to place the magic gasket without his lucky teddy, fearing about what is going to happen like last time.
      Fortunately: Everyone reassures him that he didn't need his lucky teddy to fix things, which gives Mr. Rusty enough confidence to place the magic gasket back into the Magic Roundabout without his teddy. He manages to place the magic gasket correctly to everyone's relief as it functions the Magic Roundabout properly where it reinstates Zebedee's magic to full power allowing him to restore Mr. Rusty's lucky teddy.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The general aesthetic and atmosphere are reminiscent of the more innocent and whimsical end of psychedelia, and there are particular allegations of drug references involving Dylan the hippie rabbit.
  • Woolseyism: This kind of makes this the British version of Samurai Pizza Cats.

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